MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment & Dark Side Lipstick from Magic Of The Night for Holiday 2015, Review Swatch & FOTD

We have such a beautiful Fall weather here, sunny and mild, the trees are so beautiful. I love Fall when it is like this. Today's haul included new glasses, yay! I tried all the designer corner with no success and ended up getting a titanium one from Silhouette with no frame. I thought I need something which doesn't compete with my eye make-up. I also picked up one more matte Diorific Lipstick from the holiday collection since I ended up loving the ones I have. If I can come to that, I will post a few more FOTDs.

Last week MAC Holiday Collection Magic Of The Night launched online in Germany but of course I was constantly too late for all the launches so I missed Oh Darling and Evening Rendezvous. I am also eyeing Tonight is the Night and Please Me. I really don't have time to stalk a webpage at the moment so I will try to catch those online on Monday. For the time being I have two pieces to show you, MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment and Dark Side (Amplified) Lipstick

MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment & Dark Side Lipstick

I was very curious about Colourdrenched Pigment Formula. I didn't know what to expect. Last year's mono eye shadows (pressed pigments, reviewed here) were all very glittery and to me rather hard to blend. Although I like the complex finish of those, I am always in for something which is easier to wear on a daily basis. When it is easier to wear and complex at the same time, then I am sold. I haven't swatched all the colors yet but Ascent of Glamour is to die for! I am wearing it at the moment and I can't stop staring at how beautiful it glows without being glittery nor shimmery. 

Swatch: MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment

I applied MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment all over the lid and blended it with a clean brush over the crease. It is very pigmented and applied nicely although some might find it a little dry, I love the eyeshadows when they are a little dry and stay put for longer. I didn't experience any fall out neither during or after the application. I am loving how "electrifying" Ascent of Glamour is. Big love! Below I am also wearing Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner in Jet Black which is one of the blacks which stay put on my water line, highly recommended.

On the Eyes: MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment

The packaging of MAC Magic Of The Night is posing a big threat to my wallet. Look at this metallic neon purple! *happy sigh* I will definitely end up picking up two lippies on Monday if I can catch the collection in person. MAC Dark Side Lipstick is a repromote from some years ago (or maybe even permanent?). It is a berry red/pink with amplified finish, so much love for this shade as well. On arm swatch it looks very intense but on the lips it is very wearable. It feels comfortable and the shade wears off evenly while leaving a lovely stain behind. Many MAC Fans probably already had it but I am happy to have one now, especially in this package.

Swatch: MAC Dark Side Lipstick

Here is an FOTD with Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment & Dark Side Lipstick. I also love combining Ascent of Glamour with a nude lipstick to leave the focus on the eyes. Dark Side is a great fall/holiday shade which will get in my make-up bag and will be used a lot. I combined it with By Terry Peachy Sculpt (reviewed here) on the cheeks. I ended up ordering more products from By Terry Fall Collection Game of Light and ended up not liking them as much as I liked the other three products. I will try to post about them soon, in case you are still interested.

FOTD: MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment & Dark Side Lipstick

Although both Ascent of Glamour and Dark Side are bright shades, I love the fact that on me they are so wearable, read, I don't look like a clown. Here is one more look. The blouse I am wearing is from More & More which I picked up at sale recently. Oh my poor wallet was weeping last month due to my clothes shopping. Maybe I should post about these too...

FOTD: MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment & Dark Side Lipstick

Final thoughts: All in all big love for MAC Ascent of Glamour Colourdrenched Pigment. It applies beautifully and blends nicely. It is not glittery nor too shimmery but it has a lovely complex finish. I will definitely pick up more shades of this formula. Dark Side Lipstick is a lovely fall/holiday color with great quality. Thumbs up for these two. Hoping to get my hands on more items on Monday when the collection launches in stores in Germany.

Have you picked up anything from Magic Of The Night?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Really love the eyeshadow-- wonderful color. Looks stunning. Show the glasses.

  2. BTW: I got the Chanel quad, but it was defective. I may not repurchase. I was a bit underwhelmed by the shadow quality and the overall effect of the colors seemed muddy on me. Curious if you have yours yet. It all turned out that the winner of the collection for me is the Rouge Double Intensite in Shocking. One of those pinks-- incredibly vibrant.

  3. Ascent of Glamour is gorgeous!!!

  4. Oooh, that Dark Side lipstick is soooo beautiful!!!!! I very seldom buy Mac, but the last I bought was Whirl lip pencil and Velvet Teddy listick....very original....I actually need to dig it out from somewhere LOL!

  5. Yes I love it so much too! It is like an ultra violet shade.

  6. I also have Whirl Lippencil on my to buy list and have heard so much of Velvet Teddy lipstick. When I go to the counter though, I am immediately distracted with all the LEs so I forget to check the real gems of the permanent MAC Collection. Dark Side Lipstick is probably permanent, at least in some of the countries but in this packaging it is especially drool worthy.

  7. Hi Alison,
    they are preparing the glasses, it might take up to a week until I pick them up. I will show that i some way :-) I like frameless ones because I wear lots of eye makeup. These this time have a little bit of cat eye shape on the top, just a little but I like it.
    About Chanel, you mean the quad or the quint? I hate (I think it is the right word) Entrelacs but I am still loving the green quad, Tisse D'Autumne. Do you mean that one?

  8. ich glaube ich muss den Lippenstift haben..:) tolle Farbe
    GLG & einen schönen Sonntag noch

  9. I like small glasses, but the opticians don't get it. No in terms of Chanel, I am meaning the new Signe Particuliere (forgive guess at French spelling). I was underwhelmed, it barely showed up on me and then sort of faded away. I tried it in three different stores after purchasing just to make sure and then it turned out that the packaging was defective anyway so had to return it. In contrast, in shopping for a different burgundy shadow to put over the Rouge Noir liner, I got back into Kevyn Aucoin shadows. I used them as liners and they just stay put. There is a genius to the KA formula. And of course his concealer, which is really too much, and good for the occasional dab when nothing else will do, is the most powerhouse there is. I keep them around for eye circle emergencies.

  10. I'm amazed by how harmoniously these two are together! Was expecting the two combined to be a bit too much, but nope, they look lovely together!

  11. No, I was talking about Signe Particulier which you just reviewed.


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