Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence and Naked Disguise Concealer, Review & Swatch of all Shades

I hope you had a great week. I started working on Thursday. As the end of the lectures are on the corner (light at the end of the tunnel yay!), I have to work day & night to wrap things up and bring in the missing pieces. January doesn't look like it will be the best blogging month for me so far but I am hoping to bounce back at the end of it. 

That said I have some very exciting brand new products to share with you so I will be blogging now and then. Rouge Bunny Rouge is extending their line with new base and color products. I would like to show you some of the base products today. There is also a super pretty eye shadow palette which I will feature soon. You can get a first look here at Instagram.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence and Naked Disguise Concealer

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence comes in a 15 ml glass bottle with a droplet, carefully boxed in a sturdy cylindrical cardboard box. This is a product which has a similar concept to Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. I haven't tried Custom Cover Drops myself, due to its unavailability in Germany and impossibility to try out the shades in person so I won't be able to tell you how these two compare but I have been testing Skin Soul Drops over two week so I am hoping my review will help you understand if it is something for you.

Most of the foundations come in 30 ml bottles so you might be wondering what makes Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence different. The answer is the concentration. These have around 36% pigment in them and less of the other bits foundations have. I like the idea behind these type of products, you can mix them as much as you want with whatever you would like to apply to your face.  If you have oilier skin, you can mix that with a mattifying primer. If you have dry skin, then your moisturizer would give you the best best result.  Think about these as pigments which need a medium to be mixed with.  On its own, Skin Soul Drops have a similar texture to Serum foundations, such as Dior Nude Air, YSL Fusion Ink or Armani Maestro but since it is much more pigmented, it is hard to blend well. I have also found it rather drying on its own on my dry skin, similar to Armani Maestro foundation.  You can also mix Skin Soul Drops with your regular foundation to increase the coverage or to change the shade depending on the time of the year.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops has three shades to start with. 062 Miriam is the lightest shade. I found this one to be close to Chanel Vitalumiere B10 and slightly more peachy and a little lighter. Although I can get along with B10 mostly, when I put RBR Skin Soul Drops 062 Miriam, it looks very light for my skin. I believe those with fair complexions will find this one to be matching. 

062 Lalla is the matching shade for me, the one I am wearing below on the showcase photo. Lalla is close to Chanel B20 but warmer. I have natural undertones so usually foundations with both cool and warm undertones doesn't look too odd on me, although I like the ones with natural undertones on me best. Right now my best matches are Guerlain Parure Gold Liquid #11 and YSL Fusion Ink B20. A mixture of B10 and B20 of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua goes on well as well. When I use 063 Lalla, it doesn"t look too deep on me. I think the reason behind is because I am mixing it with my moisturizer, which makes the shades lighter.

I believe the third shade 064 Yeshe is close to Chanel B30 or Dior 030. I don't have those shades to show you the comparison though. I hope the following comparison swatches give you an idea about the shades and undertones.

Comparison swatches: Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence

Since Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence has more of a mattifying quality to it, I liked it most to mix it with my moisturizer (Chanel Hydra Beauty). After applying two pumps of my moisturizer at the back of my hand, I added three to four drops of Skin Soul Drops 063 Lalla on it. It mixes like a dream, the pigments almost dissolve themselves on the base. It is so easy to apply. I have tried with more drops but found it to be too mattifying for my dry skin. If you have dry skin, you can also add a few drops of facial oil in it though to put more drops and make it full coverage. Below you can see me wearing 4 drops on two pumps of moisturizer. It is medium coverage and evens out my skin tone really nicely.

All in all I really like the way I can customize Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence to fit my needs in terms of coverage, finish and shade. I am definitely getting the deeper shade with me to holidays to add a drop or two on my regular foundation. Thumbs up.

Before/After FOTD: Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence, shade 063 Lalla

Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence will be launched in a week or two.  Officially it is told to be released mid-January. Here are the ingredients for those who would like to check out. It is given to be free of cyclomethicone, fragrance and preservatives and jojoba, mimosa and sunflower waxes are claimed to be 100% plant derived. 

Ingredients: Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence

Since I am on reviewing new base products from Rouge Bunny Rouge, here is the new concealer which was recently released and now available on their website. Typical of RBR, they have a gorgeous unique name, Naked Disguise Glide Concealer. These come in silver pen packaging with integrated brush applicator. Brush has synthetic bristles. It is still possible to wash it after most of the product is used which is important for me. The product can be dispensed by pushing the button at the end of the pen. The product then comes out in good amounts and doesn't get wasted. My only issue with this product is that the button sometimes is hard to press or gets stuck. This problem occurs mostly in the beginning when you are pushing like a mad woman so that the product appears. During regular use, it didn't bother me.

 Close-up: Rouge Bunny Rouge Naked Disguise Concealer

Rouge Bunny Rouge Naked Disguise Glide Concealer has a formula which I can describe to be close to a full coverage foundation. It is not like the light reflecting pens, it is made more to cover. I have found it to have less coverage than my other under eye concealers such as Diorskin Star (reviewed here)  or Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin (reviewed coming up). Since I need more coverage for my dark circles, it did"t work all that well for my oder eye area but I liked the way it applied to cover the blemishes elsewhere. If you are searching for just a little bit of lightness under the eyes and like lighter concealers, you can enjoy RBR Naked Disguise. 

Naked Disguise Concealer comes in two shades, 056 Castalia and 057 Melia. Castalia is really light and great for very fair skin, on me it is too light. This shade has a tad of peachiness to it which is great to neutralize some darkness without using a separate corrector. #057 Melia is a good shade for light to medium skin tones and is close to Diorskin Star Concealer in 002 in terms of shade. 

Comparison Swatches: Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Naked Disguise Concealer

RBR Naked Disguise Concealer doesn't have perfume and it is formulated with natural ingredients such as beeswax. It is mad in Italy and comes in 2.3 ml/0.07 Oz pen. You can find the full ingredient list below.

Ingredients: Rouge Bunny Rouge Naked Disguise Concealer

Final thoughts: I am loving the customizable Rouge Bunny Rouge Skin Soul Drops Foundation Essence to add in skin care products or other foundations alike. It literally melts in other products, giving them a coverage which can be fit to needs. Depending on with what you mix it, it will be suitable for your complexion but if you have very dry skin, you can find it too mattifying. RBR Naked Disguise Concealer is great for those who would like a touch of lightness under the eyes and less coverage. If you have dark circles, it is better to go for a corrector underneath. The concealer works nicely on the face as well.

How do you find the idea of concentrated foundation to add to skin care or mix with other mediums such as your primer? Do you see yourself using these type of products often?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I'm enough of a science nerd to like customizing a bit. Right now with winter coming on, I am going richer with the day and night moisturizers by blending in various oils. During the day time I also add layers so I could see doing a moisturizer and then blending pigment drops with a light sunscreen as the top coat. The Gressa I mentioned to you is also a drop in bottle formulation and a tad mattifying so very similar. I really appreciate the comparison swatches in this post. The lighter color would definitely work but I am still liking the Gressa for its treatment ingredients.

  2. Nice to see another brand doing customisable foundation! I have the cover fx but to be honest I really haven't played around with it enough to find the best application for me.

  3. Ooh, I like the customizable aspects of the drops and it makes your skin look so fresh and glowy! :)

  4. Thanks Jenni, the best thing with these is that depending on with which you combine it, you can make it look more mattyfying or less. It is all up to you.

  5. Hi there the other make-up geek lol. Everyone in the community got crazy about the customizable idea although probably I can imagine someone who is less obsessed on make-up would be less excited. Nevertheless hope you play around with your Cover FX and let us know how it went. I will pick one when I visit abroad.

  6. Hi Alison,
    you are definitely enough science and make-up geek. You are getting me so curious about Gressa stuff. I think in such a formula treatment ingredients are not must since I like mixing it with my skin care but I can see why a little extra wouldn't hurt. Is there a counter where you can get Gressa? I will be in the states later this year, I might check it out.

  7. Gressa is an on-line order purchase: If you are coming to the US, will it be the west coast again? Or the east coast this time? If it's east coast, I am a famous NYC welcome host. (LOL) And probably so is Belly.

  8. Just ordered the drops, if they work then they will be a perfect solution for my skin! I am so dry and sensitive that most foundations make my skin worse. Planning on mixing them with the new Clinique smart night cream, which I am currently using in the daytime too, it does wonders for my skin but does not do so well with foundation on top. Thanks for your review Sarah, your swatches are always so helpful to determine the colour I need :-)


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