Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015, Swatch, Review & FOTD

Another weekend flew away. Hope yours was more productive. Today I was watching outside, and suddenly it got dark around 16:00, partly because of the days getting shorter but partly because it was so foggy. I am all ready for Spring haha! 

Today I have one of the three Eye Tints from Giorgio Armani's Holiday Collection Luxe is More, #18 Silver Mirage. I checked the collection in person but they didn't have the eye tints so I had to order one sight unseen. I was thinking to pick up the palette but ended up skipping it due to the fact that it reminded me of Duty Free Palettes which look like they can do everything but end up doing nothing right. Luxe is More Collection is inspired by Hollywood make-up with light shimmery eye lids and red lips. There are a few very gorgeous lipsticks in the collection. If I can manage to give Silver Mirage back tomorrow, I will pick one of them. Yes you have heard right, I am not very happy with it, so here is why...

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015

Although I am an avid believer of Eye Tints after I tried the first and my most beloved one, Senso (reviewed here), I feel that from that point on, it started to be a mixed bag. I picked up 5-6 more shades (review here) and found out that some of them performed better than the others. #5 Onyx for example is a shade to die for but it produces fall out on me 2-3 hours after application onwards. The Spring shades I picked up (reviewed here), they were rather patchy and hard to blend. So you see, I should have known better and haven't picked up any of these sight unseen but I wanted to use a promo code and next thing I know I was entering my credit card number.
My Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Army

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage is a gorgeous grey taupe which would steal any heart upon swatching. This is why probably even if I swatched it at the counter, it would have come home with me. It is rather metallic but the finish is very complex, with fine glitter twinkling as the light hits them as you more your hand, lovely. Upon swatching it though, I already was a little afraid that those fine glitter might migrate but I held my hopes high.

Swatch: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015

I wore Silver Mirage last week. Eye Tints are great in the mornings, just dab a little of those and blend with fingers, voila. I also add just a little on the crease with a cool brown shade, such as MAC Brun. I found that this look was starting to turn out to be a little glam so added some black liner and defined the lower lash line with just what was left on the brush upon crease definition. So easy and looks lovely, but as it turns out, just for two hours.

In-action: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015

After two hours, I went to check my make-up to see that some of the glitter was under my eyes. Since the glitter is fine and very sparkly, it was very noticeable. I removed some of that with a tissue an hoped that it was it. After two more hours though I went to the rest room again just to see that my whole face was sparkling here and there. I was expecting a little fall out but that much was really unacceptable, especially from a liquid product! It should adhere better than powders.

Here is a little comparison to #9 Cold Copper which is close but warmer and less metallic. I included #5 Onyx not because the shade it close but because the finish and fall out is comparable. I ave learned my lesson, if there are sparkles in an Eye Tint don't buy it!

Comparison, Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015 vs. Onyx and Cold Copper

Here is my make-up before the glitter migrated to my whole face. Wish I had a camera at the university, I would have loved to take a photo of the sparkles. I am wearing Diorific #590 Troublante from Holiday Collection (reviewed here) which I am loving right now. We don't have a return policy for used products in Germany but tomorrow I will try to return Silver Mirage and tell them that it is unacceptable at this price point that a liquid product produces so much fall out. Wish me luck.

FOTD: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015
You can check out Melanie's blog to see swatches of Rose Platinum. She likes it so maybe Silver Mirage was the wrong one to pick up after all.

Final thoughts: I love the shade and the complexity of the shimmer but at this price range a liquid product shouldn't be causing fall out and glitter migration during the day. I can't recommend it unless you are collecting eye tints.

Are you eyeing anything from Armani Holiday? What was your last returned product?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased by me. 


  1. Oh no! I have like 6 of these and haven't had any issues with fall out, but I do use a primer, and I usually put a powdered eye shadow on top to intensify the colors. Too bad, so pretty :(

  2. Hi Katherine,
    do you have Onyx? That one also is terrible on me, the glitter migrates :-(
    I use primer too but no powder eye shadow. May it be my dry lids? Who knows.

  3. Yes, I have Onyx. I have oily lids, but I use primer and a powdered shadow on top. I don't think I've tried it without powdered shadow on top. If you can't return, maybe try that.

  4. The shade is so pretty it is a shame. I hope you manage to get satisfaction when you return it - our European policies are so bad.

  5. Oh dear, such a pretty colour! Good luck today! I only have Green Iron from this range and it's great. I am not eyeing Armani holiday; the last GA I bought was the Luminous Silk foundation (have you tried this one, do you like it?) and a blush. And I have a few lipsticks and glosses that I love. Product I would love to return but cannot, due to no return policy, would be Chanel Alezane blush which is beautiful but lasts about 2 hours on me....

  6. Such a shame! Very pretty colour! I don't get on well with Armani tints, they make my eyes itchy and they produce fall out. They are very pricey, so I am expecting more if I pay that much. My last returned product was the Bobbi Brown stick, which was the second foundation ever to break me out after the Dior serum. They say it's for all skin types but sorry, this is not suitable for acne prone skin and combination to oily. So back it went and I had to make a point to at least exchange it for something else, it because we have no return policy in the UK either.... Did you manage to return the tint?

  7. I returned the Chanel Signe Particulier Quad because it was defective but did not exchange because on me it is just "meh." Even with primer the product disappeared on my face. Of all the GA Tints my favorite color is without doubt Onyx and I would have gone for this one too-- perfect color-- except that I had exactly the same issue with Onyx and gave it a pass. I do have the Jade and that wears well but it's only a summer shade.

  8. I had the same issue with Alezane when I applied it in the store. I was not sure if it was skin tone or formula but it was barely visible on my face and then disappearing altogether. (I am fair neutral). On Specktra, everyone was raving about it and buying backups. I bought a Sisley blush that Sara featured instead. Sisley blushes wear great.

  9. Sorry to hear this is a disappointment. But I do hear you! I guess it also has to do with the fact our eyes move constantly, but we'd expect something better for the price we pay.
    This is a bit different issue, but I wish eye tints like this would come in a smaller container. ;)

  10. That's great! Chanel blushes usually wear very well on me, and Alezane shows up really beautifully on my skin tone. (I always tap the brush to get rid of the tiny glitter bits first.) But, it doesn't last, alas....I hope that not all Chanel blushes will be this way in the future. Sisley blushes have many fans, enjoy yours!!

  11. Oh, that is so disappointing. The colour is so beautiful and normally the Eye Tint formula is so good!

  12. Thanks, Bella, I am a Chanel blush fan too. Just not that one. The new Vibration is a great color for me. Have you tried that one?

  13. Oh Itchy is not good! Today I was so lucky, I told them all the glitter was under my eyes and they took it back immediately and gave my money back. Now the big stores do it, not because they have to but because they are customer friendly. A new concept in Germany lol! Anyway happy to get rid of it, I would never wear it again.

  14. Thanks for the tip!!! It looks like such an absolutely stunning blush, but it hasn't been released in the Netherlands! Boooo!!

  15. Ah, I hope you can return it! Totally unacceptable for such a pricey shadow! Too bad, as the shade is really pretty :)

  16. The return policy here is - no returns :-( Did you get yours returned / refunded or maybe swapped for another product? I hope so, because I agree, it's unacceptable!

  17. Fallout from cream eyeshadow?!!! Omg. Color is nice, though. I ordered Rose Platinum unseen a few weeks ago, but it is now in the US waiting for me. I usually cool light pink shimmer colors, so I hope it will work. I also was thinking about buying your shade since it looks like a perfect taupe, but I will probably pick a less shimmery one from the previous launches. Actually, they are already in Armani counter here for a week, I completely forgot to go and swatch them.

  18. I was able to play with all three of these this past weekend. When I swatched them on the back of my hand each one produced an explosion of glitter. The sales associate and makeup artist both tried to tell me they weren't that sparkly and if I just patted them on there wouldn't be any fall out. Well we tried patting them on the back of my other hand and there was still glitter ever where. I love the eye tints and own several, but I do not love glitter. I am too old for glitter. I bought the palette but I'm unsure if I will keep it. It's still in the sealed box so I don't feel guilty about returning it.

  19. I have a couple of the Eye Tints and while I love the mid/darker shades (Senso & Green Iron - I think they are the shades I have at home!) the lighter ones just don't seem cut it (Flannel I think and another one I can't remember right now). I hope you are able to return, we have the same kind of policy here in Australia, wish it were more like the US - they can try anything and return it!

  20. You try it then return it people are the reason prices of these designer lines keep getting pricier. Go to a store and put it on. If you like it buy it. If you don't like it don't buy it. That is the reason they provide testers to use. I am a makeup artist who will buy what works and leave behind what does not.


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