Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A Suouiro, Honey Comb, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Wishing you all a wonderful week. I started with a lovely Spring Collection Event today, you might have caught me posting in Instagram once again. Until I am finished with the exams week and eventually correct them, I will be posting sporadically but then again there are so many lovely items I would like to write about, so you might be hearing from me sooner than later. I was asked if I have Suqqu Spring, yes I have a few products here and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you. There are new eyeshadow palettes, woohoo! I am also trying to order some more to show swatches and eye looks of all the new palettes. But before that here is about the holiday palette I was enjoying recently, Suqqu Christmas Makeup Kit A in Suouiro. By the way would you like me to post some looks with Ex-35 and Ex-36 for those who have them? 

This year's holiday collection had two lovely palettes that come with a gloss in a make-up bag in a set. One of them was navy themed and the other one, Kit A was gold and coral. You know how much I love a rabbit eye so I knew Suouiro had to be mine. It turned out though, it is not that much of a rabbit but more of a twist in neutral. Intrigued? 

Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A, Honey Comb

Packaging is sleek and chic because this is what Suqqu does. The palette has three eye shadows, a highlighter and a blush. The set also has a matching gloss and a make-up bag. I think this year's make-up bag had been the best released by Suqqu so far. I got a good use of it by stashing some of my Suqqu products, those I was using frequently and happily reach that in the morning when I don't have time to search them one by one. Make-up bag has honey comb design because that is the theme of this set.

Packaging: Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A, Honey Comb

You can also see the honey comb design partially on the coraly pink eye shadow and blush. It looks pretty but makes me want to avoid destroying the pattern and hop around the pan with my brush. Crazy times.

Close-up: Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A, Honey Comb

The shades are very unique. In my million eye shadow stash, I have nothing like that coral/pink shade. It is vivid yet very natural. It also combines beautifully with the neutral deep taupe to make it even more wearable. Golden shade was a little bit of a confusion for me. It is not glitter but doesn't show up on its one either so I ended up patting that on the other shade and it gives a very low key but complex sparkle to the look. 

Highlighter is matte and since it is very light, it does the job wonderfully while not turning you into a disco ball. It is also not that harsh and white but more off-white/cream. Blush is superb, a neutral pink that would flatter many skin tones and the rather warm looking gloss completes the look in a surprisingly well fashion.

Swatch: Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A, Honey Comb

When I say unique, vivid and neutral at the same time, that is a weird combination but look at this and tell me if I am off. It is very pigmented but doesn't make you rabbit eye. I simply can't remember having any shade close, ideas? 

In-action: Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A, Honey Comb

Here is the complete look with lip gloss, blush and highlighter from the set. You can see that although lipgloss swatches very warm, on my lips it is rather neutral like the rest of the shades. I love how eyes, cheeks and lips harmonise. Big fan, could you tell?

FOTD with Suqqu 2016 Christmas Makeup Kit A, Honey Comb

Final thoughts: Probably now very hard to get but in case you have a chance, don't miss. The palette represents a truly unique harmony of neutral pink that are so wearable and chic.

Hands up, who got this one?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. This looks so nice on you, I didn't buy either of these kits but I do have Ex-35 and Ex-36 and would really like to see your looks, so when you have the time please do post the photos.

    Thank you:)

  2. Von Suqqu habe ich noch gar nichts, aber ich finde die Palette wunderschön......Verliebt habe ich mich in den Puderpinsel von Suqqu, aber der Preis....

  3. Ja Preise von Pinsel sind sehr hoch aber man nutzt sie ja für Ewigkeit. Ich würde dir aber Suqqu Wangen Pinsel eher empfehlen. Das ist nicht so teuer und ändert wie alles aussieht sehr.

  4. I will post those for sure. I loved the way both palettes looked and would be more than happy to share and get your ideas and thoughts.

  5. Yes, I have them too and would love to see your looks with them.

  6. Woo-hoo. Christmas comes late this year-- two blogs in one week-- so happy. This creates a beautiful look on you. It must be hard not to wear it every single day. I am very interested in the Spring shadows. At least two interest me: 101 although it may be too transparent. The pink and dove gray one and 04 the all pink one (probably a must have for me). 05 is also gorgeous and to me has your name on it. It is the essence of a neutral palette. Also very curious about the formula.

  7. The eye look you created is amazing ! Full of contradictions :vivid and neutral! Really nice! I didn't manage to purchase the limited palette from Fall and UK exclusive ones 😔I tried to put them in my basket and then they were gone ! I really want to see your eye looks though! I'm eyeing the Spring ones and I saw one on the internet that was really similar ( the color combination at least ) with the legendary Ex-32.Hope I will be able to lay my hands on them 😊
    xx puss puss

  8. Oh yes, definitely feeling the harmony in the whole look, lovely!

  9. I never had a chance with this one.... so nice to see you back again, Sara!

  10. Nice to see you're back Sara! Missed your posts :). These look lovely on you and now reading your post I think I missed out not to get any. But there were so many releases this holiday that I had to be super picky. You look very pretty though and glad you enjoyed the collection!


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