Sunday, August 31, 2014

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #300 Golden Girl, #364 Pinky Groove, #369 Rosy Boop, Review, Swatch & FOTD

It has been some weeks since I posted about my first impressions and counter swatches of Guerlain's reformulated and repackaged Kiss Kiss lipsticks. I have been testing three of the shades since then and today I would like to write about my thoughts.

First the packaging, I have read mixed thoughts about it. I fall under the category of people who love it. The old package with all gold was not really my cup of tea but this black and gold combination, the closing mechanism as well as the weight and the grip, they all feel luxurious to me. 

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks

Formula wise, I see Kiss Kiss lipstick line somewhere between Rouge Automatique and Rouge G, Rouge G being more opaque and its coverage being high, Rouge Automatique being on the more casual, sheer and "swipe and go" end. That being said all lines have more sheer and more opaque shades so it is hard to generalize. 

One thing which I loved about Kiss Kiss though was how hydrating it is and that one is consistent throughout the range. Guerlain's Rouge G formula is one of my all time favorites, mainly because of its longevity and moisturizing effect. Kiss Kiss Lipsticks have almost the same effect in terms of moisturizing, with a little sheerer and in result a little shorter life time on the lips. I see them as a more casual version of Rouge Gs. 

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks (left to right): #369 Rosy Boop, #300 Golden Girl and #364 Pinky Groove

How about application? As Linda@Silverkis here pointed out, because of the creamy texture of the lipstick, it might be hard to get a crisp lip line without a liner if that is what you want. Since I love sheerer lipsticks, I don't try to build up the color and enjoy the casualty and how nicely it combines with a more defined eye look. I prefer to use them without a liner. 

Color range? 25 shades... If you try on one of the lipsticks and find it to be "too dark", "too light", "too warm" or "too cool" there is always another shade which would suit you better. 

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #300 Golden Girl is a glossy sheer peachy nude on me. It has enough color so that it doesn't give me concealer lips. I usually don't go for such warm shades, but some of them, especially the sheer ones, tend to work really good. Golden Girl is the second one I love, after Tom Ford's Sweet Spot (see a FOTD with that one here), which is brighter but has a similar tone. 

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #300 Golden Girl

Golden Girl is great with a smokey eye or a natural no make-up make-up day. I love combining it with Chanel's Jersey blush (reviewed here), as seen below. On eyes I am wearing Laura Mercier's new sticks (review is coming up soon)

FOTD: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #300 Golden Girl

Do you also love berry tones? Then you are in luck because Kiss Kiss line has many of them with different undertones. #364 Pinky Groove is a mid-toned berry pink with glossy finish. I didn't first pay intention to that one but I am so happy when I tried it on. Pinky Groove is not too plum nor too pink, a perfect balance between the two and the sheerness is just right to make it casual yet apparent.  

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #364 Pinky Groove

I like combining Pinky Groove with Guerlain's new palette Les Aciers (swatched here, review coming up soon) and Chanel's Fall blush Innocence (reviewed here). Below you can see all three in action.

FOTD: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #364 Pinky Groove

#369 Rosy Boop is the shade I picked up after playing with Kiss Kiss Lippies for over an hour. I thought it was looking most flattering on me. It is an easy natural mid-toned pink, not too cool nor too warm, it has a hint of mauve in there which my complexion usually likes. I can see myself using it up and getting a new one, I am so happy that it is permanent. I was thinking #368 Rose Baby would be a shade for me, but I found it a tad too cool and its golden particles were not that comfortable to wear. I am still thinking I should go back and try Rose Baby once more, but till then Rosy Boop, despite its beyond funny name, will be my favorite Kiss Kiss lipstick. 

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #369 Rosy Boop

Here is me wearing Rosy Boop with Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Poesie (reviewed here). I love combining Rosy Boop with a pink natural blush like Chanel Joues Contraste #72 in Rose Initial.

FOTD: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #369 Rosy Boop

Here is three shades swatched side by side as a comparison and wrap up, for all the shades, check out this post

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipsticks #300 Golden Girl, #364 Pinky Groove, #369 Rosy Boop
See more swatches at Silverkis (Rouge Kiss, Sexy Coral), Mel-et-fel (Golden Girl, Rouge Kiss) and Nikki Tutorials (Excessive Rose, Sexy Coral, Rouge Kiss and Baby Rose)

Final thoughts: As a lover of sheer and casual lipsticks with moisturizing quality, I am in love with Guerlain's reformulation of Kiss Kiss lipsticks. I will certainly be back at the counter and pick up more. At the moment, I am eyeing Peach Fizz, which I tried and loved.

Have you checked out the line? Which ones are you eyeing or have you picked up?

Golden Girl and Pinky Groove are provided for my consideration. I purchased 
Rosy Boop myself. I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue from Bloomsbury Girls Collection for Fall 2014, Swatch, Review & FOTD

There was some confusion whether or not Burberry Quads #12 Nude Blush and #20 Slate Blue would be available in US and when if at all. I am happy to inform you that as of today it is available on Burberry online store. These are also still available since some week  in Europe too.  I have previously wrote three posts, and today I would like to conclude my Burberry Bloomsbury Girls Fall 2014 make-up collection reviews. If you haven't made up your mind yet, previous posts you would like to check out are:

I will also write a wrap up of the collection at the end of this post together with my favorite items.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue

Burberry Complete Eye Palette line didn't have a blue quad, so it must have been time for one. 

#20 Slate Blue is composed of different blue tones and it looks like there are not lots of variations, not in finish nor in tones. I was a little disappointed with one of the blue quads I have purchased recently (I believe readers know which one I am talking about) so first I was reluctant to get another blue quad. I have to admit, blues don't look so good on me either. 

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue

I have already written a shade description of #20 Slate Blue, so here is a reminder:

Top right: Very light grey blue with matte to satin finish

Middle right: Mid-toned blue with matte to satin finish

Middle left: A very deep black with blue shimmers, I would call it a satin finish. It is very deep thus looks blackened.

Bottom left: A deep indigo blue with satin finish.

Close-up: Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue

As you see two of the four shades are almost matte. They are all very pigmented and their formula is au par with brand's famous singles, so they are very creamy and smooth to touch. I haven't felt that way for any of Burberry's quads until now (other than Dark Spices and now Nude Blush). With Slate Blue and Nude Blush, I can definitely say that you are getting four eye shadows singles and it is a good deal for the price. 

Swatch: Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue

Below I applied the lightest shade all over, then padded the matte blue (middle right) on the lid starting from half way, blending with the lightest. I then defined the crease very softly with the darkest shade. I really loved how this one looked. It stayed put all day exactly in the same way after application. Since I applied the lightest shade underneath, the overall look was looking lighter and more of a teal than a slate blue.  

In-action: Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue

Below I combined Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue on eyes with Burberry Earthy Blush. Isn't it amazing how it brings out the cheek bones? On my lips I am wearing Armani Sheer Lipstick in #114 Incense (swatched here).

FOTD with Burberry Complete Eye Palette in #20 Slate Blue

Wrap-up for Bloomsbury Girls Collection: My favorite eye shadow quad here is still Nude Blush, which I think is a must. If you can get Slate Blue too, I would recommend it. My favorites from nail polishes are #407 Elderberry and #445 Antique Gold. 

Final thoughts: I was not expecting to love a palette with only tones of blue but ended up really liking Slate Blue because of the finish and how it looks on the eye. I am all for color if the textures are right, this is why I like Armani Solos so much too. I can recommend Slate Blue to blue fans and all smokey eye fans alike. Thumbs up for texture and strongly pigmented creamy formula.

Do you also think a bright color should have a less shimmery finish not to look cheap or do you believe it is complexity of shimmer which is important. Blue eye shadows yay or nay?