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Hi there everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. Yesterday I was not feeling very well due to some stomach problems. Today it is much better so I thought I will show you my picks from recently released MAC Faerie Whispers Collection. I believe this is launched as Spring 2016 Collection in Germany although I am seeing in the States, it was marketed for Holiday. I find the light and shimmery tones of the collection very suitable as a transition between the glitter left from holidays to the light pastel tones from Spring. 

I am not sure if I like the idea of having different eye shadow formulas with each collection. There are already way too many of the shimmery metallic formulas, e.g. Pressed Pigments, Color Drenched Pigments, Extra Dimension and now MAC brings out Foiled Eyeshadows. If you ask me, I am perfectly happy with their Extra Dimension (reviewed here) formula and don't think they need another one. Still blogger duties call so I tested two of the shades. Here are my thoughts on these, together with a lovely combo I picked, Powder Blush in Cheek Pollen, Lipsticks in Midsummer Night and A Sprinkle of Magic.

My Picks from MAC Faerie Whispers

There are numerous full-collection swatches on the internet so I took it easy and did one arm swatch of all the colors without close-ups. I would like to show you the killer combo of Powder Blush i Cheek Pollen, Lipstick in Midnight Summer and Foiled Eyeshadow in Faerie Fayre. Last year I started enjoying some mono chromatic looks so I aimed for one with this collection. What MAC does very well is to find interesting off-shades which somehow work. I like the peach/rose gold hues here.

I don't usually gravitate towards such warm shades so I left the blush and the lipstick behind the first time when I swatched the collection. After when I thought about it, I wanted to try something new for a change. Midnight Summer and Cheek Pollen was a combination I didn't have in my collection and Faerie Fayre was completing these two perfectly. I went for the purple eye shadow, which I needed to have and the most wearable lipstick (A Sprinkle od Magic) to toss in my purse. There was a plum/brown lipstick called Among The Fire Flies which tempted me so bad but recently I can't wear deep shades on my lips. When I start a lecture and talk for about one and half hours, some of it fades away. It may look very strange and I really don't have time to think about how my lipstick looks when hundreds of formulas are going through my head. I am sure some of you might relate.

MAC Faerie Whispers swatches: Powder Blush Cheek Pollen, Foiled Eyeshadows Faerie Fayre, Magic In Your Eyes, Lipsticks Midnight Summer, A Sprinkle of Magic

I like wearing Faeyrie Fayre or Magic In Your Eyes alone with Omega to blend over the crease but for this post, I combined them too to show you how they layer and look together. These two make an interesting combination and for me Magic In Your Eyes cools down the look just a little around the eyes so that it works better for me. 

About the formula of Foiled Eyeshadows: They are less metallic, less pigmented and more sparkly than Extra Dimension Eyeshadows. I haven't tried them wet since usually blending becomes harder with wet application and I was satisfied with the level of pigmentation in these using dry. These are not meant to be a full on opaque shades but they give the color and sparkle on top while having a tad of transparency. How it catches the low light is very pretty and I love the fact that there is no fall out although there is lots of glitter! The fans of glitter will love those but if you are blink shy, then this might not be the suitable formula for you.

Below I applied Faeyrie Fayre on the inner and outer third, Magic In Your Eyes in the middle of the lid.

In-Action: MAC Foiled Eyeshadows Faerie Fayre & Magic In Your Eyes

Now about the blush, MAC Powder Blush in Cheek Pollen. This one is so gorgeous. If you can wear warm shades, it is a must for you but even for those ladies, like myself, who usually gravitate towards cooler tones but can pull off warms up to a certain degree, you have to check this one out. Cheek Pollen has a satin finish and it is very pigmented but doesn't look too much on my cheeks. Great formula, very unique shade, big love.

I wished Midsummer Night would be just a little deeper. I definitely need Cheek Pollen to be able to pull this one off or it washed me out terribly. It has Cremesheen finish, so a little bit of transparency to it which makes it also more wearable but it doesn't save it on my complexion. A Sprinkle of Magic turned out to be even lighter (and has a bit of a white base to it) so didn't flatter me all that much either. Maybe I should have gone for Among the Fireflies instead.

FOTD: Foiled Eyeshadows Faerie Fayre, Magic In Your Eyes, Blush Cheek Pollen, Lipstick Midsummer Night

Here is the full look, something different than what I usually wear so loving it for that. The blush surprised me in a very good way. It is hard for me to find an orangy peachy blush which works on my complexion. I think in a more mono-chromatic way (only with rose gold eyeshadow) it will also be pretty which I am planning to wear during next week.

FOTD: Foiled Eyeshadows Faerie Fayre, Magic In Your Eyes, Blush Cheek Pollen, Lipstick Midsummer Night

Final thoughts: Although I was not so excited about having a new eye shadow formula, MAC Foiled Eyeshadows surprised me in a good way. They look very pretty when light hits on them and the best of it is that they don't produce fall-out. Some glitter without fall out is always welcome in my book. The other highlight of the collection is MAC Powder Blush in Cheek Pollen which has a lovely formula, a lit-within glow and a shade which works on my complexion although usually I find similar shades are hard for me to pull off. All in all a nice collection, it definitely has something for everyone.

Have you picked something from MAC Faerie Whispers?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Ooooh my, you got some GREAT stuff! I have the Sweet Illusion eyeshadow and the Among The Fireflies lipstick. But now I'm thinking about getting your lippie as well. And Cheek Pollen!

  2. This is a really pretty look on you. I swatched the Cheek Pollen but thought it looked too warm for me and now I am regretting not trying it on my face (it is so awkward taking off and putting on make-up at the train station, which is where my best Mac store is!!) as it looks so flattering on you and our skin tones are very similar. Still, the next few weeks are not going to be short of things to buy! Have you looked at the Dior Eyeshadow and liner duos yet - best of the Spring collection, I think? Susan, London

  3. That's a very pretty look you have created. I picked up the lighter blush shade and the shimmer powder and really love them both, I think I'll pick up an eyeshadow after seeing them on you as I had thought they would be super metallic but they look super pretty on you x

  4. That blush! It looks amazing on you, Sara. I've been reading reviews of this collection, and they look good on so many people. I'm tempted by that blush though. Gorgeous!

  5. The Foiled eyeshadows are sparklier than I thought but they look so luminous on your lids, they really brighten your look in a good way. I have a love/hate relationship with very shimmery shadows, so I don't know how I'd feel about these. I probably need to try them on!
    And Cheek Pollen, to be honest I didn't think it looked particularly exciting in the pan, but the finish is such a beautiful satin, and it looks so flattering on you!

  6. Sorry to hear you didn't like Sprinkle of Magic...I bought it and found it very flattering! I think our skintones are similar in terms of fairness but I am more cool-toned than you, which maybe helps me pull it off. I think it will be a perfect spring lipstick for me. As I mentioned on a previous post, I bought six of the eyeshadows and find the lasting power to be very good on my oily lids. I also like the finish. Big thumbs up from me!

  7. I like bolder eyeshadows that have a lot of pigmentation but these look really pretty though. The blush looks fantastic on you!

  8. pretty pretty soo pretty!!! I gave up on MAC last year.... it's impossible to keep up! And I thought these were reminiscent of the Extra Dimensions too, but I see now i'm quite wrong.


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