Saturday, April 18, 2015

Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection, Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White, Review, Swatches & FOTD

Right on time for the weekend I have a super fun collection to share with you. Estée Lauder collaborated this time with French Fashion Brand Courrèges to release a limited edition collection with a futuristic take on 60s touch. As the first Courrèges Atelier was founded in 1961, the motto of the brand was "Courrèges is tomorrow, begun today". The packaging and the color story definitely lives up to this. I have three products from the collection for you, Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White.

Courrèges Collection: Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White

Friday, April 17, 2015

Making of Japanese Brushes, Notes from My Visit to Chikuhodo Factory in Kumano

Hello everyone! Seeing all the beautiful photos and looks fellow bloggers shared with you, I am sure you haven't missed me. Just to let you know though, I am back! I had an amazing time and crazy hauls, so expect to see some Japanese make-up in the coming weeks. I am fighting with jet lag at the moment and sometimes what I say/write doesn't make sense. Nevertheless I will try my best today to bring Kumano, the brush city of Japan to you. 

A few minutes before 7am we were rushing to the breakfast buffet at our hotel in Kyoto. I ordered the Japanese breakfast set as my husband enjoyed the croissants which were offered with the western style breakfast. Nevertheless I stole his bacons and add on my rice. On a short notice we managed to reserve seats for Shinkansen to Hiroshima and train leaves at 8:27am. I couldn't wait to see how softest brushes come alive in hands of brush artists. Needless to say we were so excited. Chikuhodo was kind enough to invite us for a tour to their factory in Kumano. After the fastest breakfast ever, we caught the subway to Kyoto main station and let the adventure begin.

Some Chikuhodo Brushes as shown in the small museum corner by the office

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guest Post Series: Faces of Spring (Nails Edition), Natalia from "Polished Polyglot"

When the lovely Sara contacted me for proposing me to write this guest post I tried hard to act as normal as possible and I said something like: "Great, thank you! Count on me" whilst inside of me it was more like "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, IS THIS EVEN REAL?? YAYYYYYY!! I CANT BELIEVE IT, SOMEBODY PINCH ME, JUST PINCH ME, GO AHEAD!!". I highly admire Sara as a blogger, I appreciate her work and above all I trust her opinion (quite blindly). So it is for me both an honor and a challenge to be writing this guest post.

Thank you Sara. 

Let me introduce myself, I'm Natalia, from Argentina living in Switzerland, I am a mom and I have a blog named Polished Polyglot about makeup and cosmetics in general but mainly about nails. I wouldn't call myself a "nail blogger" but if you would that's ok ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guest Post Series: Faces of Spring, Jen from "Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty Blog"

Hi, everyone! 

It's Jen from Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty Blog! I'm a Toronto-based blogger who is properly obsessed with all things makeup and skin care and am all about embracing bold colour. Since I love to inspire others to play around with vivid shades of makeup, I thought it would be fun to share with all of you a fun, colourful Spring-inspired makeup look. I hope you enjoy it! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Guest Post Series: Faces of Spring, Alice from "Alice Yeh"

Hi! My name is Alice, a Belgian twenty-something-year old that's passionate about all things beauty. I believe that beauty has the power to create a better version of ourselves, empowering us to conquer the world. Aside of being a student, I'm sharing this passion for beauty in my free time with the rest of the world in my blog Alice Yeh. As Sara is leaving on holidays, I was more than glad to share a few of my spring faves with you. 

As much as I adore autumn and summer, I get genuinely most excited about spring. Finally able to wave goodbye to the shivering cold and lifeless trees, ready to welcome the comforting warmth and blooming nature with wide-open arms. A new season also means a new wardrobe, and this includes my indispensable MUJI drawers in which I’ve mostly added glow-inducing products so far. Here are some new and revisited faves.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Guest Post Series: Faces of Spring, Alexandra from "Anonymiss"

Hi dear Color Me Loud readers!

I'm Alex, author of and my beauty heart beats for blushes, lipsticks and brushes (aaaaand Tom Ford). When Sara asked me to be a part of her Guest Post Blog Series and to show my favourite spring products I immediately said yes! Spring is my favourite season (not only because it's my birthday in spring ;D), but because the nature wakes up from its winter sleep. It gets warmer so you can finally wear all of the beautiful outfits, that were hidden in the closets!

Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.5: Hyped Product I Regret Buying

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great Sunday. I don't want to interrupt Faces of Spring Guest Blogger Series but I just remembered that I forgot to publish this week's Beauty Influencer's Sunday Column, so here it is. This week the question was more "critical". I hope you enjoy it. I am loving the wonderful posts and the discussions on the Faces of Spring Series, although I can't join it all that much due to limited internet access. Right after BISC I will publish today's post.

I got a little sick during the holidays and trying to keep up with all the cosmetics, skin care hauls while keeping my sore throat at bay by constant green tea and Miso Soup consumption. Two more days in Tokyo and we have to leave *sigh*. It went so fast.

BISC Vol.5