Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean, Review, Swatch & Comparisons

During my recent visit to the counter to check out for any Summer Collections which might appear, I spotted Guerlain at Stuttgart Breuninger. The collection is rather small with two repromoted bronzers which have gummy cases. The lovely SA told me that they are for the beach. I don't see the point in taking bronzers to the beach but if you do, please tell me what exactly you do with them. All I take to the beach is sun screen and hair sun protector. I checked the liquid eye shadows. They are nice, though one is really too light for my taste (the gold one). I was seriously tempted by the green one. Yet again I know I have similar products (from Dior) and I never use them. I might still go back for the green eye shadow to match with the gorgeous nail polish I picked up. And yes today it is about that polish. It is called Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean. *happy sigh*

Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean

Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean is a gorgeous turquoise green with hidden light green shimmer. Depending on the light and the background color, it shifts more blue or more green. On my fingers it appears to be more green than blue although in the bottle, I thought it is even greener. This beauty is unfortunately a little sheer. Depending on the condition of your nails, you might need two or three coats. My ring finger nail is a little bumpy so there I definitely need three but I can get along with two on the other fingers if I apply generous coats, Below I applied three to each finger.

Swatch (shadow) Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean

The hidden shimmer is gorgeous. Almost Chanel Jade gorgeous, but not all the way up there. Since the shimmer is a little cooler toned than the base, under the sun it looks bluer. Once the light hits on your nails, you can see the faintest of shimmer giving some dimension. I really love Blue Ocean. I am a huge aqua colors/turquoise fan for summer so this is right up my alley. I also always wanted Guerlain nail polishes breaking free of their lipsticks and have their own characters. Since the bottle changed, they kept on releasing reds and pinks, Sulfurous (reviewed here) being an exception. So I was jumping around with joy when I see the green/turquoise polish in this year's collection. By the way I have seen some reviews showing Sulfurous being dupes to Chanel Terrana (reviewed here). They are not remotely close, just saying.

Swatch (sun): Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean

Of course me being crazy about aquas, one wonders how they all compare right? I pulled out a few shades from my stash and the results are very surprising. I don't have anything like Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean! Chanel #407 Jade, Dior #504 Waterlily and Illamasqua Nomad are all more yellow based greens. Burberry #418 Aqua Green is deeper. Chanel #527 Nouvelle Vague and its (almost) dupe China Glaze For Audrey as well as Suqqu Ex-09 Aohakka are more blue. The closest shade I have is O.P.I Dogsled is a Hybrid which is deeper and greener.

All in all I am wowed by the originality of Guerlain Blue Ocean's shade. It is a perfect balance between blue and green, dark and light, pastel and not. Can you tell I am loving it? 

Nailwheel Comparison Swatches: Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean

Temptalia reviews Ocean Blue here, gives it a C. I personally don't agree to that. It is a little sheer but classics such as Chanel Jade and Nouvelle Vague are also a little sheer. It is definitely buildable and on me it applied smoothly without issues. I don't have the streakiness which was mentioned.

Final thoughts: Guerlain La Lacque Couleur #700 Blue Ocean is a gorgeous turquoise green with a right balance of blue and green. It has a lovely hidden shimmer. Since it has natural undertones, I guess it will look nice on many skin tones. I am deeply in love with this one and I don't care having to apply three coats on some of my nails.

Are you eyeing Blue Ocean? Do you like turquoise on your fingers for summer?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased by me.


  1. Definitely this is on my wish list. Nouvelle Vague is a Summer favourite and this looks sufficiently different to justify buying but similar enough to be sure to please!! Susan, London

  2. Ahhhhh, I've been waiting for this comparison. Very helpful, thanks! I missed out on Nouvelle Vague and all the nice oceany shades previously so this was on my list. I actually have my left ring fingernail swatched with it and it's lasted 5 days without chips or any nicks, even without base or top coats. I also don't agree with Temptalia's C grade but those who like 1-2 coats of pure opaque colours and speedy application will have a different standard. Anyway, I think that I'll be grabbing a bottle. :)

  3. Ooh, I really the colour! Its not a colour I would often go for, but it is very pretty x

  4. i don't agree with her review either! Why must it be opaque. I think a sheer aqua sounds lovely and it would actually look much better on more skin tones rather than being jarring on some. This is such a beautiful colour, I can't wait to get it :D Thank you for the review!

  5. Ahh I most probably need this!!! I definitely don't have anything too similar in my stash, so I am mega tempted. Not so sure about the 3 coats needed aspect tho. My patience is SO limited.

  6. Oh wow! I actually really like this colour. When it comes to lighter milky shades, I tend to choose blue but this turquoise looks really good. Thanks for the comparison - it looks like the perfect balance between blue and green!

  7. I couldn't agree more! I was so disappointed when I read Temptalia's review, but when I saw the polish in person, I simply couldn't resist. I'm so glad I bought it because the color compliments my skin tone and is summery without being overly bright or garish. I apply two coats over Guerlain's Base Protectrice and have not had any problem with color pay off or streakiness.

  8. You summed it up so nicely Susan. It is different enough to own, that is for sure. And... I have three bottles of Nouvelle Vague, it is my all time favorite nail polish.

  9. Hi Liz,
    I am glad it was helpful. This one has very speedy application actually. It dries very quick even with 3 coats, so no issues there. If it would be very opaque, this beautiful shimmer wouldn't show through. I like it as it is, beautiful shade really. Let me know how you like it after you grab your bottle! ;-)

  10. Hi Sen,
    I don't like if my nail line shows through but it is not the case here. If you apply the coats generously, it is even opaque in two coats. I love it and really can't understand the rating. I am sure you will love it too.

  11. Hi Sunny,
    It dries very fast so I don't think it will be a challenge about being patient. All the other gorgeousness, Jade, Nouvelle Vague etc. they are all sheer too. This is definitely a classical shade and yes you need it :-)

  12. Hi Lily,
    I also like more blue than green but this one is very very nice. It looks like a green when it is on its own but not overpowering. Like a soft muted aqua green, very beautiful.

  13. Hi Eileen,
    even without that base, I really don't have streakiness. You said it so nicely, it is not overly bright and very summery. As a plus it is really unique and beautiful. I think it would look good on many different complexions too. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Love this definitely picking it up. It will be my first Guerlain polish, since I find generally that their shades aren't that unique. I don't mind a less-than-perfect formula for a really special shade.:)

  15. Thanks so much for the great pics and picture comparing all the different shades! Great work!!


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