Estée Lauder Little Black Primer, Review & Swatch

Estée Lauder recently released a brand new product: Little Black Primer. This made me take a moment to think about innovation in general. Right when we think everything is already made, someone comes up with an idea and everyone wonders why they didn't think about it on the first place. We are applying white primers to our eye lashes for years and years. Did you ever think why it is white? Why? Maybe someone from laboratory and chemistry side of things may chime in and let us know. As a user I can see with my bare eyes that the new black "thing" works. So much for the spoiler... See it yourself after the jump. And the name of the product, amazing!

Today's post is not only about an eye lash primer which works, which is the rave part of things. I would like to also write what is recently bothering me to the point I lost some of my "kindness" while answering some of the comments. This is the rant part, hope you can bare with me on that. This is also after the jump...


Estée Lauder Little Black Primer and some other Estée Lauder Products I have been loving at the moment.

As creative as the name and the product are, PR Kit which came with the Little Black Primer was really sweet. A nice black notebook, a mini-sized champagne and a mouse pad from Estée Edit (other products above are from my stash and were not included, for those who wonder). Cooled down the champagne, took off my make-up. I was dying to try the base but now what to do with it? There are three options:

As base under your regular mascara: This is supposed to increase the impact of the mascara. Very similar concept to the white bases I used to hate because they look so unnatural until you get a good coat of mascara or two.

As a natural mascara alone: If you are in for a more natural day look, you may get away with only using Little Black Primer

As topcoat over your regular mascara: It is supposed to give your regular mascara a smudge proof finish. Since nothing smudges on me, even if I rub my eyes (ok, exaggerating a little) I was not able to test this claim.

Estée Lauder Little Black Primer

Now on to testing... To test the first and the second claim, I used eyelash curlers on both eyes and I applied one coat of Little Black Primer on my right eye (left on the screen for you) and left the other bare. You can see that as a natural mascara, it works quiet well. I have thick straight middle length eye lashes. My biggest concern is "the curl". Not many mascaras hold the curl so if I find one which does, I settle on this mascara and don't try new ones. Right now I am using Chanel Le Volume which works fine on me. I was surprised to see that Little Black Primer indeed holds the curl too. Yay for the second claim. It works.

Testing the "base" claim, I now applied one coat of Chanel Le Volume Mascara on both of the eyes. Holy moly, there is a visible difference! I can certainly see a difference in the length as well as the volume and curl. 

At this point I take a sip of my champagne and write the verdict: It works!

In-action: Estée Lauder Little Black Primer

Now onto rant, I was about to get this post done, then I was hesitating because my brows were looking bushy (tell me about close-ups). I am receiving some nice, some not that nice "comments" about my eye brows and recently my hair. I would like to set something straight here.

Dear readers, I value your opinion and I exist just because of you. I am grateful for each of your comments and feedback. However, please keep in mind I am a full time working woman (an electronics engineer, because I was asked recently too) who has barely half an hour time to style in the morning. Have you noticed I post almost everyday. Those are looks I am wearing to work everyday. There are days I have more time to get prepared, there are days I run for a meeting. 

The idea behind this blog is to show women from similar interest group how the products work in real life. My intention is not to take 4 hours, style, make up for camera, set the lights and shoot. These are being done by cosmetics companies and called promotional material. There are also a few YouTubers who find time to style each time they go in front of a camera. I don't! So next time if you write "Your hair is distracting me, it looks so bad" or think that my eye shadow was not properly blended etc. etc. please keep these in mind.

One more word. I don't think we need more promotional material of perfect(ionized) woman wearing products in most beautiful way. I personally read blogs who are written by real woman, who tell real stories and share their honest opinions, who have flaws, who have cuticles, who have bigger noses and thinner lips and and and...

Now what is your opinion?

Here is one of the recent FOTDs I was wearing Estée Lauder Little Black Primer just to wrap this review up. I was running for an interview...

Final thoughts: Estée Lauder Little Black Primer works beautifully as a base and as a natural mascara on me. It holds the curl which is my greatest concern. I love the name and the concept, I wonder why it wasn't done before. I definitely recommend you checking this out.

Have you tried Little Black Primer?

What do you think about the fact that "bloggers should look perfect"?

DisclaimerThe product in this post was provided free of charge for consideration purposes. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Sorry to hear you've had some unpleasant comments. I'm grateful for your reviews and find them very helpful. Your swatches and FOTDs are beautiful. I think you're very talented with the makeup looks you create. I don't even notice the things some people complained about and in any case I much prefer a realistic look. I definitely don't think that "bloggers should look perfect".

  2. Dear Sara, reading your blog is such an inspiration for me!
    I have a high profiled job and two kids, but every evening I look forward to sitting down and reading your newest posts.
    I love the way you apply your makeup, and even colours that look much too dramatic in the pans look absolutely fab AND wearable on you.
    Thanx for giving us working women hope - and please keep up the great work,

    Hej from Denmark!

  3. Seriously? They look at the pictures and that's what they notice? "Oh em gee! A hair out of place! I must inform ths woman immediately!" Really?
    You know, I get informing someone that their lipstick is smeared. Mine sometimes transfers from my lower lip to my chin in mysterious ways, and when that happens I'd like to be informed. And do tell me when my mascara is out of place.
    But when reading a review, I focus on the review and swatches. Not if their eyebrows are groomed to perfection. And by the way, I like your full eyebrows and curls. I can't imagine how you'd look any different.

  4. You know the old saying, "Beauty is as beauty does."? Well, you're a true beauty, Sara, who is actively engaged in a full and busy life and it shows. You're genuine and interesting and you let us see how these products look on a "real" woman. Unfortunately, as soon as you blog, it's like you've put a target on your back. It shouldn't be that way, but there are trolls out there who live for inciting anger and causing hurt. You have to wonder how pathetic their lives must be that gratuitously insulting other people makes them feel good about themselves. Yes, beauty is as beauty does and those unhappy and dissatisfied souls will never achieve it no matter how many hours they spend in front of their mirrors because, as Kevyn Aucoin so famously said, "No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart."

  5. Ugh I'm so sorry to hear about those rude comments! People don't get it. You see way more in a closeup, plus it's actually really hard to get closeups right! There is honestly no need to get bitchy about stuff like this! You look perfect to me <3

  6. Firstly, to comment on the primer, YES! That makes a substantial difference. The difference when paired with Le Volume is amazing! Of course, I am a bit lazy to layer two products on my lashes on a normal day, but I can see how great this would be for a night out and going for a very dramatic lash look! I used to use the Lancome one off and on and the white color is a reason why I never kept up with it. Such a great, smart idea by EL.
    Second, those people are a$$holes and have nothing better to do with their time than to be ugly to other people. You run a beautiful blog, so don't let the haters get you down. I'd like to see THEM post their face on a daily basis and see how they feel about it.

  7. I already got it! the little black primer I mean! It is soooo good (but also I never used a lash primer before so this is a first for me).
    Now, about your rant, I could not agree more with you! Well, you only need to take a look at my today's post... I'm on pic with damp wet hair!! and it is not the first time! Well, I could write a whole post about what I think a beauty blogger should do... of course, I suppose it is only my own opinion and others can have different opinions. But let me tell you, If I DO take you as a reference and value your opinions is PRECISELY because you are a real girl, in the real world! I understand some comments can be bothering, but just ignore them, because: what is a stupid comment compared to the thousands of followers that appreciate your blog and for who you are a real influence when deciding about cosmetic choices??

  8. Wow the difference is so visual! However, I am a lazy girl so I don't really want to use yet another product. Specially since I don't usually wear my lashes that big but more on the natural and defined line.

    As for the comments... pfffft! I don't post pictures of myself but if I did you could check how my white hairs are starting to show and my brows re not at their best either. I have two jobs so whenever I have some spare time I might just want to enjoy it ;)

  9. So Sorry that anyone would say such mean things to you. Your reviews are very helpful and I love reading your blog whether I buy a product or not. While I rarely post, I love to read and appreciate your hard work. Thank you for all you do!

  10. Oh my gosh, Sara, I can't believe people would comment on your blog just to leave negative comments about your eyebrows! My general rule for Internet comments is that if I wouldn't say it to a person's face, I won't leave it in a comment. And I'm pretty jealous of your eyebrows...mine are quite thin. Also, I love your hair! I think you always look great.

    I also think that your posting schedule is very impressive. I love makeup and I love talking about it, but I also work full-time and can't imagine blogging on top of everything else, so I really applaud you for posting almost every day.

    Gonna wrap up this very long comment by saying that eyelash primer looks really impressive, and that you should keep doing what you're doing.:)

  11. Oh Sara that makes me sad that people are saying those things to you! You are a gorgeous woman, I love your brows and your hair! I'm sure most of your readers feel the same. I am amazed that you post everyday and have such a demanding job I honestly don't know how you do it, but thank you for doing it. I really enjoy your blog!! :)

  12. I love this lash primer! On my short fine lashes, it works amazingly! I used it under the worst mascara I have and it actually made the mascara awesome. It's all the primer, man. LOVE IT!
    And about the haters, you've made it, Sara. Someone told me that once you received a hate comment or email, you've made it to the big league. HAHAHA! Don't worry about those trolls though. That's what they are. Cowards who hide behind the computer. We are blogs by real women for real women. And don't get me started on most YouTubers... especially those really young ones *shudder* They make a living out of it, and you can photoshop on videos anyway!
    I love your thick brows and hair - give me some!!!

  13. I haven't commented much before, but here goes. I love your hair. If someone doesn't then, well too bad. I have thin, fine straight hair and I just love your curls. I guess we always want what we can't have. I had no idea you got these looks done in under 30 minutes. I am even more impressed now. It take me forever to just put on mascara without getting it all over my upper eye lid and on the bridge of my nose. I'm sorry you have commenters who have forgotten their manners. My mother always told me, "If you haven't got anything constructive or nice to say, don't say it."
    I've been using the EL Little black primer for about a month now. I love it. Since I have problems with most mascaras smudging I can attest that it does indeed make them resistant to smudging. When I want a dramatic look I wear it under my mascara. On the weekends when I just want to look fresh and natural I wear it alone. I used to use the Dior white primer but invariably I would always miss a spot with my mascara and have white peeking out here and there. So glad the folks at EL finally came up with this product.

  14. I'm another who does not often comment, but I have to pipe in to say that one of the things I enjoy greatly about this blog is the large number of realistic looks that actual working women can achieve. I've seen the blogs of people who seem to have seven hours a day to do nothing but blend their eyeshadow endlessly and pluck individual hairs, but they just aren't relevant. I have to say I never have noticed your hair looking "bad" or the bushiness of your eyebrows (you should see mine!). I always see an attractive, well put together, creative woman who looks like she'd be fun to know. What more can anyone hope for on the makeup front? Thanks for an enjoyable blog and many recommendations I have acted upon!

  15. rachlovespenguinsMay 7, 2015 at 5:32 AM

    The supposed anonymity of the internet is no excuse for lack of manners. I've always thought that you look quite lovely (the words 'effortless beauty' come to mind) and I've gotta say I envy your ability to rock thick brows.
    I don't wear lash primer and I very rarely wear mascara, but I have
    ALWAYS wondered why they're all white. I hope someone manages to answer
    that sometime because I really would love to know!

  16. Ich freue mich jeden Tag auf Deinen Post. Du schreibst interessant und informativ und bist authentisch. Und ich finde, dass Du toll aussiehst. Hoffentlich demotivieren Dich die unfreundlichen Kommentare nicht, das wäre schade. Denn wie gesagt: Ich (mit vielen anderen!!) freue mich auf Deine Posts.

  17. Wow, this primer looks amazing! I think I will have to check it out, as my lashes need all the help they can get. I can't believe you work full time and have time to review, write, and post pics on this blog every day!! My admiration for you has grown even more. Please ignore those mean people -- they are jealous and insecure, they try to put others down, so that it makes them feel better. You're beautiful and keep up the great work! After a hard day's work, I really enjoy reading your blog

  18. Hi Sara, bravo for pointing out that we don't need more perfect(ionized?) women idols! The whole point of blogging is that we are "real" life women who lead real lives, not glamorized ideals. And yay, i'm so amazed at what a different this little primer does for your lashes! xx

  19. Okay, here's my take: I would not categorize someone who follows your blog and may have wished to be helpful, but was not sensitive in their communications, as a "hater." However they were certainly not empathetic in realizing how it would feel to you to put yourself out there in public, allowing your perfections and imperfections, which we all have, to be seen and shared, and then to be so closely scrutinized, especially when the quality and frequency of your blog requires a lot of dedication and work, and yes, connection with us who follow and enjoy what you do. Obviously you are both lovely and very bright and warm as a person. I would not regard the comments as being about you. Perhaps the person (or people) are OCD, or from a different culture, or just too blunt and were spoken to that way themselves. As one who is a bit on the blunt side by tendency, I had to learn to be sensitive to how my communications come across. Not everyone 'knows' that (sigh). Beauty is all about both our perfection and our imperfection, our flaws, and how we face up to them. As one who is slightly further on in the aging process, I have yet to have the guts to even share an I-Phone selfie of myself in a beauty context because of the visible signs of aging. And unless it's been "done" by a stylist (as it was in my FB photo which was taken right in the hair salon) my hair has a will of its own. So I like your wavy hair, eyebrows, and the whole look, and if you suddenly straightened it to conform to some "rule," I would be sorry. So this is to say that I (like many of your readers/friends) admire both the ways you enhance your natural beauty, the honesty of your sharing, your open-ness, and your originality. Never stop being you.

  20. I know right?? I want some of Sara's hair and brows too!!!

  21. Oh, and have you tried the new Benefit roller mascara? It's also for curling the lashes-- but without even the use of a curler. My lashes are sparser than yours but I am now addicted to it. wonder how it would compare with the Primer.

  22. Oh Sara! Thanks for sharing this with us. I don't think this is ranting - I think it's a depiction of real life. I am not a blogger, but I am a full time working woman with millions of roles to fulfil in my daily life and I know what it's like to have five minutes to do your make up in the morning, or dedicate sometime to the things you love. I first got into reading blogs on beauty (and I love beauty) through your blog. I read your blog whenever you post and I am thoroughly enjoying it, because of its honest views. As a reader, I don't want to read promotional material, or beautified stories about products that work or need five hours to work. I want to see the real "thing", see real opinions and how things work on a real, everyday woman - like me. I only read 4-5 blogs for this reason. Would not be interested in more advertising, thank you very much. Lovely review this one and I think I might give the little black primer a go, although I am quite lucky to get full volume and curl by DiorShow, which I've been using for 14 years now and it still works miracles on me :). x

  23. I am no longer amazed at the sheer rudeness of some people because it is all too common but I am astounded at what people find to criticise. I am always in awe at how perfectly groomed and glamorous you photograph, especially knowing your busy life.
    The mascara photos are pretty impressive - I am a Chanel Le Volume fan (the only one not to give me panda eyes at the end of the day) but the base looks almost as good on its own and with the mascara, definitely outstanding. Susan, London

  24. Ugh, I've been through the same thing. At one point all of a sudden everyone and their cat seemed to be commenting on my eyebrows in a not-so-nice way. Made me feel very self-conscious. I was like well fuck, forgive me for being human and not looking perfect. So I understand where you're coming from. You're a hard-working woman and your blog isn't a brand website featuring only picture perfect photoshopped shots. Bloggers are real people, so yeah, forgive us if you're seeing some stray eyebrow hairs or a pimple or some frizzy hair. Don't let it get to you, girl. Don't let a couple of negative comments in a sea of raving reactions kick you down. You rock.

    Alright, on to the mascara. I have this one too and I really like it. I didn't expect much from it to be honest, but I love it.

  25. because conspiracy.

  26. Hi Anne,
    thanks so much for your encouraging words. I am trying my best to stay on top of trends and things but of course I am no make-up artist ;-) I am glad you also like seeing a bit of the imperfections here and there. Xox

  27. Dear Vanessa,
    such a cheerful comment, after reading this I felt as though I was doing more than just reviewing make-up, lol. I would like to keep up with make-up if I have kids but it might be more challenging. Two kids and a high profile job! You rock! I think now you inspire me even more than I inspire you. I am so glad you wrote. *Blows kisses to Denmark*

  28. Hi Siri, you can't imagine what else people take notice of. I remember reading comments such as "I see your fingerprint on the side of the packaging" Hahaha. Look once more yes it is there. I don't claim I am a photographer, nor a make-up artist. I am just make-up enthusiast who likes to share pretty things with others with the same interest. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my brows and hair. I was shocked to see some people find my hair awful. I mean, it is not always styled but awful? *shrugs*

  29. we love you, we love your blog--me and my nieces read it. I weep for humanity when I realize that photoshopped plastic Barbies/Karda$hian crap are all we see, and and all some people expect, from "entertainment". They can go Eff themselves, I know I speak for many when I say we want to see real women, real bodies, have real food, and eat real experiences. If people want to live in their fake plastic artificial bubble they are nothing but robots. It's sick to hear what people say online to you, they are shitty trolls to be ignored...OK my rant is done.
    That eyelash primer looks fab, I will check it out. XO Sue

  30. I am definitely one of the 'never looks perfect' bloggers. I LOVE make up, that is the only claim I make-I'm not the best at applying it nor will ever look the prettiest. I am just honest and try to show how the product looks. I LOVE your blog Sara and you always look great!! It upsets me someone would be mean.

    I love this primer by the way, used it every day since I bought it!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  31. Well...where to begin?

    I think if this was your full time job I'd expect to see different looks on the site that you had taken time to style up - giving us some inspiration - especially those of us not of "beauty blogger age" which seems to be the average of about 22 these days. When one is nearing 40 - I genuinely couldn't give a crap about what a 22 year old has to tell me about makeup. These "get ready with me" tutorials are of no interest to me - I've been applying make up as long as they have been alive and frankly when I was 22 - i couldn't afford regular supplies of Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior etc. I bought one small thing every 6 months or so.

    So "realism" for me is using a good mix of high street, niche and designer stuff, showing flattering looks for women with lines, wrinkles, open pores, hooded eyes etc and simplifying techniques such as using false lashes, tightlining and covering imperfections. Not "how to get a *Whateverherpusis* Jenner lip" or doing those hideous "instagram eyebrows"

    I like your site - I didn't realise I was subscribed but I've pretty much given up reading beauty blogs as I just find them frankly tedious. A new product release and everyone is raving about it in exactly the same fashion with the over exposed, white stuff in the background photography and how great the product is. REALLY? - THAT GREAT? I doubt it.

    I now use blogs to search for swatches before buying a product online. Otherwise at the "bigger" end of the market it's just wee lassies in their bedrooms being paid by companies to promote their product. They are cheap models and you can tell because only the pretty, perfectly coiffed ones are chosen to receive the illustrious goodies. Huge lack of respect for the brands doing this.

    Thanks for your review - your images are great and I wouldn't buy the product as it makes your lashes look a bit flaky at the ends - not the kind of look I like but I'm sure will work for many,


  32. I hardly ever comment but I read your blog everyday. I love the way you do your make up. And when I read that these are the looks you wear for work I find it even more interesting and impressive. Everyday I have about 20 minutes to do my make up, I'm a working girl too who likes to look polished and I find you're looks very inspiring.

    Sometimes I want to compare an item you reviewed with other blogs. But when I google on images about that product I only find horrible pictures. You're pictures are always beautiful AND realistic. There are only a few bloggers who achieve that quality day in day out. That's why I read you're blog everyday. There are a lot of bloggers but you are outstanding. Just want to thank you for that.

    About lash primers. Bought the white lash primer of Lancôme last year. Wasn't impressed. I think white Is a marketing trick. Because after you put on the white (and you look like no lashes at all) they suddenly reappear when you put on your normal mascara and you think it's improved. But I did one eye with and one eye without the primer and there was no difference between the eyes after I put on the black mascara (so I haven't used it since) In you're pictures (with the black primer) I really see the difference so Im tempted now. Change of subject: Have you ever uses falsies by the way? I'm experimenting with them but only for a night out.

  33. Dear Eileen,
    I haven't heard this saying before but I love the short piece of literature you wrote here. It is more than a comment to me, it says many things at once, thank you. You are right, once you become public, you become exposed to more feedback, good & bad. Some of the comments are not all that, say, unkind but of course also the description of beauty differs at different cultures. Some cultures can't tolerate imperfections, while others can do it better. Still I think a comment such as "your hair distracts me" can be a good thing in any culture lol. I think I just have to learn to get along with it. Xox

  34. Close-ups are really tricky. Also sometimes in real life everything look so blended and on camera suddenly it looks odd, you know that effect? I know going up to the room to blend over and over again after seeing how they look in the camera. It all takes time in the morning and I sometimes I don't have it.

  35. Hi Belly.
    Yes primer is mad good, it works. If you usually go for more natural eye looks, this one is definitely not for everyday. Since everyday I make photos (back to the subject lol) I put it on everyday because thick lashes look better in photos lol.
    Hahaha you cracked me up again. I honestly wouldn't like to see their faces on a daily basis LOL

  36. I know, I am lazy too. To bring one more step to the make-up routine is only justified with a big difference and in this case it is there. I have to admit though I take the extra step also because my eye makeups photograph better with this primer ;-)

    I have white hairs too, on one side and they show up at times. I used to work full time and teach at a local university, then blog... I know how you feel with two job thing, it almost killed me.

  37. Yeah I don't think most people understand how tricky this whole blogging thing is!

  38. Hi Maya,
    thanks so much for taking your time to comment. I love hearing from readers that it is helpful. It is so much work, all we hope for is that someone likes reading it and enjoys it. When I hear that you do, I feel much better, *hugs*

  39. Hi Jess,
    it is very kind of you to say that I look great. I know sometimes I don't but I try to get the best out of it. Yes to post on an almost daily basis is really hard work. I think I will try to tune it a bit down and try to post every second day. That way I don't get burned out. I need some more time for sports and do things like watching a movie, reading a book.
    Little Black Primer is really nice. I can recommend it fully. I was very surprised it worked so good. Thanks for your sweet comment :-*

  40. Thank you so much. I am trying hard to stay in schedule but sometimes it is a little challenging. I need to get into shape and do some sports soon so maybe I post a little less frequent, at least that is the plan. Or post about getting in shape? LOL, we will see. Thanks so much for writing this lovely comment Xox

  41. Big league huh? Hahaha to reach there seems to be very rewarding!
    Can you photoshop on videos? Really? I had no idea, gosh.
    I can't watch any of these big channels on Youtube. They never disclose what they get for free, for what they were paid for. They are like long arms of some marketing departments. Nothing for me. Oh and if you want my hair, I send you some hahaha.

  42. Hi Tatiana,
    LOL yes, I like straight hair ;-) you are right about wanting what you don't have. LOL about getting mascara on the nose. Have you tried Lancome Grandiose. That one is designed to make sure mascara doesn't get on the nose and around ;-) I think practice makes perfect. If you apply make-up everyday, you get quicker and more efficient.
    I also agree fully about being constructive. One of the comments I got was very constructive though "I think you should do something about your hair" tells me what to do to solve the problem hahaha, at least theoretically.
    It sounds like you tested all the claims of Little Black Primer and it works with you. No mascara smudged on me yet, so I can't test it but I know the other two (alone and under a mascara) definitely works. I am really glad that there is still innovation in the basics of make-up. Gives me hope :-) Thanks for your lovely comment.

  43. Hi Ruby,
    hahaha, now I am very curious about your eye brows. Are they more bushy than mine? No way! Send me a photo please! :-)
    Thanks so much for thinking that I might be fun to know. I would love to meet you somewhere if you come to this side of the world, just let me know. Where do you live by the way?
    I am very grateful to see readers who are at the same page as me, share common interests and know what I mean when I say I don't have time to blend properly :-) This is the whole point about blogging, getting to know people who I enjoy sharing ideas.
    Thanks for your comment.

  44. I was thinking, kids should be given "Internet Manners" course in the schools. Am I going crazy? Why not? Everything develops so fast and we lack behind. There is a similar effect, people do crazy stuff when they are in the car, forgetting the other car is not just a machine but also driven by a person. In these kind of situations I look inside the eyes of the other driver and they suddenly see me and look elsewhere. They are certainly ashamed. How odd right?
    About whiteness of primers, no idea why they were all white. Someone said marketing trick, can be! But it was a trick which didn't work all that good after all lol. Can it be to intensify the blackness of the mascara to be applied? Wild guessing.

  45. Liebe Stefanie,
    das ist aber sehr nett von Dir dass du so schreibst :-) Vielen Dank!
    Ich freue mich wenn du meinen Quatsch interessant findest :-) Ich bin irgendwie gewöhnt, solche Kommentare demotivieren mich für 1 minute, dann bin ich darüber hinaus ;-)

  46. As much as I love your posts, it's probably a good idea to pull back a bit if you're feeling the need for more balance in your life. You don't want to get to the point where it's not fun anymore!<3

  47. I far prefer reading blogs ( like yours) written by everyday women with lives and jobs outside of their blogs and instagrams. My life is far from the picture perfect displays you see on some peoples feeds. Much as it's lovely to look at and gain some inspiration it's just not ever going to work for the average person. I think you're gorgeous and really love reading your opinion and seeing your photos. Seeing real pictures translates the products far more than those that photoshop themselves into oblivion. I actually unfollowed one young girl this week as her pictures are so 'shopped it got ridiculous. Keep up your great work xx

  48. I bought the LBP before my Asia trip to try it out as a top coat as I never use waterproof mascaras. It works really well. I went snorkelling (impromptu- I do not wear a face on a beach, it was a spur of the moment decision- let's hop on a boat and go to a beach) and it managed to stay in place through salty water , sweat and tears (well, maybe not tears). I like using it as a primer too. I've been a lash primer fan since Lancôme and HR came up with theirs looong time ago.
    You know I'm a huge fan of your blog because you work really, really hard to provide FREE information and entertainment for like-minded people. I stopped reading a lot of popular blogs because I couldn't stand the mix of three lines sponsored reviews with a crappy picture and a 'rant' how busy being a full time blogger is and how horrible PR companies are. There's nothing wrong with being full time blogger but like in any other job please do it properly. You have a proper career and yet you deliver posts that are putting to shame all the 'celebrity bloggers' all together. You deserve a much bigger following and preferential treatment from PR companies because your readers are more likely to actually go and buy the products you write about!

  49. So sorry to hear you've been getting negative comments like that! I think that you always look real and beautiful. Lots of love! xo

  50. I am a Les Volume fan....and something that makes it even better? I'm sold!!! As for the comments (which i missed), while I really love your beauty content, what made me decide to follow was that you are so obviously intelligent, have a life and are a very kind person. Also, my impression was that most of your followers were, too! I wouldn't let a few atypical detractors spoil your pleasure in blogging.

  51. rachlovespenguinsMay 9, 2015 at 11:35 PM

    Maybe to make people feel (at least at first) that they were actually using a separate (new! fabulous! extremely useful! lol) product instead of just layering two different mascaras? more wild guessing. :D

  52. rachlovespenguinsMay 9, 2015 at 11:41 PM

    The titanium dioxide mafia? :P

  53. I really wish I had the time to prep and style everytime I take pics or make a video. Just like you I wear whatever I show you to work, and sometimes I haven't got time as you say!
    I think it's so easy to sit behind a computer and write things that you'd NEVER say in person! I find it shocking that people mention those things because to me you always look amazing!
    Carry on with the amazing work you're doing, to me it's invaluable and I count on your reviews!! A big big big hug!! xxxx

  54. Hi Katherine,
    yes primer really works. If you need some more help for your eye lashes, I recommend you give it a go. Maybe I should give more background information about me so that the expectation of the people are lower hahaha. I work full time and I have a separate job at times (I work as an engineer and additionally give lectures at a local university). I don't want to mix my blogging life and personal life all too much. I am glad that you enjoy reading it. It is what makes me motivated Xox thanks for your lovely comment.

  55. Hi Linda,
    You summed up so nicely, thanks! I am sick of idol stuff, TV idols, you tube idols, now what next? Primer works so good, I am addicted lol.

  56. Ha I never understood why all lash primers were white, so THIS one is totally going on my list!! The effect on your lashes is fantastic!!

    As for the troll comments...

    UGH it saddens me that enough people made such comments that you addressed it in a post. I mean, here you are, putting yourself out there ALL THE TIME...and these people have the audacity to hide behind their computer screens and make comments like that. FOR SHAME. You continually put out amazing content - not only the reviews and swatches, but also how they look in real life - how anyone can find negative in that is beyond me.

    That said!!! I hope you know you have readers like me (even if I don't comment much, I always read your posts!!!) who appreciate and look forward to your posts 1000000000x over!! I feel you are completely honest, and I love the stories and tidbits and real life you inject into your content. I can tell you are REAL and it's one of the things that makes your blog so special!

    Fu@k those trolls!!! Please keep doing what you are doing!!! Love you, beautiful Frond!!! HUGS & SMOOCHES!!!! :-)

  57. Omg, people are nuts :-) Your hair and brows look always beautiful. There are more than enough overstyled cheeks on youtube who look to me totally like hookers, still don't comment, is not my business. It is not only that you can't spend hours on getting ready, but also the fact that somehow hair doesn't always look best in selfies. Maybe it is about the angle, but this is what I noticed in my selfies. Even with absolutely amazing hair style, on my best hair day of my life, on pictures it sometimes looks surprisingly bad .

  58. Helle Emilie Krestine NørgaardNovember 21, 2015 at 2:45 PM

    Hi there. I am really curious as to how this primer behaves at night. I understand that they also recommend sleeping with the primer still on. Is that possible without smudging your face and the pillow? And is it soft and flexible so the lashes won't break?
    I work in 24 hour shifts so sometimes it would be nice to wear something on the eyes and not be forced to rinse it off at night. :)

    -Wow, some people must be rather shallow if they need to comment negativly on untamed brows... Maybe they need some perspective ;)
    -i'm a mum so i know!! Time is precious.

    (Please excuse any spelling mistakes, english i my second language.)



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