Tom Ford Nail Polish #33 Black Jade, #34 Indigo Night, Swatches & Comparison

And... another week starts, so happy about it, yay!
I was so bored during the weekend and couldn't wait to wake up early and to go work again, if you know what I mean *sticks tongue out*

With his rock'n roll eye shadow duos, Tom Ford's Spring Collection made my heart skip a beat. Love the simple but creative duo chrome light shades and the effect once they are layered over the deeper shades. If you haven't seen my reviews yet, check out all three swatchedRaw Jade, Ripe Plum and Crushed Indigo. The eyes section of the collection blew me away so I decided to pick up the matching nail polishes too. Two of the shades are new, #33 Black Jade and #34 Indigo Night. The third nail polish, Bitter Bitch, is a repromote which I have previously swatched here.

Tom Ford Nail Polish #33 Black Jade, #34 Indigo Night

The deep green Tom Ford nail polish is called #33 Black Jade. The name "black" tells it all. If there is a strong light falling on the bottle, you can see the gorgeous deep green shimmer but on the nails it is more a tone of black. The fomula of Black Jade is also a little sheer but it was opaque with two of my generous coats. The photos below are taken with two coats.I found Black Jade also drying a little slower than the other Tom Ford polishes I have. All in all, it is gorgeous and rather unique (check out comparison at the end of the post) but formula wise it is not one of my favorites from the range.

Tom Ford Nail Polish #33 Black Jade, with flash

Tom Ford Nail Polish #33 Black Jade with outdoor lighting

Tom Ford Nail Polish #34 Indigo Night on the other hand has a much better consistency and it is easier to build the opacity. It dries faster. It is a very deep metallic blue which is also a tad blackened but even in the shadow you can understand that it is a tone of blue rather than black. I am wearing this one while typing these lines. I am happy to report that three days at the moment and it is going strong without any tip wear. That said you might have similar shades in your stash, so check out the comparison right after the jump.

Tom Ford Nail Polish #34 Indigo Night with flash

Tom Ford Nail Polish #34 Indigo Night with outdoor lighting

It was a hide & seek with sun on the weekend and I am happy that I was able to catch a glimpse of it while I was swatching #34 Indigo Night. Ok, actually I swatched it again after the sun came up, lol, so you see that the nail of my ring finger is shorter because I broke it between swatch one and two.

Tom Ford Nail Polish #34 Indigo Night under sun

Here are some similar shades I pulled out from my stash. I was surprised to see that I have quiet a few dark blues with subtle shimmer but I have no other green. All my greens are concentrated in my Illamasqua box, so I swatched here Illamasqua Viridian and Rampage which are both more green than Tom Ford #33 Black Jade which is almost black. Chanel #357 Blue Satin and YSL #17 Bleu Cobalt are both close to Tom Ford #34 Indigo Night. Dior #908 Tuxedo is a tad warmer. Chanel #28 Cosmique is close but rather hard to find. YSL #51 Bleu Cyclades is more blue, Dior #796 Carré Bleu is a straight cream but on the nails it is also close.

Comparison wheel for Tom Ford Nail Polish #33 Black Jade & #34 Indigo Night
Also check out Dr. Ebru for swatches of Indigo Night and Silverkis for swatches of Black Jade.

Final thoughts: Both of the shades are nice additions to Tom Ford line which never had greens and blues before. I wished that Black Jade would be a little greener and the consistency and drying time could be better. Indigo Night has a nice consistency, it is not too blackened and it lasts long on the nails but the shade is more dupeable. All in all they are both nice to haves but not must haves in my book.

Would you wear these vamp polishes in Spring or would you rather keep them for Fall?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me.


  1. Hey Sara, I like vampy, but I'm not sure about these. If I can swatch them I will tho! You never know ;)

  2. I love both shades. Black Jade could indeed be a tad greener, but it does live up to its name, lol. Not too sure if I'm willing to spend that much money on these two shades. Actually, I have never tried TF polishes before :p

    X Alice

  3. Spot on review as always Sara. Black Jade is one of the slowest drying polishes I ever used. Even after sitting still for 45 minutes I smudged! Not £26 quality. That Illamasque Rampage looks pretty special in the swatches though! Susan, London

  4. I don't know what is wrong with that shade. Also the consistency is not as good as the other shades of the range. Rampage is nice I also like the complexity of Viridian. Did you try Illamasqua nail polishes? They are quiet nice.

  5. LOL Alice I was also thinking "Now I will write it looks like black but well yeah, the name says it all ;-)
    There are some very nice shades in the range, but those two are a little meh to me to be honest.

  6. Hi Sunny,
    is your counter getting nail collections as well. We have a very small counter here and they have only lips and nails. They sometimes get the nail polishes though, so as you said, you never know ;-)

  7. We only get nail polishes and lipsticks here. I might have to check to see if these are available here.

  8. Hi Sara, thank you for the link love! :* I share your sentiments too... i agree Indigo Night is more dupeable, but none of them have that level of microshimmer that Indigo Night has! I also wished Black Jade was shinier, more green, and more shimmery... aahhh.... i'm never completely appeased it seems!

  9. I think this is a beauty blogger sickness lol, we have too many nail polishes ;-))
    Today I have some tip wear from Indigo Night so going home to change my nail polish. Now it is the hard decision, which one to wear for tomorrow lol

  10. Oh wow, Indigo Night looks especially stunning! Such a rich, complex shade :)

  11. I think your pictures did a great job of capturing the colors for these polishes

  12. Thanks Jenni,
    I really like that one as well. I wore until it had tip wear :-) I tend to remove polishes way before that lol

  13. Thanks Katherine :-*
    I tried with different lighting.


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