Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015, Swatch, Review, Comparison & FOTD

I hope your week started well. Mine is a little cra(m)ppy but doing fine until now. Tomorrow I will be doing home office which is great for these type of situations. I will also try to go and pick up the pieces I reserved from Chanel Holiday. I can't wait. During the next days I will be showing lots of wonderful palettes and some more Holiday Make-up. I have a bunch of give-aways coming up soon too so stay tuned for those.

It took me longer than expected to write about Guerlain Holiday although the products were released at some online stores as early as 3 weeks ago. I kept waiting for the information from Guerlain Germany  which I didn't receive until many of the pieces were sold out online and in stores. I am hoping the reviews are still helpful though for some who can still find these. I believe some international online stores still have these in stock. I would like to start with the palette I picked up, Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles. This is not the most popular piece of the collection and doesn't have the snow design anywhere in the package but after being very much impressed with last year's Petrouchka Palette (reviewed here) I thought I give it a try. Was it like I hoped it would be? Here are my thoughts about it...

Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015

The packaging of Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles is very similar to Petrouchka from last year. It consist of two tiers, top tier has 5 eye shadows and bottom tier has four blushes. The packaging is sleek and chic, perfect for traveling and the metal looking plastic compact has a matte finish which doesn't show many finger prints, yay for that. The closure is safe and magnetic. I love these compacts, it is one of the best I have seen out there.

Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015

The eye shadow shades this year are cooler than last year's selection, which had coppery tones. Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles has a deep golden brown, a deep plummy brown, a very light cool gold and a medium warm gold. These four have all shimmery to satin finish. There is a fifth eye shadow shade in the compact, which is a matte pink. All in all I find the lighter golds to be close on the eyes and the deeper two shades too. It looks like repetitive inside the same palette. I use the matte pink under the brow bone for a subtle highlighter but this shade is too matte and too deep to be a highlight at all. You might already hear from the tone that I am not a huge fan of the eye shadow tier of Palette Ors Et Merveilles.

Swatch, Eyeshadows of Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles

Here is one of the looks I came up with using Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles. I used the deep brown shade on the inner and outer corner, then added the warm gold in between. All in all it was fine but didn't blow me up any aspects such as layerability, distinctiveness on the lids or lustre. I think the eye shadow part needs a medium tone to be more versatile but it might be just me. After around 10 hours the eyeshadows faded on me slightly.

In-action: Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles Eyeshadows

Last year I loved the blush part as well although I find it rather hard to pick up individual colors. I loved the idea of having a tiny highlighter last year which means a full cheek and eye makeup coverage with a single product so I ended up traveling with the palette during the holidays. This year's blush selection is also very pretty.

Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015

Nars Orgasm kind of shade at the bottom right corner (the big pan) is to die for. That said this year there is no highlighter in the palette, at least not for my skin tone. Also the matte/satin shade (upper right) feels a little dry. All in all I am less impressed with this year's blush selection.

Swatches of Blushes, Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles

I mixed most of the shades together for the cheeks below. I am wearing the palette on my eyes as well. On my lips I am wearing Guerlain Maxi Velvet M72 Fleur de Givre (review coming up soon). Gosh, I need a hair dresser! I don't like how long my hair became but then I see people putting on extension and I wonder, maybe I shouldn't get it cut. But they grow again right, right?

FOTD: Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015

For those of you who have last years palette or the ones who missed it, here are a few comparison photos & swatches comparing Petrouchka to Ors Et Merveilles.

Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles vs. Petrouchka

Look at the eye shadow swatches between Ors Et Merveilles and Petrouchka so that you can see three out of five shades are almost dupes. You can also notice that Petrouchka swatches better, I found it to be more buttery with better color pay-off. It also has medium tones for transition. Also check out this video for a nice comparison.  I like the fact that Petrouchka had mid tones for a gradual eye makeup, which Ors Et Merveilles miss. All in all not very impressed with the eye shadow tier, less so on the eyes. 

Swatch: Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles vs. Petrouchka

Before I decided to go back to my beloved Petrouchka and abandon Ors Et Merveilles in one of my make-up boxes, I would like to give it another chance on the blush tier. You can see that the design of the pans are very similar to last year's offering. This year the shades are a little cooler, but just slightly so.

Blushes: Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles vs. Petrouchka

I am loving the shimmery duo chromish shade (bottom right) but all in all I love Petrouchka's less common, more unique shades more. I like the blush part of the palette more than the eye shadow part but to me Petrouchka is a winner of this comparison in almost each category. 

Swatch: Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles vs. Petrouchka

Final thoughts: If you missed last year's Holiday Palette, Petrouchka, Ors Et Merveilles might be of interest for you since there are many common shades between the two. If you already have last year's palette, I don't think you need Ors Et Merveilles unless you are a collector. I also think that this year's eye shadow quality is not up to the one from last year. 

Have you picked up anything from Guerlain Collection? 

Disclaimer: The product in this post was sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Both of these look quite pretty, but not something I'll be picking up these holidays x

  2. Agree 100% - I think Guerlain has nailed the design of these palettes (and I much prefer a mix of eye and blush to the more usual eye and lip in 'travel' palettes) but the execution isn't as good this year in terms of product. Susan, London

  3. Beautiful !
    I prefer Ors et Merveilles than Petrouchka ( too orange gold for me), that kind of palettes is really smart with blushes and eyeshadows !!

  4. I too admire the vividness of Petrouchka but could not wear the eyeshadows. The blushes in this palette are so pretty-- love them. But unlikely to get the palette for the blushes alone. And please don't cut your hair. It looks gorgeous as it is. Or you could fine different ways to put it up for work.

  5. Thank you for your honest review. I do not have either of these, but honestly, I'm not going to buy anything for a while. Petrouschka looks stunning!! But I love the blushes from this year's palette more.

  6. Last years' palette was too yellow for my complexion/liking. There were only 2/5 eyeshadows and 1/4 blush I liked (the bright coral one), so I passed on it.
    Love this travel friendly and elegant packaging. So I was waiting to see this years palette and hoping it tone more in the colours I would like.
    I'm so happy they did it like that in the Ors et merveilles. I like 4/5 shadows and all the blushes ! (Only "dark gold" shadow should be replaced by a light brown in a perfect world for me). Love bright coral/warm pink blushes. One of them looks like my HG TF blush in Flush !
    I bought one palette, try it at home, and bought a backup the day after, that's how I love it ! ;)

  7. I got Petruchka last year and loved it but I am not going to pick up the new palette this year. It will get lost on my lids, not sure 3 out of five shades are pigmented enough. For the price point, I will pass. Saying that, I love the look you created and the second darkest eyeshadow, that plummy brown, is so amazing... But would not buy a palette for one shadow really... Do you know of any dupes for it Sara in a mono or another palette from another brand etc? That shade is right up my street!

  8. The eyeshadows look really pretty, but I agree that they should have included a mid-tone shade. The two darkest shades and the three lightest shades do look really similar to each other. Holiday collections have already gotten enough of my money this year, so I'm passing on this palette. Still waiting to play with the Chanel holiday palette in person; reviews seem to be kind of mixed. By the way, you have a really great head of hair. :-)

  9. I went crazy over their Liu palette but nothing after. This one does look very similar to last year's and the shades are quite similar to what I already have to my stash. Guerlain makes some very beautiful palettes, but I'm curbing my appetite. Resist!!

  10. Hello Sara! So long time I haven't written to your blog due to the tough schedule at my work :( but I always take a look at what you posted! I wish this palette was the same quality but cooler version o last year's one but unfortunately I am not so smitten by the swatches I have seen so far! I really like the blushes though so for me maybe it will be mine due to some sale offer but not now.i was so overwhelmed for Guerlain and Chanel Holiday collections but there are some misses in my opinion ,especially for the eyeshadow palettes!
    Kisses :*

  11. Hi Sara, I picked this up because you know.... after collecting 3 years... it'd be kind of a pity to miss out this one! LOL! But i'm with you on how this feels too similar. On the other hand, I can see people liking this because it is slightly more toned down and day-wearable? Let me see if I can muster up the energy to get around to penning down my thoughts!


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