Clarins Aquatic Treasures Bronzer, Ombre Iridescente 02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey and Eclat Minute 01 Rose from Aquatic Treasures Collection for Summer 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I am back from holiday so there are a few things I have to  sort out. I have to catch up with the blog. I am planning to answer the comments and check out some blog posts I missed during my absence later today. But first I would like to review the last Summer Collection I will be featuring before summer officially begins tomorrow. 

Clarins' Aquatic Treasures Collection is released recently in Germany. I was waiting for it impatiently since each year they bring out an extra-large gorgeous bronzer (like in 2013, Splendors collection, reviewed here) which I can't resist. Not that I need another bronzer but Clarins' powder products are supreme and the design of the compact is so pretty. When I saw that there were also three new colors of their long lasting eye shadows, I was even more excited. I like the texture of their Ombre Mattes (reviewed here). The new eye shadows are supposed to have a similar texture but metallic/iridescent finish to them. They are called Ombre Iridescente. I tested the products last week, here are my thoughts to share with you...

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Bronzer, Ombre Iridescente 02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey and Eclat Minute 01 Rose

This year's bronzing powder from Clarins comes in a usual round sturdy plastic compact with a unique design to this year's collection with the signature C in the middle of the design. The compact has a click closure. I always prefer magnetic closure because I like my nails (not broken that is) but this one didn't give me a hard time yet. It feels luxurious and heavy. Weight also comes from the fact that there is a generous 20 g of product in the compact. 

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Poudre Soleil Visage Bronzer

There is a mirror included inside. Around the powder which is embossed with a similar design to the lid, there is a metal looking plastic part, which gives a more luxurious feel. Also this part doesn't collect dust while applying the product like a deep colored plastic would do (I am looking at you Chanel). Thumbs up on the packaging.

Clarins Aquatic Treasures  Poudre Soleil Visage Bronzer

Last year's designs were also a mixture of a lighter and a deeper bronze shade. This year though Clarins made in a more practical way, similar to those of Guerlain's four seasons bronzers (shade 03 reviewed here), one can adjust between a lighter and a deeper application. If you swirl your brush on the upper portion, you can have a lighter bronzer shade. If you use the bottom part, you get a deeper tone which might come in handy after your summer holiday. 

Swatch:  Clarins Aquatic Treasures Poudre Soleil Visage Bronzer

I have swatched Clarins Aquatic Treasures Bronzer against some other shades in my ever growing bronzer stash. This year was definitely the year of bronzers for me. You can see that Chanel Lumber D'Ete is warmer and lighter, Smashbox Deep Matte is deeper and cooler. Clarins Splendours from 2013 is a tad warmer but close. Tom Ford Gold Dust is more shimmery although close in shade. MAC Golden Rinse is more pink based and lighter. Guerlain Terracotta 02 Natural is warmer and more orange.

Comparison swatch:  Clarins Aquatic Treasures Poudre Soleil Visage Bronzer

Let me strike my bronzer pose! *wink wink*

I applied Clarins Aquatic Treasures Bronzer in a three motion by swiping my brush on all the shades at once. Afterwards I added Smashbox Fusion Lights Baked Starblush on the apple of the cheeks as well as high points on my face since it brings some glow but still photographs well. Clarins bronzer is matte, which is a great thing. You can add the luminosity afterwards wherever you need it. If the bronzers have lots of shimmer, I find it hard to control and prefer to mix it with  matte one to contour.

FOTD:  Clarins Aquatic Treasures Poudre Soleil Visage Bronzer

Now let's move onto eyes and talk about what I am wearing in the photo above. There are three super pretty eye shadows in this year's collection. There is a lovely peachy pink shade which I will probably be picking up in the next days when I am in store because so far I am loving the other two. 

Ombre Iridescente Cream-to-Powder Eye Long-lasting Eye Shadows have a hybrid formula between a cream and a powder. It feels close to Armani's Eyes To Kill pressed pigments, but these feel less gritty, smoother. The particles are finer in those which make them feel like a cream. If you take too much on your brush, I observed there may be a little bit of fall out in the deeper shade, which made me believe it is closer to a powder product after all.

Clarins Ombre Iridescente 02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey 

Two of the shades I chose, Aquatic Grey and Aquatic Green, have gorgeous iridescence. They are not too metallic, somewhere between satin and metallic once applied on the eyes. They can be sheered without getting patchy and applied as a wash of color or can be build up to a full on effect. What I am also loving and have to mention is their matching lid! In the morning I can reach for the right color without reading the names or turning the pot around. I am also enjoying Clinique Pop Lipsticks which have a similar idea with the packaging. I think this might be the next trend. 

Swatch: Clarins Ombre Iridescente 02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey 

I was rushing for the plane last week on Monday and I already packed my primer so I swiped a little bit of #03 Aquatic Grey on the lids for a super quick smoky eye on its own. I combined it with an anthracite eyeliner (Urban Decay Crave) and mascara which clumped a little due to me rushing bit,  try to ignore it. You can see that the finish doesn't look metallic on the eyes. Instead it has a nice soft shimmer.  Right below is the full FOTD, though I don't remember what else I was wearing. You can see clearly though I just had a few hours of sleep from the way my eyes look lol.

In-action: Clarins Ombre Iridescente 03 Aquatic Grey 

FOTD: Clarins Ombre Iridescente 03 Aquatic Grey 

Now onto more of a full on effect, I applied Aquatic Grey all over the lid and added Aquatic Green from inner corner to the half of the lid. I applied these densely and blended over the crease by using Aquatic Treasures Bronzer, the lightest tone. I lined my eyes with Chanel Stylo Jeux Waterproof #30 in Marine (along the upper lash line) and #57 True Blue on the water line for a more "aquatic" effect overall. I then applied mascara to finish the eye look.

In-action: Clarins Ombre Iridescente 02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey

Before moving onto the complete look, there is one more product I would like to share with you. It is Clarins Eclat Minute Instant Light Lip Balm. Instant Light Lip Balms are included in the permanent line and they are repromoted with Summer Look as a casual, light and hydrating lip product for summer. The color pay-off is very soft and sheer, the finish is more glossy and not shimmery nor frosty. 01 Rose is a lovely sheer rose which would go well with strong eye looks or for a no-makeup day to protect the lips and hydrate them. 

Swatch: Clarins Eclat Minute Instant Light Lip Balm 01 Rose

Here are the product list I used for my Clarins Summer look:

Foundation/ Concealer/Powder:
Clarins Teint Multi-Régénérant Extra-Firming Foundation 108 Sand,
Clarins Instant Concealer #02 (both reviewed here)
Guerlain Meteorites 02 (overall)

Nars Pro-Prime,
Clarins Ombre Iridescente 02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey
Chanel Stylo Jeux Waterproof #30 in Marine (upper lash line) and #57 True Blue (waterline)
Estee Lauder Little Black Primer (reviewed here)
Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Bronzer
Smashbox Fusion Lights Baked Starblush

Clarins Eclat Minute Instant Light Lip Balm 01 Rose

Notes on longevity:
The eye shadows lasted all day on me without creasing nor fading. Lip Balm is very hydrating  but of course short lived as one would expect from a sheer lipstick. Bronzer has to be applied with caution if you are very fair. I have over applied in the beginning because I underestimated the deepness of the shade. It was very easy to blend it though. Bronzer also lasted very long on me, until the evening without retouching.

FOTD: Clarins Aquatic Treasures Bronzer, Ombre Iridescente
02 Aquatic Green, 03 Aquatic Grey and Eclat Minute 01 Rose

Final thoughts: Clarins Summer Collection brings very pretty limited edition items. Bronzer is very handy to use all year around since it can be adjusted between a lighter and a deeper shade. It also has 20 g of product and is a great value for money. The eye shadows have an interesting hybrid cream/powder formula with a very pretty finish which is iridescent but not too metallic. They can be sheered out or build up. Lastly Eclat Minute Lip Balsm are great if you are in the market for an hydrating and sheer lip balm with a touch of color.  All in all a very pretty collection, you should definitely check out.

Are you eyeing anything from Clarins Summer Collection? Are you also loving aqua shades on the eyes this year?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for
consideration purposes. I am not paid for this review. All opinions are
honest and my own.


  1. I loved reading this and especially enjoyed your eye looks, though I have no intention of adding anything more to this summer's purchases LOL.

  2. Oh aren't you all pretty bronzed-up! I love this one on you! I like the teal eyeshadow as well. Not sure when the collection will launch here, but will definitely do a quick swatching session :)

  3. The swatches of the shadows look gorgeous! Aquatic Gray will make a beautiful smoky eye. Not sure why they call it Aquatic Green, looks more like a teal to me, but that would be awesome for summer

  4. I nad the bronzer from last year's Brazil collection but ended up selling it. I just didn't fall in love with it. As with any other bronzers ever to be honest. The grey eyeshadow looks beautiful but I simply cannot justify buying yet another black/grey/smoky color. The same goes to teal/blues and greens;-)

  5. Oh, I love the eye look! I was not disappointed to see this launch not reaching my store, but I may or may not have let out a owl of dismay to learn that escentual won't be stocking it either.

  6. I loved the Matte Ombres so I have been really looking forward to the iridiscent additions. Love the look where you combined them!

    And btw, welcome back!

  7. I'm am so tempted by this collection, the eye shadows especially! The shades are to die for and I love the texture. That bronzer is great on you too! xo

  8. I really like the aquatic eye look you've done here. I am typically a neutral eye kind of girl, but something about summer this year has made me crave more colour and variety in my eye looks. I will check these out! I got a sample of the lip balms a few months ago and really liked the way they felt on the lips, although they are indeed quite sheer.

  9. Aquatic Green looks great on you Sara! And that bronzer looks really good in the pan. We don't get Clarins makeup here though. Only skincare :-)

  10. How pretty do you look, Sara!!!! And you are looking so happy and tanned now! Those Italian hotties must have done you good! ;) Gosh that Clarins bronzer is soooo gorgeous!! I still don't understand why Clarins doesn't sell makeup in singapore!

  11. What a tan !! Beautiful :) I love the creme eyeshadows ! The combination you picked reminds me of TF's midnight sea:) a cheaper but worthy version of it.i like the pattern of the I the only one that when I purchase make up with a beautiful pattern I tend to keep them in a drawer for collective reasons and not use them? I love Clarins make up! I have the garden escape spring palette and I use it all the time ! :)

  12. That Aquatic Grey has to be my favorite piece from this collection. The bronzer looks pretty in a pan but I think it would be too orange for me! You look radiant and so tanned though- super pretty!

  13. Hi Agata,
    yes Aquatic Grey is a great everyday color. It is the quick smoky eye shade!
    Bronzer might be too orange for fair skin ladies. Thanks :-) Radiant because I was just having a short vacation. Now that I am a little sick afterward, I probably look terrible at the moment haha. So short is the effect ;-)

  14. LOL Bella, I hear you. I was also like "I am done". Then came Clarins and now I want the third eye shadow too. I am trying to hold myself and start saving for Fall Collections! And... Mr. Ford's Collection is still not online, which is making me crazy. I want one more eye shadow *cries*

  15. Hi Sunny,
    Yes I am bronzed up. Also had a light tan after the holiday I believe. You have midnight sea, which probably has a close effect on the eyes. Swatching is good, also peachy eye shadow is so pretty, must resist!

  16. Hi Katherine,
    you are right, Aquatic Grey is the ultimate quick smoky eye pot. That one is teal yes lol, you are right. I think they wanted a harmony in the names of the collection. Aqua is like blue, green is green, which makes teal ;-)

  17. I hear you. That grey/smoky is really pretty though. I see differences in the tones because I am so addicted and crazy but once I wear them probably people see no difference ;-))
    I have the bronzer from 2 years ago, therefore last year I passed on the bronzer. I thought they were too similar. Regardless they are so pretty and this year it is great to be able to dose right. But if you are not using bronzers in general of course it is nothing for you after all.

  18. Hey Sara,

    I love the bronzer! I was hoping it will be very similar with the Clarins Splendours in 2013 which I didn't get. :( It is still not available here in the US. Love the eye looks you've created most especially with the teal one which compliments your eye color.

  19. Hi Sara, you did not like the mascara? It is a nice color and really water-resistent. I like the Aquatic Rose shade from this collection a lot and even tried to buy it. I mean I bought it, but found out at home that 01 is a regular 01 nude shade :) Really bad idea to give LEs the same numbers as for the permanent line. The sale assistants never know anything anyway. I will go for a second buying attempt and also buy the grey one. You convinced me! Boring Switzerland is not ready yet for aquatic green :) I am sometimes wearing the Dior green-blue kohl (just a thin line) from the summer collection and people look at me as if I was naked. From this eyeshadow they would probably get a heart attack.

  20. The Aquatic Green is stunning on you!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  21. Hi Jane,
    for a strange reason, I can't use water resistant mascaras. I like Aquatic Rose too! I will go back to the counter for it but couldn't due to health issues last week. Oh the other shades are named as "matte" and these are as "iridescent" but you are right about the numbers.
    You cracked me up so bad about Swiss getting a heart attack from green eye shadow hahaha, I had to literally laugh out loud. If you need to get it. let me know, we have it here ;-)

  22. Yes the shade of the bronzer is very close to Splendors (I swatched them side by side above) and too bad that you didn't get the bronzer this time around. Let me know if I should get it for you. Thanks for the compliment about the eye looks *hugs*

  23. Hi Siri,
    let me know if you need any help with these. Escentuals always had full Clarins Collections, what happened to them? :-(

  24. Hi,
    thanks I was not all back, hence the delay in answering the comments. Sorry for that.
    Now I am rolling slowly back though. Thanks so much for your lovely comment xox

  25. Hi Dr. Jenni! ;-)
    thanks so much. I love that green shade combined with the grey one. Good for bronzed skin ;-)

  26. Hi Jess,
    I think summer is a great time to make a bit of variation in the eye looks. Also if you use a good dose of bronzer, your face can look better with aqua shades. This year they are all over. Lip balms are really lovely.

  27. Hi Lily,
    I have heard that Clarins didn't launch their make-up line is some asian countries. Too bad really because they are good quality for the price. Hope they change this really soon.

  28. Hi Hara,
    thanks, you are so right, it is like an affordable version of Midnight sea. If you already have a black cream base (or something deep) you can just get the Aquatic Green and pad over it, voila, it works with just 22 EUR ;-)
    I love Crazy Terracotta. It is more of a blush than a bronzer though but still worth getting I would say.

  29. Hi Linda,
    yes happy after holiday although that mood lasted only 2 days until I got sick lol.
    Hahaha yes it was all for Italian hotties ;-)))) I don't understand it either. I hope they launch their make-up there soon.

  30. I bought only rose and blue because I realized I have several similar blue-teal shades at home:) French makeup style here is always about super bright lipstick, usually dark red, which makes sense since French girls are mostly tanned and have thin lips and naturally dark eyebrows.
    Anyway, I haven't even tried all new Clarins eyeshadows yet because I can't stop using the summer Guerlain's shades in white sand and blue ocean. They are half-transparent, you surely saw them, this blue is a sheer green-blue, people won't turn their heads. I wasn't even going to buy them, they don't swatch impressively on hand (magic discount helped), but they give a nice glow and surprisingly I am using them most of all and not dior, chanel, clarins, EL, TF, and even suqqu (gosh i bought it all, even the asian dior part). My morning laziness is stronger than any makeup trend :) Lancome launched here a range of eyeshadow sticks (different from 3 summer ones), a bit similar to Sisley in texture but different shades. They are my second choice for lazy evening makeup these days, apply them right over the Guerlain ones, works fine:)

  31. I was told the Clarins one would be department stores only. Thanks, Sara, I appreciate that. A friend is going to London soon, though, so I'l have her look around for it, but if that fails I'll definitely let you know. It's not really that I need-need it, but you know, I kinda need it ;)


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