Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

Today it is a bank holiday in Stuttgart, so I got to enjoy sleeping a little longer. While I enjoy the coffee after a long breakfast, I was thinking about this...

Have you ever robbed a bank?

The question doesn't have to do with "make-up addiction", although we know it may also lead there... Today I ask it as more of a rhetorical question for my short rant. I hope you don't get tired of me doing this. Last time I received so many lovely comments, I thought there is a real potential of high quality discussion. This is something which bothers me since a week so I would like to share it with you right after the product review.

Bobbi Brown recently released Sandy Nudes Collection for Summer. Huge sized Bronzer Duos caught me attention. I got to try Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran last week, and here are my thoughts.

Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran and some other products I have been enjoying

Calling Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo huge would be an understatement. It comes in a sleek plastic compact, which is not bulky in any means but it feels heavy. Once you check how much product is in there, you see that it has a generous amount of 16.1 g of bronzer. There are four options in the States and only two of them are available in Germany, all consist of existing colors. All in all it is a good value for money if you were considering to get Bobbi Brown Bronzers. Just to give you an idea, one of the bronzers, which has 9 g of product retail for $40 while Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo is only $48 for two shades and almost twice as much products. That said bear in mind that the combinations are set, so you can't mix and match as you like.

Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran

The idea behind the duos is that, Bobbi Brown likes combining a bronzer shade with a touch of blush undertones to give a naturally sun kissed look on the face. She then uses Bronzers on the body, such as neck and shoulders to complete the look. You can also combine both of the shades on the face, contouring with the bronzer and adding a touch of the blush+bronzer shade on the apples of the cheeks.

As pretty as these Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duos are their photos online are very deceiving. They look much pink and light compared to the real product so here is another photo to show you the real deal. The Duo I have is a combination of Telluride Bronzing Illuminating Powder and Elvis Duran Bronzing Powder

Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran

Here is a swatch to show you the colors on my NC20 skin. Illuminating Bronzing Powder is not a satin or shimmery one as you would expect from its name. It is a really matte brownish blush shade. Telluride is beautiful bronzer if bronzers turn orange on you. This one won't. Bronzing Powder Elvis Duran (designed for the TV host Elvis Duran by Bobbi Brown) is one of the deepest shades in my collection. The undertones of it is warm but not too much. I can still see it turning orange on lighter complexions though. So if you are lighter than me, you might want to check the other Bronzer Duo, called Antigua and Golden Light.

Swatch/ Close-up: Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran

Here are some comparisons for your reference. Elvis Duran is a little deeper than Guerlain #02 Original Terracotta 02 Natural (Blondes) but it is cooler. Elvis Duran is also deeper and cooler than Chanel Lumber D'Ete. Bobbi Brown Telluride is deeper. more brown and matte once compared to Tom Ford Ravish and Tom Ford Savage.

Comparison swatches: Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran

Although I was a little afraid when I see how dark Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran looks in the pan, I like the effect it gives with a light hand. Especially Telluride is very pretty. If you don't like Elvis Duran, I would recommend you go and check out a single pan of Telluride.

Below I used Elvis Duran for contouring and Telluride on the apples of the cheeks. Now that I see myself, I think I needed a bit of Elvis Duran on my neck *cough* this sounds like such a strange thing to say. Anyway the quality of the powders are superb. They feel silky to touch, almost creamy. They don't kick much powder either. The powders last all day on me from morning to the evening.

Rest of the makeup: Tom Ford Golden Peach (reviewed here) and Sisley Havana (reviewed here) on the eyes. Clinique Berry Pop (review coming up) on the lips.

FOTD with Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo Telluride / Elvis Duran

Please feel free to skip the below portion if you don't like me ranting ;-)

Back to robbing a bank... 
I was checking out a beauty blog of one of the friends (who I thought is a nice gal... Until that point). It occurred to me that there is something fishy going on. There is a counter on the main page and it shows over 6 million, which is... maybe possible... But then 25 people online at 3 am? I observed her counter to find out that she (presumably) receives half a million page hit each month while she ranks much below a million at Alexa and she doesn't even post more than twice a week.  
It didn't take me so long to google how to trick Word Press counter and there it was...
This almost stabbed me with a knife until I was told by a very trusted friend "ooh that is nothing, check XyZ, she purchased 5000 Facebook friends".  
Wait a minute, I need time to digest all these. I was about to write a sarcastic fun post about blogger/PR-relations and all of a sudden, I see all the normal looking people doing dirty tricks. Is this where competition brings us? 
And I ask myself for what? To receive two more lipsticks for free while showing everyone else who work their back off inferior? How is it different than robbing the bank and steal other people's hard-earned savings? 
And it hurts even more as some of us are trying to make Beauty Blogs a professional, trusted platform while others destroy the image to get a few more products for free.
*deep sigh*

Alright so back to....

Final thoughts: Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duos are a good value for money, especially if you were eyeing one of the bronzing powders of the brand. The duo Telluride / Elvis Duran is most suited to medium to deeper complexions although since the powder quality is superb, you can control and sheer it out easily. All in all thumbs up, especially for matte bronzer with pink undertones, Bobbi Brown Telluride.

Have you checked out Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes yet?

Disclaimer: The product in this post is provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. That duo looks dark but so beautiful! Your pretty face looks even more sculpted and healthier yet it still looks light and natural that I love it on you!

    Re: tricking the numbers and PR relationship, it is true many people do that and many PRs fall for that so more businesses who provide similar service popping up all over the place. I've read an interesting article that Alexa rank doesn't mean everything and you can even trick Alexa rank by downloading Alexa tool on your website and such. But the bottom line is (at least for me) that I'd rather concentrate on what I love and being true to myself not to mention that I'd rather buy a new lipstick than spend my money to buy followers and likes! ;p We all work hard and I dream about self-sustaining blog from doing what I love, but I do believe that all can come true without tricking anyone. :)

  2. Hi Lena,
    Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. It is a bit deep for me as well but I take most of the product to the back of my hand and work from there.

    I know some people doing it but once I recognized someone I know doing it, I felt to strange, let down. I know it shouldn't take the joy out of blogging since we do it for passion but I get demotivated when I see things like that. And more so when PRs don't recognize it. Anyway, I have the feeling stronger each day that everything in life more about how your sell it and less about how you do it. That said, you are right about keeping an optimistic view in things or one might get crazy hahaha.

    PS: I'd also prefer the lipstick to some followers ;-)

  3. OH GOD WHAT? SERIOUSLY?! Although while you can probably trick the WP counter, you can't trick Google Analytics, right? Aren't most PRs smart enough to ask for that?

    This is so dumb tho. I was recently asked by an advertiser whether I purchase traffic. I was like... what? Why would you even ask? Is that something a lot of people do? It just doesn't make any sense to me. I want real followers/readers who are engaged with the content of my blog. I do see some larger Instagram accounts that get way fewer likes per photo, which makes me wonder... Oh well.

  4. I bought the eyeshadow palette and nail polish in naked. Eyeshadows dont't all have the best pigmentation, but in combination they gave a beautiful fresh sundy look, as I guess the concept was.

  5. D: *wail* sometimes I am really flumoxed by this stupidity. Is it so worth a few freebies to exchange it for your integrity? *cries* It's even hard for me to have a meaningful conversation with you on this. There are so many legitimate ways to garner views and bigger readership except all those take work. :(
    Back to the duo! Elvis Duran is familiar to me as a voice. He's been doing a very popular morning radio show Elvis Duran and the Zoo for many years here in the NY Metro area. It is really funny that he's also a very pretty bronzer color! It does look really nice. The struggle I've had with BB bronzers (and I've used a few in my life) is the level of pigmentation! I mean crazy pigmentation that can look over-applied and unnatural. I should have been using your application method of brushing on to the hand first and then brushing on to the face. I'm going to need to do that with my other bronzers! :D

  6. OMG I didn't even know such a thing exist. I must be the most ignorant blogger ever! I live in my own world. LOL LOL!
    The bronzer / blush duo looks great on you, Sara. I think you made the right move getting the darker color :-)

  7. This is so shady! As I said in a previous post, you girls have an audience that will actually buy stuff. PRs should be aware of that. Maybe you don't have ten milion followers but you have readers who are passionate about beauty and are willing to spend their money on it. Blogs with a lot of followers so valued by prs often have a younger, less mature audience who simply does not have means to buy the products OR 'bought' their following ergo no comments or interaction is taking place.

  8. I can't believe it, but I've still yet to try anything (even a sample!) from Bobbi Brown! I'm really surprised by how wearable Telluride is--I imagined it would pull red, but it's actually a really flattering shade. I'm still a bit curious to see how red it would pull on my NW 15 skin, though, since I am a fair bit lighter than you.

  9. I've definitely heard of bloggers resorting to this kind of thing...not so much beauty bloggers, but people like mommybloggers and fashion Instagrammers. It would be very disappointing to find out that someone you know does it. I guess some people blog because they love it, and some people blog because they want to make lots of money/receive lots of freebies.
    On a lighter note, this duo looks very nice on you. Nice shades, not too orange-y...I will have to check them out!

  10. Whoa. That is shady, I've heard of people buying Instagram and Twitter followers, but not blog followers/tricking counters. Please don't feel disheartened, they will be found out soon enough I should imagine. You can really tell who the bloggers are that have integrity and a real passion for what they do and I'm sure any PR with half a brain can figure out who the shady ones are. I love the community you ( and others) have created via your blogs. The interaction and camaraderie is what I enjoy so much about the blogging community. I follow in bloglovin hundreds ( maybe 1000?) of blogs, but essentially only really comment on the ones that seem to create a community environment. I'm not interested in commenting on posts where the blogger never responds. I have started my own blog recently not for the hope in one day receiving a lipstick sample, but because of the community bloggers such as yourself have created. I have been reading blogs since back in the live journal days ( yep I'm old) and I have written other blogs in the past (not beauty) but have always been amazed at the support that comes with it. To throw all those good vibes away to just buy followers to get sent an extra sample or two seems crazy to me.

  11. Oh that's really sad to hear how some bloggers are gaming the system. I bet their product reviews are suspect as well. I buy a lot of cosmetics, and I need honest reviews by real bloggers because I work hard for my money. When I was growing up, I saw students who constantly cheated, so they always got A's with minimal effort, but it catches up to them later on, because they didn't learn to work hard and/or didn't master the math /grammar skills needed. There will always be people out there who are trying to take the easy way out. Please keep up the good work, don't let the actions of others discourage you.

  12. Hey Sara, yup I've been hearing more and more about these dirty tricks of the trade... especially since most of the "bigger" bloggers here in Singapore are part of an agency, and they have to "value-add" to the bloggers and earn a bigger fee from advertisers. Having said that, I think the race doesn't end once your mind is geared in that direction, and it's simply best to just do my own thing and let my content do all the talking! Likewise, keep up the enthusiasm and your great work, Sara!!

  13. You are very brave to wear that bronzer and you've done it well; it looks scary even for me :D. I would hope that PR people assess more than merely the counter numbers when deciding whether to work with a blogger. An infrequently posting blogger with half a million hits a month must either be posting seriously stellar, unique content or be a cheater...the latter being more likely. I would also feel pretty let down if someone I knew turned out to be less than honest, though.
    I quite often see people on Instagram with 56 posts and 1896 followers. Then I think to myself, wow, they must have an awful lot of close friends ;) :p.

  14. This adds such lovely warm and definition! Definitely going to look into this one. Have a great weekend! xo

  15. The internet which began as a way for people to exchange and share information has been gamed in so many ways, from the fact that your use is tracked to pitch you ads and sell your products, to the people who are paid by companies to comment on websites and Tweet in order to discredit viewpoints that undermine an industry's sales. So this does not surprise me at all. It's good that you are surprised as many folks are just cynical about it. It is a shame.

  16. That looks like one scary bronzer for my complexion, but it looks stunning on you!
    I completely understand your rant. I mean, what is the point in even buying your followers and playing dirty.. not like they will ever gain anything with it and I'm sure they will never last. Disgusting behaviour and it makes me so angry. I find it so sad that they poison the community, especially because there are so many passionate, genuine bloggers out there who work hard on their blogs.

  17. Hi Sunny,
    yes seriously! And you know what most of the PRs think that she has a big big blog. She might also change her analytics stuff as these are only print outs of pages. The only way to really check it out would be if she gives PR the access to view her analytics page. I think we need a platform which does that. Some webpages require you give them access. By the way apart from that PR could just check Alexa (which is not the best platform but still it shows a trend).
    Purchase traffic? hahaha this is hilarious.
    Yes I know about Instagram too, they have like 20k followers but 100 likes, WTF.

  18. Hi Jane,
    Yes I think the concept is sheer nude shades, which might be flattering too.
    I am glad you are enjoying it.

  19. Hi Lily,
    of course you don't know. I didn't know either, until I had seen this, which made no sense, I had to check it out and I was shocked.
    I started getting warmed up to deeper shades. Now I can even use Guerlain original Terracotta which I am wearing today. It is so... eh... terra-cotta hahaha. So orange but it doesn't look bad!


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