Burberry Complete Eye Palette #02 Mocha, Light Glow #07 Earthy Blush, Effortless Mascara #02 Midnight Brown and Nail Polish #100 Nude Beige from Nude Glow Collection, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I feel quiet tired as if a truck drove over me during the week. I guess it is just natural after all the appointments and deadlines I had for the past two weeks. My plans for the weekend are to sleep and rest to pump my energy levels up. Today I have some products from Burberry Nude Glow Collection to show you which was release together with their new fragrance My Burberry around the Trench Coat theme. 

Burberry Nude Glow Collection: Fresh Glow Luminous Base, Complete Eye Palette #02 Mocha, Light Glow #07 Earthy Blush, Effortless Mascara #02 Midnight Brown and Nail Polish #100 Nude Beige

Burberry Nude Glow Collection features repromoted products so if you are a Burberry make-up fan like myself, you may have them already in your stash. I find the collection very coordinated and a good way to give hints about how to combine products which would go good together. As the name suggests it is all about natural makeup with glow skin and nude hues. 

I have already shared my thoughts about Fresh Glow Luminous Base last week, which I am enjoying very much as a silicon free smoothing base under my makeup at the moment. Today I would like to write about the rest of the collection which I have been testing for the last couple of weeks.

Burberry Nude Glow Collection: Fresh Glow Luminous Base, Complete Eye Palette #02 Mocha, Light Glow #07 Earthy Blush, Effortless Mascara #02 Midnight Brown and Nail Polish #100 Nude Beige

I have been enjoying Dark Spice from Burberry Complete Eye Palettes since the day it was launched, which is a natural palette which I opted for since it is more copper, denser and smokier than the others. Dark Spice would show up on deeper skin tones. Pale Nude from Burberry quads is very soft and most suited to lighter complexions, which I decided to skip. #02 Mocha on the other hand is a great mid toned natural quad for everyone. I really like the fact that the browns are not too yellowy nor warm. 

Burberry Complete Eye Palette #02 Mocha

The finishes are mostly satin to matte, which is great to smooth out the eye lids, not showing up the fine lines. The consistency is buttery, smooth and finely milled across the palette. The shades are as follows:

Right most: Very light matte beige with matte finish, it is a great base shade. I like sweeping it on my crease before applying a darker shade to make it blend effortlessly.

Mid-right: Light tan shade with subtle golden shimmer. This one is a stunning shade for all over the lid.

Mid-left: Mid-toned brown with a tad of mauve undertones and satin to matte finish. I like applying this shade on the outer corner of my eye to add deepness.

Left most: A deep warm brown with a hint of copper shimmer. I like using it on the crease but it is also stunning once used on its own.

Swatch: Burberry Complete Eye Palette #02 Mocha

The eyes of Nude Glow Look is finished with Burberry Effortless Mascara in #02 Midnight Brown. I know that sometimes Burberry goes for looks without a touch of mascara. Effortless Mascara on the other hand gives a natural but defined eye lashes. The formula is rather dry than wet, which takes some time to apply but it doesn't smear nor bulge. Also drier formulas have the advantage of holding the curl. I have been wearing the mascara very often since three weeks and all in all I really like to formula. Only if I am rushing, I reach for something which is easier to get done in a shorter time.

Burberry Effortless Mascara #02 Midnight Brown

One of the "already cult" products from Burberry Beauty line must be their Earthy Blush. It is a pink taupe shade which sculpts and gives a natural flush at the same time. I have been enjoying Earthy since almost a year and posted many looks with it, for example here and here. I like Earthy for contouring but I feel I usually need more rose on my cheeks to look healthy since Earthy is a little too warm for me, so I usually pop also a bit of rose toned blush on top, such as Burberry Peony. Earthy Blush is a part of the Burberry permanent line but at the moment it is sold out at their online store. I hope they will restock soon.

Burberry Light Glow #07 Earthy Blush

The last item from the collection is a timeless beige on the nails, #100 Nude Beige. After loving everything else I have tested from Burberry, this one unfortunately falls a little short of their usual quality. I own many Burberry nail polishes and most of the time the formula is superb. This one however is hard to work with, consistency is thick and result is streaky. It is hard to do a non streaky light nude though, still at this price point, I wouldn't recommend Nude Beige. Below you can see me wearing two coats.

Burberry Nail Polish #100 Nude Beige

Off to my version of Burberry Nude Glow Look with trench hues on eyes, nude lips and face. I have Light Glow #07 Earthy Blush on my cheeks, which complement my tan nicely right after the holidays. Right now I need a bit of blush as extra, oh where is my tan go ;-) On my lips I am wearing Burberry Lipmist in Pink Heather, which is a great everyday shade to swipe and go. 

FOTD Burberry Nude Glow Collection

On my eyes I have used Burberry Complete Eye Palette #02 Mocha and Effortless Mascara #02 Midnight Brown for a polished day look. I really enjoy a subtle but chic makeup, especially for work.

FOTD Burberry Nude Glow Collection

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Final thoughts: I appreciate the fact that Burberry is not trying to create an artificial demand in their items by going down the "super exclusive, mega limited" road. Instead by Nude Glow Collection a wonderful selection of their popular products are curated together for a timeless polished chic look for everyday. The only item I wouldn't recommend whole heartedly would be the nail polish #100 in Nude Beige, since its formula is not au par with rest of Burberry nail polishes I tried. Mascara, Eye Palette and Blush are definitely getting two thumbs up together with their Fresh Glow Luminous Base which I am loving at the moment.

Do you own any of these products? Anything else you have been enjoying from Burberry and would like to recommend?

The products in this post is provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Schöner Bericht! Und die Farben stehen dir ausgezeichnet!

    1. Vielen Dank, dir stehen sie noch besser :-)

  2. Mocha no2 was the first eye shadow palette I bought from Burberry, fell in love and have bought quite a few more. Also own Earthy which I also love, but don't reach for enough.

    Great look.

    1. Mocha is stunning and a great everyday palette without being too warm nor cold. Glad to hear that you like it too. Earthy is a very edgy blush, it is great but I don't see it becoming an everyday item. I would rather reach for a soft pink as a flush on the cheeks.

  3. The nail polish is a disappointment. But oh my, Mocha! The colors are so pretty and the finish is flawless!

    1. Mocha is to die for. I like the blush too!

  4. Now that quad is what I call a nice one and so in the blush! Too bad about the nail polish, shows that not all colors are created equal.

    1. Yes blush and quad are stand outs. Burberry polishes are good most of the time, like 95% but this one is one of that 5% unfortunately.

  5. Such pretty, soft neutrals! That eye shadow quad is gorgeous on you :)




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