Aerin Evening Rose d'Or for D'OR Collection, Review & Photos

I hope you have a great start to the week. I have been photographing last days for the collections I would like to share with you soon but at the same time you wouldn't believe that I am still correcting exams. I received my order from Selfridges that contained the rest of the eye shadow palettes so there will be lots of that and many more, stay tuned.

On the fragrance side, I have been testing the Bloomsbury Collection of Jo Malone that I will be writing about very soon and Tom Ford Vent de Fleur is capturing my heart a little more each day. Today though, it is about one of Aerin D'Or Collection fragrances, a revamped version of one of their most loved perfume, Evening Rose. The regular offering was already so elegant and irresistibly boozy, now the bottle is dressed in gold and it got even better. Intrigued? After the jump...

Aerin Evening Rose d'Or

Aerin Lauder's life style brand is known by its high quality easily wearable fragrances. There are nine fragrances in their regular line until now, some of which I already reviewed here and here.  The brand also recently released a fragrance for their Premier Collection, Rose de Grasse, reviewed here. Now three of their most loved fragrances from their regular collection are revamped with golden flacons and various new notes to join the Premier Collection. These are Amber Musk D'Or, Tangier Vanilla D'Or and Evening Rose D'Or. I have been eyeing Aerin Evening Rose for a long time since I tested it at Breuninger Stuttgart Esteé Lauder Counter so I was very excited to try the revamped version. The notes of Evening Rose D'Or are provided as follows:

Top Notes 
Blackberry, Linché, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes 
Rose centifolia, Bulgarian rose
Base notes
Incense, Amber, Patchouli, Creamy Leather

The major difference of Evening Rose and Evening Rose D'Or lies in the fact that D'Or version is less boozy but more fruity during the first whiffs. My impression of Aerin fragrances are that, they are always very well blended and wearable. Evening Rose, although it is one of the most intense of the line, is no exception. Pink pepper balances linché wonderfully and the opening doesn't lean too fruity nor too spicy. Cognac which is one of the most interesting notes of the regular version is not listed in D'Or version and I think it is much more subtle if at all present but the complexity in base notes make it up for it.

Aerin Evening Rose d'Or

The heart reveals itself with most exquisite of a rose blend, one thing Aerin fragrances can do so well,  to me it is proven by having created one of the best rose fragrances in my collection, Rose de Grasse. At its heart Evening Rose D'Or is deeper and more complex than the regular version but for me the improvement is mostly during dry down. D'Or version lasts much longer on my skin, whole day long, with a warm, ambery and slightly leathery base, that smells as expensive as the golden flacon it comes in.

Aerin D'Or Collection fragrances all come in 100 ml flacons and retail for 200€ in Germany. This is a little more than 100 ml bottles of the regular fragrances, that cost 150€. I found the golden versions to be much more long lasting with a more complex heart and dry down as well as an timelessly elegant visual appearance. At this price they are definitely a splurge but they promise to dress your vanity in an enchanting way.

Aerin Evening Rose d'Or

Check out Melanie's blog for a review on Tangier Vanilla D'Or (in German).

Final thoughts: The new version of my favorite fragrance in Aerin line-up, Evening Rose D'Or comes in an elegant golden 100 ml flacon and the depth as well a complexity and staying power is even better than the original. Cognac note is more subtle and the base notes are more incensy and leathery once compared to the original. Aerin Evening Rose D'Or is for those who would like a well blended warm rose fragrance with certain intensity and longevity. Golden flacon makes it a beauty over your vanity.

Aerin Evening Rose D'Or is now available online and in stores world wide. It will be released in Germany exclusively in Breuninger in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, KaDeWe in Berlin and Oberpollinger in München, Alsterhaus in Hamburg as well as at

Which rose fragrance are you loving right now?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. Danke für die Verlinkung! Mir gefällt meine Goldversion auch besser als das Original! :)

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