Aerin Evening Rose d'Or for D'OR Collection, Review & Photos

I hope you have a great start to the week. I have been photographing last days for the collections I would like to share with you soon but at the same time you wouldn't believe that I am still correcting exams. I received my order from Selfridges that contained the rest of the eye shadow palettes so there will be lots of that and many more, stay tuned.

On the fragrance side, I have been testing the Bloomsbury Collection of Jo Malone that I will be writing about very soon and Tom Ford Vent de Fleur is capturing my heart a little more each day. Today though, it is about one of Aerin D'Or Collection fragrances, a revamped version of one of their most loved perfume, Evening Rose. The regular offering was already so elegant and irresistibly boozy, now the bottle is dressed in gold and it got even better. Intrigued? After the jump...

Aerin Evening Rose d'Or


Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku, #101 Sumizakurairo, Pure Color Blush #06 and Extra Glow Lipsticks #13, #102 for Spring 2017, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am not completely finished with exam corrections but almost there. Meanwhile I have been testing lots of make-up perfume and skin care, those I will be sharing with you shortly starting from this week and hopefully more frequently during the semester break.

Today's post has been long due but since SUQQU reformulated their eye shadows, I would like to experiment with them longer before giving my final verdict. Just two days ago, the Spring Collection, that is composed of six eye shadow palettes in new formula called Designing Color Eyes (one limited-edition), five Extra Glow Lipsticks (two limited-edition) and three new Pure Color Blushes (one limited-edition) is released in Fenwick London Bond Street and Harrods. A few weeks ago the collection was first released in Selfridges. There had been also some complaints I happen to come across in Instagram about the availability of the products and I would like to write my thoughts about this issue as well. Right after the jump, hope you find it helpful.

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01, #101, Pure Color Blush #06, Extra Glow Lipsticks #13, #102


Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, My Picks, Aaron, Ashton, Dominic, Elliot, Jack, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great start in the week. I am officially finished with the exams at the end of last week but still have to correct two more subjects. I am taking my time for that because I was hit really hard by some virus since last week Wednesday. Since then I am feeling really weak, that is when my nose is not running and I am not coughing. I was about to believe that I didn't get sick a single time this semester and winter was already over... One can dream.

Of course being sick delayed some of the FOTDs I was planning to do this weak due to runny eyes and everything fun that comes with it. I know you are all waiting for my Suqqu review, which I am trying to post very soon. Meanwhile I thought I'd share with you some FOTDs I am enjoying lately with five of the fifty new Lips & Boys shades of Tom Ford. I hope you like them.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016, My Picks, Aaron, Ashton, Dominic, Elliot, Jack

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