Suqqu Spring 2016 Part 2, Eye Color Palettes Ex-05 Sumichazumi (澄茶墨) & Ex-06 Hanamizuki (花瑞樹) Swatches, Review & FOTD

Hope you are having a great weekend. We are really a little stressed because of the leakage stuff going on in a flat below ours as I mentioned in the last post. It is hard to concentrate on the exams I have to prepare, sigh. But at times like this, I love turning my attention to pretty things so here is a Sunday post.

I would like to start by writing that it is harder for me to blog about brands and products which I really love. I usually get worried about not doing them justice. I am testing Suqqu Spring Collection for a month now but due to day light issues I was not able to make really pretty photos which reflects how gorgeous they look on the eyes. Another issue is that the Spring Collection consist of very soft shades which truly shine by how they reflect light and this is hard to capture. You can see Part 1 of my review here. Today I would like to share some swatches and looks with two limited edition Suqqu Eye Color Palettes, Ex-05 Sumichazumi & Ex-06 Hanamizuki. 

Suqqu Eye Color Palettes Ex-05 Sumichazumi & Ex-06 Hanamizuki 


Some Pink Bits from MAC Flamingo Park & Velvetease Lip Pencils, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Ours is a little stressful due to the leakage problem in the flat which is right under ours. Although we don't have leakage of any sort, somehow our super nice neighbors would like to fix theirs by digging in our flat, which we would like to avoid after an expert told us it is possible to repair the pipe from below. Since they are not happy with us not letting them "dig" in our flat, as a response they did a nasty game and cut our warm water for the weekend! I can't see why someone would do something like this to their neighbors. I am super disappointed but at the same time, we found fun ways to spice up our shower, with buckets of warm water, "hammam style" LOL! The war goes on on Monday, I am not looking forward to it.

I received some pink bits from upcoming MAC Collections. Flamingo Park is already released in the States and will be in Europe around the beginning of March. Velvetease Lip Pencils are right now available online in Germany. These will reach the stores during the next week. Here are my thoughts about MAC Eyeshadow Bird's Eye View, Cremesheen Glass Sweet Tooth, Velvetease Lip Pencil Tease Me.

MAC Eyeshadow Bird's Eye View, Cremesheen Glass Sweet Tooth, Velvetease Lip Pencil Tease Me


Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette Lipsticks & Lip Pencils, Review, Swatches & FOTD

Happy hump day! The weekend comes closer each day. Currently we are having some problems in the flat because our neighbors down have a water leakage. It was supposed to come from our place but they recently found out it was not the case. Day & night we are trying to avoid that they have to break the tiles in our kitchen. That might be so annoying. Today they knocked mad early in the morning for a stupid reason and told us they have to break the tiles, *sigh*, wish us luck. 

On the bright side of things, Urban Decay Gwen Stefani cooperation had more children. I had fallen in love with the eye palette back in November (review here) so when I saw the sneak peeks of the Blush Palette, I got so excited. Of course I was very curious about the lipsticks too since the focal point of Gwen's make-up is the lips. I have previously written, I was grown up hearing No Doubt and Gwen and I think she is one of the artists who really created her individual style in fashion, makeup and music alike. Today I am thrilled to share my thoughts about the Blush Palette, some of the Lipsticks and Lip Pencils with you. 

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette & Lipsticks


Dior Spring 2016 My Picks, Diorskin Nude Air #001 Glowing Pink #002 Glowing Nude Highlighters, Colour & Contour Eyeshadow Liner Duo #157 Iris, #557 Twig, Review, Swatch, FOTD & Comparisons

I hope you have a great start in the week. Today I am working at home and have lots of stuff to do but I thought since so many of you asked about Dior products I have picked up from Spring 2016 Collection, I start the day by my type of meditation, make-up, to get the missing FOTDs for this post. It was meant to be a good start in the week but now I am sitting here with my irritated eyes and wondering if I should set my priorities right. I hope my eyes stop itching and I can get back to work. I wanted to post as soon as possible to avoid any of you having the same problem.

As I have previously mentioned, I skipped both of the quints from Dior Spring without any trace of remorse since I don't do 5 shades of white. The shadow sticks on the other hand looked like something for the busy mornings. The swipe and go potential of these made me curious. After all I love my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks and I am open for trying new formulas. In the past these curiosity didn't end up well as I tried Nars and Bobbi Brown sticks. I ended up hating Nars ones and I was indifferent to Bobbi's. I love Stylo Eyeshadows Chanel brought out but these also have something in them which from time to time irritate my eyes, especially if applied on the lower lash line. I picked up both of the highlighters after ordering one, ordered the other one too. Here are some thoughts and comparison swatches of Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminating Powder #001 Glowing Pink, #002 Glowing Nude as well as Diorshow Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo #157 Iris, #557 Twig

Dior #001 Glowing Pink #002 Glowing Nude Highlighters, Colour & Contour Eyeshadow Liner #157 Iris, #557 Twig


Bvlgari Man in Black All Black Edition Eau de Parfum Intense, Review

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine went away faster than I thought. I couldn't even make it to the city to go shopping, booh. A part of the reason was to stay home and play around with the new lighting. I am so loving my new soft boxes. I am wondering why I haven't ordered these before since under a hundred bucks, they are affordable too. I think the main reason was that I didn't know what to order. Photography is one of the biggest challenges of blogging since the surfaces of make-up have everything from medium to hard, including metal, glass, transparency, reflections, shine and glitter. Then there are so many options, ring light, led light, day light bulbs and the list continues. Three years into blogging, I think I started to get a little satisfied with the results after finding the right lights. Tough stuff.

Lately I talked about some Clarin's skin care Thomas was testing. The comments under that post is so hilarious, I have to admit reading them multiple times when I need to laugh. If you haven't read them yet, make sure you do, here. It is about men and their skin care routines *grins*. Today though, I have something no man would object. A super sexy bottle and a scent, which made to Thomas' top three the moment he took a whiff, it is Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum Intense.

Bvlgari Man in Black All Black Edition Eau de Parfum Intense, Review


Chanel Spring 2016, My Picks, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are having a wonderful, awesome weekend. I am celebrating the end of lectures (insert double triple yays here) although there are still exams and stuff to go through. Still, it is great to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

On blog side of things, soon I will be blogging more regularly, I can't wait for it. I am also very excited to have invested in two monster soft boxes for photography. Editing photos were taking lots of time because I didn't have enough light in the room. Also one confession, I didn't know how I could get the best out of my DLSR after that many years. Now that I am experimenting more with the manual settings, I started getting an idea of how to get a better photo and edit less. With that I am hoping to get more done in less time. I just mounted the soft boxes, so excited to shoot the second part of Urban Decay Gwen Collection and Dior, Givenchy & Clarins Spring Collections on the weekend. Hopefully everything goes smoother than before.

Then I say "that many years". In two months it will three years of blogging and in a week the blog is about to hit the 4 million counter. I am so grateful for that. Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart. I think I will write a proper blog post about these but , you know, just for the time being. Today I have Chanel Spring Collection for you. I have picked all the Illusion d'Ombre (#118 Moonlight Pink, #122 Ocean Light, #126 Griffith Green) out of habit, one of the lipsticks (Rouge Coco Shine #118 Energy) and that beyond gorgeous blush (Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony). My thoughts are right after the jump, hope you enjoy.

Chanel Spring 2016, Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony, Illusion d'Ombre #118, #122, #126, Rouge Coco Shine #118 Energy


Clarins Men Age Control Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, Revitalizing Gel, Review

I hope you are having a great week. I am slowly getting back to my blogging schedule. I have been rather busy since two months. During this time I really missed it here, discussing with you about products we love or hate. The topic might look like superficial in the end but I met all kinds of amazing people through this little blog during last years which makes all the effort worthwhile.

Today I have something which I haven't reviewed before, skincare for men. I occasionally show a perfume or two but skin care is something which most men are still coming to terms with. I can definitely see more man using moisturizers and night creams. My last two gifts to my father and my father-in-law consisted of moisturizers. That said there is still lots men can learn from women on this category. After all we are the queens of skin care! Thomas got to test two products from Clarins Men Anti-Age Skin Care lineRevitalizing Gel and Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum. I asked him frequently how these felt like, here are his thoughts and my bits in there, hope you enjoy...

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, Revitalizing Gel


Guerlain Météorites Voyage Compact Pearls of Powder & Météorites Base Perfecting Pearls Base for Spring 2016, Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I was sick on the weekend but I feel much better now with an exception of a runny nose, well, nothing so bad really. I will attend a reception today in the Central Palace of Stuttgart in a few hours. It is kind of a welcome to new professors. I am very excited about it. I will be wearing an Giorgio Armani Armani Collezioni Blazer (not affiliated) for which I've fallen head over heels. For my make-up I chose one of the new Suqqu Trios for the eyes (review coming up soon) and Guerlain products for my base. 

I thought before the event starts, I would like review the new Guerlain base products which are keepers for everyday or special occasions alike. Especially if you would like to even out your skin tone. Here are my thoughts about Guerlain Météorites Voyage Exceptional Compacted Pearls of Powder 01 Mythic and new Météorites Base Perfecting Pearls Base. Right after the jump...

Guerlain Météorites Voyage Compact Pearls of Powder & Météorites Base Perfecting Pearls Base


Dior Vernis #301 Bleuette, #302 Garden, #491 Lilac & #650 Pivoine for Spring 2016, Review, Swatch & Comparison

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My sore throat was unfortunately not all that pleasant. Because of the amount of snow outside I was stuck at home. At some point I was so bored, I decided to swatch Dior nail polishes from Spring Collection for you. This turned out to be a harder job than I expected since I had to walk in snow, trying to catch some light. I hope it is helpful. 

From Dior Spring 2016 Collection, I also picked up one of the cream eyeshadow sticks (Twig) and the pink highlighter. I passed on the eye shadows palettes. If I feel better to check these in person soon, I might pick up one. During Holiday Season, I promised myself not to purchase any Dior Quint without swatching. I have to admit though the one I picked up after swatching was not all that exciting on the eyes either so maybe I should stay away from these. Have you picked up any? Would you recommend?

There are four new shades for Spring 2016. I found these to be gorgeous for the upcoming season. Here are some thoughts, swatches and comparisons...

Dior Vernis #301 Bleuette, #302 Garden, #491 Lilac & #650 Pivoine for Spring 2016


Suqqu Spring 2016 Part 1, Swatches & Review

Hi everyone. I hope your weekend started great. I am having some flu symptoms but nothing very serious until now. After a dense and a busy week at work combined with a short trip to Dusseldorf for an event (more about that later), I am more than ready to relax a little. The semester will be over soon, I have to treat myself to something after that, will have to think about it. Any ideas?

I have been playing with Suqqu Spring Collection for some weeks now but my FOTD shots are slow. When I drive to work in the morning, it is dark. When I come at night, it is dark again. I am an avid believer of FOTDs by daylight since I don't like to wear tons of make-up and lights wash everything out. Don't get me started with all the Instagram mask and brows trend. Today I would like to post some swatches and thoughts now about Blend Color Eyeshadow Palette 22 Kikyoutsubomi, Ex-28 Kinshasuna, Face Color Palette Ex-04 and Bright Up Lipsticks 08 Sumidaidai and 09 Azamibae. I will follow this post with a more FOTD heavy second post. 

Suqqu Spring 2016, Blend Color Eye Shadows Ex-28, 22, Bright-Up Lipsticks 08 & 09, Face Color Palette


MAC Faerie Whispers, My Picks, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Hi there everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. Yesterday I was not feeling very well due to some stomach problems. Today it is much better so I thought I will show you my picks from recently released MAC Faerie Whispers Collection. I believe this is launched as Spring 2016 Collection in Germany although I am seeing in the States, it was marketed for Holiday. I find the light and shimmery tones of the collection very suitable as a transition between the glitter left from holidays to the light pastel tones from Spring. 

I am not sure if I like the idea of having different eye shadow formulas with each collection. There are already way too many of the shimmery metallic formulas, e.g. Pressed Pigments, Color Drenched Pigments, Extra Dimension and now MAC brings out Foiled Eyeshadows. If you ask me, I am perfectly happy with their Extra Dimension (reviewed here) formula and don't think they need another one. Still blogger duties call so I tested two of the shades. Here are my thoughts on these, together with a lovely combo I picked, Powder Blush in Cheek Pollen, Lipsticks in Midsummer Night and A Sprinkle of Magic.

My Picks from MAC Faerie Whispers


Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence and Naked Disguise Concealer, Review & Swatch of all Shades

I hope you had a great week. I started working on Thursday. As the end of the lectures are on the corner (light at the end of the tunnel yay!), I have to work day & night to wrap things up and bring in the missing pieces. January doesn't look like it will be the best blogging month for me so far but I am hoping to bounce back at the end of it. 

That said I have some very exciting brand new products to share with you so I will be blogging now and then. Rouge Bunny Rouge is extending their line with new base and color products. I would like to show you some of the base products today. There is also a super pretty eye shadow palette which I will feature soon. You can get a first look here at Instagram.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence and Naked Disguise Concealer


Best of 2015, Lips & Base

We are enjoying the holidays a few days more since the 6th of January is a holiday here in Stuttgart. I have taken the following photo the year before last year from the window of our living room. We have a nice view looking down at a valley. During new year's firework craziness, it becomes breath taking. This year unfortunately there was too much fog to see much of it. During this year's new year celebrations, I watched the new year special videos Instagram chose, it was so interesting to see how everyone around the world welcomed 2016.

This is the second part of my Best of 2015 list featuring make-up which I have reached most often. You can see my choices of the year about eyes & cheeks here. Today it is about lips, foundation, concealer & powders.

Color Me Loud, Best of 2015 Vol 2


Best of 2015, Eyes & Cheeks

Hiya everyone! I hope you had a great start in year 2016. I wish you all a happy, healthy and a prosperous year ahead. After working so hard for over 3 months, I am enjoying my days off. We were traveling to visit family and unfortunately it hasn't been as relaxing as I thought it would be. Now that I have less than a week before the lectures start, I am trying to make the most out of it. This is why I have been a little silent on blog and social media front. But here is a little bit of a spoiler, there are super pretty products I would like to show you in the next days. I will most probably start with Suqqu Spring. These are so gorgeous, I can't wait to show you! Also Guerlain Spring will follow, I am waiting for the embargo to be over for that one. 

I post very rarely about what I loved using most. I hope you like these type of posts. I would like to mention the make-up items which I reached for most often during last year. I will start with eyes and cheeks today and follow it with foundation, powder and lipsticks tomorrow. Let's start... as usual after the jump.

Color Me Loud, Best of 2015 Vol 1

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