By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush, Velvet Rouge #9 My Red & #10 Palace Garnet, Review, Swatch & FOTD, for Fall 2015

Starting a new job is always taking so much of the brain resources. New environment, new rules, so many new people whose names have to be remembered. I am behind answering the comments but I am hoping you can bare with me on that a few more days, given the fact that I still somehow manage to blog *winks*. I have gathered some pretties lately and I would feel bad if I don't show them to you. 

By Terry has a solid permanent line up which I enjoy to bits. I collected quite a few pieces of her line during the last years. The damage usually happens when I travel to France, where By Terry counters are widely available. Ah there are so many products, all are to die for. Even better is that By Terry recently started releasing seasonal collections. Today I have three products from the Fall Collection Game of Light to share with you. These were kindly provided by Beautylish (not affiliated). They have the collection on sale at the moment.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush, Velvet Rouge #9 My Red & #10 Palace Garnet

The yummiest piece I laid my hands on is a blush duo, By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush (find it here at Beautylish, not affiliated). Peachy Sculpt has a very luxury heavy compact and a design to die for. Left is a light neutral pink shade with some glitter particles. This can be used as a highlighter or applied over or mixed with the blush shade to provide more reflection on the cheek bones. Although it swatches with glitters, on the cheeks it is transferred more as a sheen. The finish of left side reminds me of Chanel Accent (reviewed here) which was also a great sculpting product on me.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush

On the right hand side of the compact there is a beautiful autumny shade which has a very good color pay off and most delicate low key shimmer, a perfect formula! It is hard to describe this shade but I would call it a warm pink with a touch of peach. Do you have a better description? If both of the shades are mixed, the result is more pink. This makes the compact a perfect blush palette since you are getting three shades at once. Be aware though it is a little heavy but once you take this chic compact out of your purse to reapply, you are guaranteed to be noticed.

All in all, big love for this formula and the idea of a duo to sculpt the cheeks. I am definitely lusting over the pink blush as well as the contouring duos too.

Swatch: By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush

The liquid lipsticks of By Terry line, Terribly Velvet Rouge (find it here at Beautylish, not affiliated), are extended by two shades this season, #9 My Red is a vivid neutral red and #10 Palace Garnet is a medium to deep warm berry plum. To my understanding Palace Garnet is limited edition. This is the first time I am trying this formula and I am smitten by how intensely pigmented it is, how well t stays put on the lips but also how hydrating it feels. A similar formula is Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro which is much more drying on me. The fact that these are so densely pigmented does come at a price though, you need to be precise with you application. I found it easier to get a little at the back of my hand and work with a lip brush. A little tip, once you are getting some product for application, get the tiniest amount because even a drop is enough to cover my lips fully.

Swatch: By Terry Velvet Rouge #9 My Red & #10 Palace Garnet

Here are a few FOTDs for you to see the product in action. On the first one I am wearing By Terry By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush on cheeks, By Terry Eye Designer Palette #1 Smoky Nude (reviewed here) on eyes applied on Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Duo Cream Eyeshadow and By Terry Velvet Rouge #9 My Red on lips. As a highlighter I am using the light color from the blush duo. 

Although I am not a big red wearer, I am enjoying My Red a lot. It is dense but at the same time once on the lips, it has something casual and light-hearted about it. I also love how it combines with Peachy Sculpt Blush.

FOTD: By Terry Velvet Rouge #9 My Red, Densiliss #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush

Now let's enter my territory shall we. That gorgeous berry there is #2diefor! I would wear this lipstick everyday once the weather gets a little cooler. It just compliments any nude eye so perfectly, love! Here I am wearing By Terry By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Contouring #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush on cheeks, By Terry Eye Designer Palette #1 Smoky Nude (this time without a base) on the eyes. On my lips, I have Velvet Rouge #10 Palace Garnet

This is the look I wore to first day at my new job. Just to make sure no one is shocked by the lipstick, I blotted it slightly and left a stain. That way it was more wearable for the day time. Even after blotting it lasted up to 4-5 hours on me.

FOTD: By Terry Velvet Rouge #10 Palace Garnet, Densiliss #300 Peachy Sculpt Blush

Check out more swatches of By Terry Fall at Mostly Sunny and Beauty Professor.

Final thoughts: I am loving the blush duo in Peach Sculpt for its texture and color pay off as well as its shade which can be adjusted as warm or cool, definitely recommended. Velvet Rouge is great for liquid lipstick lovers who want their hippies to pack some real pigment. These feel comfortable and hydrating too. I love both of these shades but my heart is set on purple, what a surprise right?

Have you tried any By Terry products? What is your favourite of the line?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Hey Sara, thanks for the link love! Aren't these PRETTY? I still find Peachy Sculpt a little shimmery, but I'm going to try it again and work some powder into the brush before I apply to my cheeks. I forget to do that all the time. It's OK with some blushes, but tricky with others.

    I find the applicator of the liquid lipsticks a little fiddly (in terms of applicator I really prefer the EL one), but the formula is SO good. Love Palace Garnet on you, but I managed to swatch EL True Liar next to it and I found the shades too similar to warrant both!

  2. Peachy Sculpt is gooooorgeous! And Palace Garnet looks amazing one you. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about By Terry but have never tried anything from the brand. It's basically non-existent here in Canada, although I'm going on vacation to California soon and am planning to visit a counter. :-)

  3. Very pretty. I've always enjoyed the items I've bought from ByTerry and Cover Expert is my holy grail foundation. Susan, London

  4. i love love love ByTerry. many of my HG's are ByTerry!

    i got the Garnet lip color and it is AAAHHHHMAAAAZZZING. it is incredibly long lasting and not at all drying, which is quite a magic trick! the color is stunning.

    i love the swatches of the Peachy Sculpt! i may have to try it!! ;-) thank you for putting this together for us!! xo

  5. this week, my SA told me they are discontinuing Cover Expert!! it will be replaced with a new foundation formula. not sure when. so sad!!

  6. Ah the blushes are gorgeous! I saw some swatches online... and I especially love Palace Garnet on you! I have to say though, the price point does make the products less appealing, especially when our currency has been weakening like crazy. I'll just live vicariously through you :-)

  7. Oh I love the Peachy Blush but I know I can pack lots of shimmer on my face because I don't have pores and things combination skin has. Still it doesn't look shimmery on me at all. Maybe concentrate on the right side and add a bit of the left after you are done?
    And yes, the applicator is not easy to work with. This is why I recommended to put it on with a lip brush. I don't complain though because the formula is so good, so intense yet wearable and hydrating.
    ... and True Liar, girl I got that one too! Just tried yesterday night after reading your comment, yeah, they are definitely close.

  8. I know, and I think it is mostly about the metal hefty packaging. It looks so gorgeous but I would prefer if I could buy two instead of one with a more lightweight package. Out currency is also dropping these days. Last time I was in the States, I got shocked by the fact that I can only eat a hamburger by the money I am going to a restaurant here.

  9. Hi Susan,
    I haven't tried many of their base products because I don't live near to a counter but last time I picked up their concealer. My test still goes on but it is very hydrating and forgiving of the dry patches and wrinkles. I think the whole line is oriented towards more mature audience which I also like. Not each of us are at their 20s anymore.

  10. Oh that is bad. I haven't tried it but only heard good things about it.
    I think maybe the new formula is even better! Let's wait and see.

  11. Just like you said, very long lasting, very wearable and intense but at the same time hydrating. It is really magic, I don't know how she did that but it definitely justifies the price.
    Girl, you need Peachy Sculpt!

  12. Oh vacation to California sounds so good! I would like to come with you on that ;-)
    Of course just to check By Terry Counter lol.
    Let us know what you picked up.

  13. Velvet Rouge Palace Garnet calls my name from the first time I saw it on your Instagram ! And what a rocking look for your first day at the new work !! I like also the vibrant look you created with the red one :)
    I so want to try one of the duos but I don't know which one? The peachy or the pink ?
    :* you look gorgeous as always !!

  14. I love your first day of work look!!! Love the plum lips. That blush has two of my favourite shades but macroscopic glitter, why? Insert sob here.

  15. I think you are right - they have certainly stopped selling it at SpaceNK. The old me would race out to buy up old stock but I guess I will find something just as good elsewhere - I'm thinking Guerlain. By Terry are marketing the Densiliss as an alternative which I have tried but, as well as being a lot more expensive, it oxidises and wears patchily on me. Susan

  16. I think Terry de Gunzburg was very influential in the formulation of the early products in the range when it first established and she was more interested in mature beauty. That was very noticeable in the skin products which were very slanted towards drier skins.

  17. Hi Bella,
    the shimmer doesn't translate on my cheek all that much. But since I have dry skin, my face can pack up lots of glitter without looking too much so maybe you can get a second opinion from Sunny on this matter.
    Yes I am almost the only woman at where I work so I set the trends. Why not start with a purple lip ;-))

  18. I really like By Terry products and My Red looks beautiful!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  19. Love your first-day-at-new-job lippy! Thanks for sharing such a special FOTD with us, you're very well put together. I would be gnashing my teeth and pulling coco pops out of my hair, haha.

  20. Ah, I love the lip-shaped swatches!! I am so tempted by these duos as well as the liquid lipsticks. I can't stand long-wear lipsticks that leave lips parched, so this formula sounds lovely :)

  21. Ha ha...that would be fun! It would be nice to have another makeup enthusiast/enabler along.;) My boyfriend has many great attributes, but being an enthusiastic shopping partner isn't one of them, and he tends to ask questions like "Don't you already own eyeshadow/lipstick/blush?":-P

  22. Soo pretty!!! Seems like everybody's coming up with sculpting blushes these days.... I'll buy these in a heart beat, but why are they so tiny??

  23. Oh that IS a bad question. Mine ask those too and I say "yes" as an answer hahaha!

  24. Thanks so much Hara :-**
    It is hard to decide which one but I can tell you that peachy one is not that peach, it is a gorgeous chameleon shade which is between warm and cool so goes well with lots of lip colors. I even used it with purple lipsticks and it works!

  25. My red would look fab on your juicy lips (do I sound scary? ;-))

  26. Oh they look tiny yes but I believe there is lots of product in there, have to check again and make sure. If it wouldn't be tiny, it would even be heavier, not recommended haha

  27. This formula is really good. I was testing Estee Lauder Lip potions today and I definitely prefer By Terry formula over those (but not the applicator).

  28. Hahaha I postponed the first day meeting half an hour later and took my time to do my make-up. That way I feel myself better so I function better in a way, does that make sense?
    Xox thanks for stopping by

  29. Hello Sara,

    I hope the new job is going well. As far as comments, don't stress about answering, we totally get it :)
    These colors are right up my alley. The only thing that stops me in my tracks when it comes to By Terry, is the strong rose fragrance she puts in all of her products.
    Regardless, if you say these lipsticks last quite well, a trip to my local counter may be in order. BTW, you should wear more "reds"--seeing as how, both colors look stunning on you.


  30. Wow, Palace Garnet is stunning on you! I have been debating about these cheek compacts. I really like the Beige & Fresh Contrasts. But I have not taken the plunge just yet! The Aus dollar is crap right now against the USD so this compact just seems a little too excessive right now. I think I'll wait for the release of these in Australian stores and see what price they come in at.


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