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Hi everyone. I hope you had a great start in the week. I am officially finished with the exams at the end of last week but still have to correct two more subjects. I am taking my time for that because I was hit really hard by some virus since last week Wednesday. Since then I am feeling really weak, that is when my nose is not running and I am not coughing. I was about to believe that I didn't get sick a single time this semester and winter was already over... One can dream.

Of course being sick delayed some of the FOTDs I was planning to do this weak due to runny eyes and everything fun that comes with it. I know you are all waiting for my Suqqu review, which I am trying to post very soon. Meanwhile I thought I'd share with you some FOTDs I am enjoying lately with five of the fifty new Lips & Boys shades of Tom Ford. I hope you like them.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, My Picks, Aaron, Ashton, Dominic, Elliot, Jack

When Tom Ford first came out with the idea of a clutch sized lipstick back in 2014, there was lots of skepticism about selling mini lippies (check out my post that asks if size matters *cough*) but it turns out, everyone is crazy for Tom Ford's Boys now. This is the third series of fifty lipsticks and it is going strong. There is something irresistible about having so many choices, with a good formula and more affordable price. 

This year I was sent three of the shades, those which I would have probably not picked up myself but that is the good thing about it, it made me try out shades which are out of my comfort zone and it turns out one of those shades is my favorite of the bunch. When you look at the swatches, and if you are a long-time reader, probably you can already tell which ones I ordered myself. Right, it is Ashton and Elliot, those are both shades I can wear daily. In fact I have worn Ashton so often that I made a good dent on that. 

Swatch: Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, Aaron, Ashton, Dominic, Elliot, Jack

I will go in alphabetical order with those bad boys. First comes Aaron, it is a mid-toned caramel nude that has enough touch of rosiness to that so it doesn't make me look like living dead. I like combining it with powdery rose tones like I did down below. As lovely as it is, this is not a shade I would reach for very often so I will gift it lovely Melanie tomorrow when we meet in Düsseldorf. I hope she will him more than me. ;-)

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, Aaron

Tom Ford Ashton is one of my favorite lipsticks at the moment. In the morning if I don't have much time to think what goes, this does. Its formula is also very nourishing and comfortable. I especially love it with Tom Ford Cheek Color in Ravish, beautiful. If you have similar coloring to me, I can't recommend it enough.

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, Ashton

Tom Ford Dominic was a big surprise for me. I don't usually wear red very often but Dominic made me wear it over and over again recently. If you are also not big on red, matte colors always work much better than the glossy ones. But there is more to that about Dominic, it looks like my perfect red with its slightly berry touch, very long lasting, non smudging and comfortable formula. I eat a whole meal with this and it is still on. Very impressive, love, much love for this. Recommended for red lip fans and no fans alike.

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, Dominic

Tom Ford Elliot was a sight unseen purchase by me. As much as I like it, I think I might like another shade more. It is frosty and rather sheer. It adds a nice touch for almost all of my make-ups but the lasting power is not so well. The beauty of this shade lies in its slightly duo chromish quality. A like but no love for me.

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, Elliot

I was a little confused about Tom Ford Jack because I was sure that there was another Jack and I had it. It turns out I was right, reviewed here but it was a hot pink shade. This Jack is a deep berry with satin finish. I thought this would be one shade I could as well pick myself but it turned out to be accentuating my lip texture and not staying as good as Dominic does on me, so I prefer Dominic to this. Still I love me a good berry and Jack is one.

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, Jack

Final thoughts: Fifty shades of Boys, this time for the third time and still big love for them, well done Tom. My favorites from this bunch are Ashton and Dominic. Which ones have you picked up? I might end up with a few more, just saying.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys are available online and in stores.

Disclaimer: Three of the five lipsticks in this review were sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Dominic does look lovely on you. What a surprise. I like Aaron on you actually. Minority vote I guess. From the first Lips and Boys collection, the original Jack was my absolute favorite. In fact, I got a backup. It is just that go-to Spring and summer color, and there is not a single other boy who got close-- ha-ha! (Even though I went a bit overboard that time.) From the second collection, I was being more careful but was really drawn to Theo and belatedly got it and it is a very good light weight winter berry, and a great accompaniment to all the wine and purple eye looks. From this season, my heart belongs to Ben. It's just great with all the warm reds and burgundy eyes of this past season. It's a very neutral red brown -- that is a little more towards the brown. I also have found that Guillermo from the first round is a sheerer version of the new browns this season and I mix it up with that one too.

  2. Elliott is really nice! Aaron too actually, so hard to choose between those boys really! Hehe. Nice to see you're back Sara, missed reading your posts. x
    Eleni (rougenapples)

  3. I am so happy to see you blogging again!! Hope you get over your sickness quickly, I have a cold myself at the moment and it sucks!

    I haven't tried any Tom Ford Boys lipsticks, I don't have a TF counter near me and there are so many pretty colors that I just cannot decide which one to pick!


  4. ASHTON! I'd get it just for the name. It's my baby boy :-)

  5. Ashton is my favorite! But they all look great on you, nice picks!

  6. Ashton is my favourite too! And I miss pictures of you & your hubs in this year's rendition! ;))


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