Best of 2015, Lips & Base

We are enjoying the holidays a few days more since the 6th of January is a holiday here in Stuttgart. I have taken the following photo the year before last year from the window of our living room. We have a nice view looking down at a valley. During new year's firework craziness, it becomes breath taking. This year unfortunately there was too much fog to see much of it. During this year's new year celebrations, I watched the new year special videos Instagram chose, it was so interesting to see how everyone around the world welcomed 2016.

This is the second part of my Best of 2015 list featuring make-up which I have reached most often. You can see my choices of the year about eyes & cheeks here. Today it is about lips, foundation, concealer & powders.

Color Me Loud, Best of 2015 Vol 2

It was hard to remember what I reached for most often in the beginning of the year or during summer. Instead for this part of the favorites, I took out the shades I am using most at the moment so most of them are from Fall or Holiday Collections. 

Guerlain Maxi Velvet M72 Fleur de Givre: This is a new formula which came out as a single lipstick with Guerlain's amazing Holiday Collection. I would like to post about the lipsticks and glosses of the collection after the powders and eyes & cheeks part but since everything was sold out instantly, it didn't make much sense after all. I love this shade and I also love the formula. I think it is a winner. If you haven't picked it up and happen to see it somewhere, I recommend you grabbing it. You can see me wearing it here.

Tom Ford Lip Color #50 So Vain: I couldn't make up my mind about this lipstick on time then it was sold out everywhere. It is actually permanent but I couldn't wait either. Thanks to Breuninger, the spotted one for me in Nuremberg or something. If you are fine with some glitter sticking to your lips, this is one of the most gorgeous plummy lips you will ever know. I wished the glitter wouldn't be so stubborn though. You can see me wearing it here.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl: I was not so sure when I received this. I got it from Net-a-porter to try out their service when there was a free shipping offer. It has the matte formula. I was expecting it to be close to Tom Ford formula but it fell short. It is patchier once re-applied and it certainly lasts shorter on the lips. I wished I would have tried K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula instead. Anyhow the shade, it is so gorgeous that I don't care about reapplying.  You can see me wearing it here.

MAC Lipstick Matte Nouvelle Vogue: This one came out in 2014 but I was enjoying it this year. You can find some swatches here. I like MAC's matte formula, recently picked up Stone, have high hoped for that one as well.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Orange Fizz: This one was a gift from my dear friend Melanie (from mel-et-fel). It became my go-to orange during fall and winter. It has a rusty property to it which makes it so wearable. Some of the Kiss Kiss Lipsticks have glitters in them which I don't like all that much but this one is a cream without anything extra. It is big love. 

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick #13 Akanebara: It was by far my most loved lipstick along with Matte Diorifics this fall/winter. Suqqu has a unique formula which is a little sticky but it is so comfortable to wear and it lasts so long. Akanebara is the perfect fall shade and it is not limited. Be sure to check it out if you are close to a Suqqu counter. I am wearing it here.

Diorific Mat #580 Fascinante: I love Diorific formula which is creamier, more nourishing, richer and longer lasting than the regular Dior lipstick, which are a bit too oily feeling for my taste. Diorite Mat formula blew my mind and I ended up with four of the six shades. My favorite is #580 Fascinante but I love #430 Radieuse too, especially with warmer looks. Although I grew tired of Dior's holiday packaging, this one still makes my heart flutter. Another big love.

Dior Addict Tie & Die Lipstick in #004 Cosmic Pink: I have this one in my purse to pull out for each and every occasion. Its lightly plummy tone which has a certain transparency to it. It feels good on the lips. Later on Dior came with lots of other shades with the same formula but honestly most of them looked the same on my rather pigmented lips. I am happy with Cosmic Pink and may pick up another maybe next year. You can see my review of Cosmic Pink here.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil #02 Raspberry: This one is magic. I rarely have dry lips but around a month ago they became super dry and flaky. I felt like I was changing skin like a snake or something. It felt really awkward. My blogger conscious was happy to be able to try the so called lip oils on the right problem and see which one worked. I tried almost all the brands which released lip oils recently and only this one worked. For me "Instant" claim holds and although more affordable than the other lip oils, it is the most effective one. In some countries this shade is limited but I see it in stock at Macy's. Highly recommended.

Best of 2015, Lips

For my base products Guerlain and Bobbi Brown were the ones I reached for most in 2015. Here are my favorite foundations at the moment:

Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation: I have fallen in love with the new formulation of Parure Gold. Such a shame that it didn't make it to the States though. (reviewed here) I was asked which shade I am using at the moment. It is 11 and is a perfect match for my skin at the moment. It was a gift from Melanie as well together with Orange Fizz Lipstick (thanks so much once more). She was insisting that this shade would be the matching one and she was right. I used it so much that I am about to finish it. Too bad that there is no way to understand how much is left inside. It must be the only thing I can complain about really. It sits so well on the skin and has a wonderful glow to make the high coverage look so natural. 

Diorskin Nude Air: I love the formula. It is so easy to apply, looks so natural and lasts all day long. My only problem is its undertones.  020 is the lightest shade in Germany and it is so peachy which looks off on me *sigh*. I wished they had more shade offers. Reviewed here

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum is a great formula which also applies wonderfully and the longevity is good. It feels great on my dry skin. Especially on the days when it feels extra dry, this one works like a charm for me. I have it in #2 Sand and it is a good match for me although I would prefer a shade with natural undertones. There are many shades to that one though so I will check that out once I am finished with this.

Two of the concealers I am especially loving at the moment are:

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer & Corrector: These have amazing coverage and they blend so well. I will write a review on these very soon. For me under eye darkness, corrector looks like the only feasible solution at the moment and the shade Light Peach is doing it for me. I have the Concealer matching to the foundation in shade Sand.

Cle de Peau Concealer: This is a cream stick concealer and it is the most amazing full coverage concealer I have tried. Thanks so much to my amazing friend Linda (from Silverkis) who recently gifted me a back up. This product works on under eye without getting cakey but also works on all kinds of blemishes and things. It stays put, covers, gives and gives. Hearts everywhere. I use the shade ivory and it is a great match for me. My holy grail is when I have to look extra polished, I apply this one over the Bobbi Brown corrector. Definitely recommended.

Best of 2015, Foundation and Concealer

My most worn powders in 2015 are:

Tom Ford Bronzer in Terra: I love Tom Ford's finely milled powder and this shade is great for those who don't like their bronzer too warm. On me it is a cross product between a contour but just right to warm up my skin a little. Big love. Here is a review of Tom Ford Bronzing Products.

Diorsnow Les Neiges Color Correcting Radiance Powder: Too bad that it was an Asia Exclusive. I got it thanks to my friend Linda (again so so much thanks). Guerlain is releasing something very close this Spring, don't miss.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles were again among my favorites to dust over my foundation. Big love for those. I like the older formula a bit better but you can't really go wrong with these.

Rouge Bunny Rouge came up with all sorts of silica based weightless powders this year. My favorite must still be their loose powder called #055 Diaphanous. Here is a review of their powders. 

And the most amazing release this year in terms of powder came from Sisley in my opinion, Phyto-Poudre Libre Loose Face Powder. Some asked me how I like it after I shared my first thoughts here. Let me tell you that I adore it. It is also silica based plus it has hibiscus flower extract in there for its anti-aging skin care benefits. I have the shade #2 Mate which is a little deep for me but since it is almost invisible, it looks fine. This is super finely milled, melts into the skin and disappears. Much recommended.

I have a liquid product in the list although I like the application of powders much more. Suqqu Lighting Liquid is the most effective highlighter which illuminates the area but doesn't look too much nor too shimmery. Big love for this one. I believe it was limited edition but you might still get lucky. Or wait for March because a new shade is coming out.

Best of 2015, Powders, Bronzers & Highlighters

This concludes my favorites although I might have missed a few. I would love to hear yours! Love your comments so much.



  1. Hhmmm this is a tough one for me. I didn't wear that much makeup last year and when I did, I just wanted to use up my Dior Radiant Base. So I guess that's my most worn, but not necessarily most loved. LOL! For lips, definitely Dior Lip Glow. I use them up so quickly!

  2. Sara - I'm so happy you updated your thoughts on the Sisley Powder!! I am going to buy it TODAY!!
    some of my favorites this year were the TF illuminating primer and the Moonlight Duo. Both were stellar products!! I am also loving the ByTerry Light Expert Click-Brush to carry along with me for touch ups. AMAZEMENT! :-)
    for lips i loved ByTerry liquid lipsticks and Serge Lutens released 3 new lip colors this year that i am extremely happy with.
    love your blog Sara!!! keep it up :-) SJ

  3. After reading this blog, I just was in Sephora and tried the Dior Nude Air in 10. It looked great but I found it too drying even though I had lathered on moisturizer first. A no-go. I see exactly what you mean about the shades. As for concealers, I keep on with the Clarins. It just works for me. And I finish it with a touch of the Laura Mercier superfine powder which is I guess a bit like the Sisley.

  4. So many beautiful picks, Sara! Cle de Peau will always be my favourite concealer and I must check out Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl this year! xo

  5. I'm really enjoying this helps remind me of some of my favourite products from the past year that maybe I haven't worn in awhile!
    In terms of lips, my favourites would have to be Dior Continental, Fascinante and Radieuse lipsticks, Tom Ford Skinnydip (which I find kind of hilarious, given that, when you reviewed it, I'm pretty sure I left a comment saying I would never spend $50 on a sheer lipstick, and when I tried it in person I ended up liking it so much I bought a backup!:-P), and Guerlain Merveilleux Rose, which ended my search for the perfect, flattering, everyday warm pink lipstick, with beautiful packaging to boot. If only it wasn't LE!
    In terms of liquid bases, I'm still searching for my HG products. I tried YSL Fusion Ink recently and I think it's a frontrunner for foundation, but there are still a few I want to try. I'm still searching for an undereye concealer that really works for me.
    For powders, I discovered NARS illuminating loose setting powder this year and really like it. NARS Tribulation would be my pick for best highlighter from the past year. Also, lately I've been getting a lot of use out of Chanel Les Beiges Marinière 01, which gives my face a little warmth and glow without too much colour, which is perfect for me for winter.

  6. The Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum foundation is an absolute favorite of mine as well! Love the texture and the finish! And as for powders I am just dying to try that Sisley powder. But ugh, my finances...

  7. I love all your base recommendations, they're all my faves too!! And I'm so glad the concealer got to you in time! The Guerlain Mat liquid lip thing didn't work for me. It's actually a reformulated version of their old liquid lip things... it wears like gloss and goes away the moment my lips touch anything. Such a pity because I really liked how it looked on me!!

  8. Dior Nude Air and TF Terra are definitely two of my most loved for 2015. I wish we could access Cle de Peau in Australia, I hear so many raves about the concealer and foundations and I just want to try it!

  9. I also wished Cle de Peau would be more accessible in Europe. I will check it out in person if I can make it to Japan again :-) Dior Nude Air is so long lasting and easy to apply but I wished it would be less peachy *sigh*

  10. Hi Linda, thanks so so much for the concealer. That gloss stays very well on my lips. I wouldn't call it a long lasting formula but I love it nevertheless. It joined the lipstick gang in my purse lol, I never get it out.

  11. Hi Melisa, I remember you loved it too! I just have a little bit of a problem to get the product with the droplet but once it works, the results are great lol. Yes I know Sisley products kill the bank.

  12. Oh how did I miss Dior Continental! You are so right. Fascinante is so good, I am considering a back up (since I used up the half already!). LOL yes I remember what you wrote when I reviewed Skinny Dip :-) Glad that you liked it in the end and it made it to your favorites. Merveilleux Rose is very very close to a permanent shade, Georgia so if you ever finish it, you can get that one.
    YSL Fusion Ink is really good but I liked the longevity of Dior Nude Air more. Under eye concealer is a hard business and very personal, just like mascara. Wish you luck with that.

  13. I know you like CT make-up, Bond Girl is a shade you would definitely enjoy!

  14. Hi Alison,
    Dior Nude Air is one of these serum foundations which doesn't dry me out. On me it is better than YSL Fusion Ink and thousand times better than Armani Maestro (which dries me out like a desert wind). That said these type of foundations are more geared towards normal to combination skin so I can see it being drying. You are right, love the Clarins under eye concealer, totally forgot about that since I was testing Bobbi Brown combo during the last months. It must have been in the list!

  15. Hi SJ, let me know how you liked the Sisley Powder. I love it so much!
    Moodlight is really a beautiful highlighter duo. I should use it more often but I am reluctant to do so not to spoil the design. I have yet to try Click-Brushes by By Terry. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check them out during my next visit to France.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I am trying my best to keep on blogging. It looks like I will have more time in a week or two.

  16. I love the Lip Glow you sent me, it is such a gorgeous shade. Hubby always makes compliments with that and I remember of you and your blog give-away :-)

  17. I am also using the Bobbi Brown Corrector and love it!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict


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