Happy New Year Give-away

I hope you are all having a blast tonight!

I would like to wish you all a great start in new year. I hope that 2015 fulfills all your wishes!

As I am away for a few days, I thought what would be a better day, I have two lovely products for you:
  • One Burberry Light Glow Earthy Blush (reviewed here, worn e.g. here and here
  • One Burberry Nail Polish #445 in Antique Gold (reviewed here). 

I have purchased these originally myself, then I was fortunate enough to be sent them for consideration. Since now I own two of each, I would like to share the love with you. Earthy Blush is an item that I reach for very often. To me it is one of these cult products of Burberry Make-up line.

Happy New Year Give-away


Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Collection First Impressions & Quick Swatches

Dior's Spring 2015 Collection Kingdom of Colors started arriving counters around the world although in Germany we have to wait a few more weeks before it is released. Yesterday I have seen the items at Selfridges, and they were having a sale. I tried hard not to order few more things I was eyeing. I would like to see the collection in person before doing that. 

I will be away for a few more days until the weekend so I figured that it might be helpful to share quick swatches and first impressions for some who would like to place their order online. Just to make clear I have purchased mine sight unseen from a friend in Spain who gets everything super early so I didn't have as many choices as one would have when you are at the counter. I was also offered some discount which made me decide for the big palette, which I probably wouldn't dare otherwise.

I have the following items from the collection which I would like to share with you shortly today. Upon my return, I will play with these and post looks and more swatches along with in depth reviews.

  • Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Colors Palette Face, Eyes and Lips
  • Dior 5 Couleurs Kingdom of Colors Edition #856 House of Pinks
  • Diorshow Mono Kingdom of Colors Edition #045 Fairy Grey
  • Dior Cheek & Lip Glow Instant Blushing Rosy Tint
  • Dior Rouge Baume #678 Gala
  • Dior Vernis #660 Glory: See swatches here on Instagram
  • Dior Top Coat Eclosion #001: See swatches here on Instagram

Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Collection


Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush Éclat Angélique for Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection, Review, Swatch & Comparison

Sometimes ideas which are being discussed in beauty and make-up forums become real. During the recent years I have read a growing wish for a more pigmented version of Guerlain's cult product Meteorite Perles which has the same heavenly glow as their classical counterparts but made for the cheeks as a blusher. I am happy to tell you today that Guerlain must have heard it and made our dreams come true. Their Spring Collection Les Tendres comes with their first Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush to give you an lit within glow.

Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush Éclat Angélique for Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection


Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose & Joues Contraste #190 Angelique for Rêverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Collection, Review, Swatch & Comparison

Hi after a small break *waves exhaustedly*.

I was counting on posting this a few days ago together with a "Happy Christmas" post that I planned before I left home for Christmas visits. Unfortunately right on time on the 23rd of December I caught a nasty cold and spent most of the time in bed during our stay. I had fever and sore throat to start with. We had to drive back a little earlier than planned as I managed to preserve the sore throat and added an evil cough on top of that!

Needless to say I am hoping that all of you had a better Christmas than I did, especially health wise.

A little delayed but today I would like to share two of the blushes from Chanel Spring Collection with you. Chanel Joues Contraste has been one of my favorite blush formula ever since I started loving makeup. I am always excited to try newly released Joues Contraste. This time around Chanel also released a second blush with a gorgeous flower pattern. It must have quickly became one the the most attention taking products in the last months right after the sneak peak photos became available.

Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose & Joues Contraste #190 Angelique


Caught In Action: Having Fun with Tom Ford Lips & Boys, Tomas, Liam, Gustavo, Jack, Blake, Stravros, Guillermo and Alasdhair

You met my boys last week didn't you? I was having some fun with them today and wanted to share with you. Tom Ford's Lips & Boys Collection will be available in Germany on the 27th and in the States the store will start selling them on the 26th, so I didn't want to hold my review until after the holidays. 

Here is what me and my boys did...

Tom Ford Lips & Boys, Tomas, Liam, Gustavo, Jack, Stravros, Guillermo and Alasdhair 


Chanel Les 4 Ombres #236 Tisse Fantaisie for Rêverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Collection, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

I am officially on holiday! Yay! Starting from Monday I will be traveling for a week or two with just one day in between at home. Blog might not be active as it is at the moment. I might schedule a few posts, but I am really considering to use the time as a break and a recharge opportunity. This year I have posted around 200 reviews. It takes around 6 hours to prepare a post, including product hunt, comparison search, taking and editing photos, writing a post, which makes 50 full days in a year. I am doing it with passion but the numbers might tell you why I need a break from time to time.

That said, I might not hold back the reviews of a few items I would like to show you as soon as possible. This year the best of posts might be delayed a little. I will try to organize everything hopefully by tomorrow and know more by then.

Today I have the second quad from Chanel's highly coveted Spring Collection (first one, Tisse Paris is reviewed here). I am hearing beauty enthusiasts being head over heels with this collection, for a good reason. Chanel's 2014 Make-up Collections failed to impress but Rêverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Collection looks like it hits the jackpot with feminine and wearable combinations of pink and coral. Chanel Les 4 Ombres #236 Tisse Fantaisie is no exception.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres #236 Tisse Fantaisie


Last Minute Gift Idea: Jo Malone Christmas Cracker

I have been loosing myself in the Spring releases last week, more coming up on this front. The bitter truth is that we have still not finished with X-max shopping! There are three more gifts to be bought, counting on tomorrow to complete it. We will then drive to Strasbourg in the beginning of the week to visit the Christmas Markets there. Here in Stuttgart we have various markets with different themes, such as Baroque, Middle age... In Strasbourg the whole city becomes a Christmas Market! I can't wait to visit them.

If you are as late as I am with your gift shopping and couldn't make up your mind just yet, here is an idea which you might like for family member or a friend who likes to treat herself with pretties, which smell out of heaven...

...Jo Malone's Christmas Cracker

Jo Malone Christmas Cracker


Chanel Les 4 Ombres #238 Tisse Paris & Rouge Allure Velvet #50 La Romanesque for Rêverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Collection, Review, Swatch & FOTD

December is that time of the year that we hope for a white X-mas while reading Spring, even Summer fashion news. Some companies went ahead and released their Spring make-up collections in the States while in Europe we have to wait until the end of festive season for them to hit the counters. One way or the other a new Chanel Quad is always exciting, especially after they are reformulated this year and became one of my favorite formulas in the market. 

Today I would like to share my thoughts on Chanel Les 4 Ombres #238 Tisse Paris with you, together with a sneak peek of Rouge Allure Velvet #50 La Romanesque

Chanel Les 4 Ombres #238 Tisse Paris Eyeshadow Palette


Chanel Le Vernis #641 Tenderly, #643 Desirio and #645 Paradisio for Rêverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Collection, Swatch, Review & Comparison

For me, it is always one of the most exciting posts to write when Chanel releases new nail polishes. If you follow the blog (or just happened to check out my stash), you know by now that I am an avid nail polish collector. Chanel Le Vernis has been on top of my favorites list for years. This year I turned lucky and got my hands on Spring Collection nail polishes much before than I would have ever anticipated. Thanks to two very special people who made this possible for me.

Today I am happy to share the swatches and comparisons for Chanel Le Vernis #641 Tenderly, #643 Desirio and #645 Paradiso for Rêverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Collection.

Chanel Le Vernis #641 Tenderly, #643 Desirio and #645 Paradiso


Rainy Eyes with Laura Mercier's Watercolour Mist Eye & Cheek Palette for Spring 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Spring came! Ok, I must have became a little exciting after feeling the sun rays on my face for a brief moment today. Spring certainly arrived to the Beauty-Blogosphere though. Each day I am seeing more product-reviews from Spring Collections. Reading them makes me remember of how beautiful it is to see the nature wake up again. Pink and white flowers on the trees. Trees are dressed in green. All together they sing a love song for the rain. You know that feeling? Would you like to have it in form of a palette?

Laura Mercier Watercolour Mist Eye & Cheek Palette


Tom Ford Lips & Boys My Picks, Tomas, Guillermo, Gustavo, Stravros, Alasdhair, Liam and Jack, First Impressions & Swatches

I hope you are having a great weekend. Have just found out that world is discussing another creation of Tom Ford but today I would like to write about his boys. For the those who might not heard about it yet, Tom Ford released fifty clutch sized lipsticks in a collection called "Lips & Boys". Each lipstick bares a name of a boy. They are called clutch sized since they include 2 g of product instead of 3 g retailing for $32 instead of $50. The motto of the collection is "why take one if you can take two". Can't agree more so I went for seven *cough cough*, which will keep me very busy in the next couple of days. I just thought I would go ahead and post a few swatches for the record before I finish testing them properly.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys My Picks, Tomas, Guillermo, Gustavo, Stravros, Alasdhair, Liam and Jack


Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad #305 Satin Moon, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

I hope you are all having a great Friday, what can be bad about a Friday after all, it is basically the start of the weekEND! Yay! I don't have any particular plans for the weekend, partly because my husband is traveling at the moment, I might choose to get the most of the house on my own, anyone relates to that?

Today I have one of the newly formulated eye shadow quads of Cle de Peau for you, Satin Moon. Cle de Peau is a hard to get brand with lots of nice base product, such as their concealer which I can't live without at the moment. Their eye shadows on the other hand were too sheer and shimmery for my taste. With their fall collection this year they brought out eight new and palettes with better color pay-off. Among those Satin Moon stole my heart...

Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad #305 Satin Moon


Nars Audacious Lipstick in Dominique, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

I hope you are all doing great. For me it started getting better after a few days I was feeling like a pile of... ehm... melted lipstick! *grins*

Today I have a quick review of my one and only, first but not the last Nars Audacious Lipstick for you. I have watched in awe how many of these people gathered and presented. All of the reviews were glowing. Since we don't have Nars in Germany, I couldn't run to the counter to swatch and pick up a shade. I thought I should wait until I get to visit Strasbourg, France. They have a Sephora there with a Nars counter. The samples though are usually in very bad condition if they exist at all so it is out of question to try them out. Then Melanie told me she was interested in trying one of the shades, so I also pulled the trigger for one and we ordered from Nars online shop together.

...and of course I had to go for the purple one! Today I present you... *drums* Dominique!

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Dominique


Yin and Yang on Fire: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum, Review & Photos

It was 1977 when House of Yves Saint Laurent released Opium, a spicy and floral fragrance on an incensey oriental base of myrrh, vanilla and amber. It is told that the bottle designer Pierre Dinand asked Yves Saint Laurent about what he saw when he thought of orient, his answer was "flowers of fire". Hence the opening had to be sharp and the rest was a statement in a bottle, like a match lighted near an opium pipe and the explosion. Opium was not for everyone but it was a beautiful work of true art and surely made its place in the history of perfume. 

It was not only the notes of Opium which spoke out loud but also the media and public as well as some authorities who demanded a change of name. Opium was the name of a drug after all, and the society was not ready for a juice named after it.

More than a decade into 21st century, we welcome "Black Opium", right after the return of Opium a few years ago.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum


Top Ten: Holiday 2014 Edition, My Picks and Don't Misses from Holiday Make-up Collections

The week started a bit unpleasant for me yesterday. Fingers crossed that before it ends, it will all get better. I hope your week is being nicer to you. Today I have a favourites post for you. I have tested and written about over 50 products from Holiday Collections in the last months. This is the first time I am going for an across the brands wrap-up. Please let me know if you would like me to do that more often. All the links below are to the previous posts in case you would like to read a more in depth review about a certain product. There are no affiliated links in this post.

This one goes out for those who are still pondering on what to get or wondering what not to miss...

My top ten picks from Holiday 2014 Make-up Collections


Caught in Action: Tom Ford Cream Color in Spice, MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Touch the Earth (from Lightness of Being), Review, Swatch & Comparison

I hope you are all having a great weekend. The christmas markets are opened here. A lovely time of the year. It is all illuminated, smelling of hot wine punch and spices. Yesterday it was a little bit of a surprise though to find out that it closes at 9pm already, even on the weekend. Maybe it was better though because the second glass of hot wine never does me any good.

Today I have two products and one look. One of them is from Tom Ford Holiday Collection. I have reviewed all the pieces I picked up but I didn't have the opportunity to talk about Spice, one of the two repromoted cream eye shadow. You can read my review about the other one, Platinum, here.

The second product I would like to show you in action is one of the Mineralized Rick Lipsticks of MAC, which will be released with their Lightness of Being Collection in January. It is an interesting earthy tone, called Touch The Earth

Tom Ford Cream Color in Spice


Addiction Tokyo Jazz Set for Holiday 2014, Review, Swatch & FOTD

The (same old) story goes on like this. I am surfing on the Internet. I check to see what is there at Ichibankao. As soon I am at the website, my eyes instantaneously focus on a palette with purple. You can guess what happens after that, *click* *click* *CC Card* *click*. And here we are today with Addiction's Holiday clutch, Tokyo Jazz Set.

Addiction Tokyo Jazz Set


Lanoé Eau de Parfum Black, Review & Photos

Christmas time, scent of spice in the air, in your cookie, in your tea, in the hot wine you drink. It is black, getting dark too soon but the lights on the streets, illumination at your neighbour's garden, and their reflection on the snow guides you home. Holidays are almost there, a warm scent which covers you like a blanket would keep your spirit up. It is spicy, it is woody, sophisticated but simple and as niche as it gets. Today I present you Lanoé Eau de Parfum in Black.

Lanoé Eau de Parfum Black


Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-22 Yukiichigo, Review, Swatch & FOTD

That one palette, it is so pretty in the pan that after posting one picture in Instagram, I have received multiple e-mails asking for where to get it. That one palette which looks like it combined the stars from purple night sky and cotton candy from our childhood memories. Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-22 Yukiichigo must be the prettiest palette of the season, even if you just look at it...

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow EX-22 Yukiichigo


Burberry Mascaras, Effortless, Curve Lash and Bold Lash, Review & Comparison

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I managed to overlook all the black Friday sales since I shelled out all my money to Tommy's boys. A girl can never have enough boys right?

I have been testing the new mascaras of Burberry for a few weeks now. I have learned some time ago that mascaras has to be tested at least for a week before they start holding curl. In the beginning they don't work all that well on me. As they dry down a little, they start holding the curve better. 

Burberry added two more mascaras to their line recently. They used to have the Effortless Mascara, which has a transparent modern tube. New ones, Curve Lash and Bold Lash Mascaras have metallic look on the tube, similar to the Burberry compacts. They are most probably the most chic mascara in terms of packaging I have tried. But yet again, we know that there is nothing like Burberry packaging.

Burberry Mascaras, Effortless, Curve Lash and Bold Lash

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