Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing, Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody and Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue, Review, Swatch & FOTD

What a day it was! I started at 7 am and I am still up and ticking at past 11 pm now. Oh and I arrived home just an hour ago. On another note, I caved and ordered By Terry Contrasting Duo in Fresh Contrast and used it today. I think I like it but I am not sure if the highlighter shade is doing much for me. I will write about it soon. I also used the blush duo with that and when I was looking at the mirror, I noticed something. It made my cheeks look very smooth, like as if someone applied a filter there on real time, is it magic? Testing goes on...

Talking about caving, I couldn't resist a few more products from Blue Rhythm de Chanel Collection.  If you remember previously I reviewed the nail polishes here. I was almost sure I could resist a blue single because I almost never wear blue and such a deep blue is rather destined to be forgotten in my stash. I was everyone was picking up Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing and Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue. I was wondering why. The day I went to the counter to check out the collection, I understood why...

Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing, Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody and Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue

Before I start, it is so sad that Lisa Eldridge doesn't make Chanel Collection videos anymore. I watched one that they did with the model and it is so funny. She almost has no application skills and the eye make-up gets very patchy in the beginning then magically it is fixed. She is wearing a liner on the first scene and reapplies it for whatever reason again. Then she puts on Swing two times with the same argument "to bring dimension". Oh and not to mention she applies the crease makeup with layering brush and makes a line around the crease with liner brush. Here is the video if you would like to see yourself.

I had some items of Blue Rhythm Collection since they were released before with La Perle Collection  (reviewed here). I think Chanel should rerelease loved items more often. Think about all the beauties we used up or missed. Anyway, I had to get Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in #98 Melody, not just because it has such a pretty name but also because I am collecting Illusion d'Ombres. You can see my full collection photo here. I was just missing Riviera at that photo and a lovely reader contacted me and sent me yours all the way from Australia. Thanks so much Cindy, you rock! Now my collection is complete :-)

That said Melody doesn't show up on me since it is almost the same as my skin tone. I can use it as a base though which I did under Swing for the look here. If you are fairer or deeper than me, you might like it more.

Swatch: Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing and Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody

Now for the star of the collection after the nail polishes is... *drums* Look at this mascara! I wouldn't even try it out because all my colored mascaras dried out before I could use them at least 2-3 times. But this one is really exceptionally beautiful. I saw it on the lashes of SA and I was like "what is this on your lashes?" haha this was the last thing I asked before the purchase. I want to try to apply it as eye shadow too. I think it would look nice.

Swatch: Chanel Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue

I am really not crazy for that non blended, q-tip look in the promo so I am adding a touch of MAC Omega to blend out over the crease. I am wearing Illusion d'Ombre Velvet Melody as a base under Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing and Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue on the tips after applying black mascara. Now there is an ultra black Le Volume Mascara. I was given a sample of that but I want to wait until I am finished testing a few other mascaras so here I am wearing the regular Black Le Volume.

Notes about Swing, it applies much more than I anticipated since there were mixed reviews about it. The shimmer doesn't look so crazy on the lids either so I like the formula.

In-action: Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing, Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody & Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue

I didn't get the gloss because right now I am enjoying Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer which is similar but have a pink tingle which I prefer. In the photo below I am wearing that one, review is coming up soon.

FOTD: Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing, Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody & Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue

All in all which music fan can resist a collection named after jazz and music? I couldn't. My favorite items are Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue and Le Volume Vibrato nail polish. Oh and we still didn't get the fall collection, can you believe? 

Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing, Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody & Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue

Check out more Chanel Blue Rhythm Collection swatches at Silverkis and Mostly Sunny.

Final thoughts: Chanel Ombre Essentielle #116 Swing was probably a crazy impuls buy but it was too pretty to pass. I hope Cils Scintillants Jazzy Blue doesn't dry out quickly because it gives that little bit of something to otherwise boring looks without getting cheap looking. Love it so much. If your skin tone is close to mine Illusion d'Ombre #98 Melody will probably not show up on you.

Have you picked anything from this collection? Do you like wearing blues on the eyes?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. Hey Sara, YOU ARE RIGHT! That particular video is embarrassing. I have to admit they asked her to do quite a challenging look tho. I am not sure I can achieve it at all, especially because I heard the products don't work all that well to begin with. Still: they could have made it coherent...

    Thanks for the link love! Glad to hear you are enjoying Jazzy Blue! Also I've got to say I had NO interest in the EL gloss, but after reading a review earlier today and seeing it on you, I am SOLD! Might have to add this to my weekend shopping list :)

  2. The mascara is really interesting. I remember when Sunny reviewed it also. The colour is not that particularly appealing to me personally, but it would be cool if they brought out a few other shades. I'd love to see a purple. I think Clinique (?) are doing some kind of coloured mascara's at the moment also.
    Off to check out the old YT. Thanks for the lols in advance xx

  3. I think you should wear blue shadow more often as it looks gorgeous on you! That mascara reminds me of sea foam, will look amazing in the summer, with bronzed eyes and skin

  4. The Jazzy Blue mascara - gasp - I die! I have never seen anything like it so thanks to you for introducing me to it! So did you try using it as an eyeshadow? How did it come out? I bet it would leave such a pretty sheen there. :D

    Reading your description, I don't know if I even want to watch the video. LOL. Sounds so embarrassing!

  5. I'm not a huge fan of this collection, because I'm not a blue lover, and because I feel a lot of frustration : Alezane is not sold in France for the moment ... Grrrrrr ! 😤

    Bonne journée, plus calme qu'hier j'espère !

  6. Very nice on you Sara :)
    I bought Melody,Tisse Jazz,Jazzy Blue Coat, Perle De Lune stylo yeux( since I never got my hands at la Perle Collection here in Sweden) and the 2 polishes! And yes here the fall collection arrives mid of October!
    I didn't get swing though I was tempted enough. It's still September but I cannot wait for the Holiday collections which I don't know when they will be available here! Can you believe it? Haha
    I would so love to read a blog for your other hobby, music ! :)

  7. Hi Sara, gosh that sounds like a crazy long day you've got!! Thank you for still staying up to post a review for us! I am never into coloured mascara, but now you've made me want to run out and buy Jazzy Blue!! Thanks for the link love as always :*

  8. Your eye look is eqxuisite. Seriously.

  9. The video is hilarious!!!! I love the glittery mascara, but that's the only piece i picked up as I was very busy with their autumn collection :). Thanks for the review!

  10. Swing & die Mascara will ich auch noch holen :) beide gefallen mir sehr :)))

  11. Melody didn't show up on me either, so I passed. I love Jazzy Blue and am also hoping it doesn't dry out quickly! I'm optimistic, however, since I have Bronze Platine from the 2013 holiday collection and it still hasn't dried out. The formula doesn't seem super dry.

  12. Ah, I love blue shadow on you, Sara!! I have a few blue eye shadows but I never seem to wear them at all. I tend to stick to boring neutrals :-) And LOL at your observation on the Chanel videos. Lisa does rock and she's been doing lots of Lancome videos.

  13. How pretty is that mascara! Love the look you created. I went to pick up Melody but when I swatched it I could barely see it, wondering if it might show up better on the lid though.

  14. Mascara was definitely the unexpected gem of the collection. I posted a photo of Melody and some of the readers with a deeper skin tone said she loves it. Probably it is not for fair or light ladies because it gets lost.

  15. Oh Lancome, after seeing how they treat the bloggers here especially make-up bloggers, Lisa or not it is hard for me to get warmed up to the brand. In one day they decided beauty bloggers are bad for the image and fashion bloggers are better so started sending lots of products to them. I am not even qualified for one lipstick while fashion bloggers are getting surprised with 4 of them. Anyway, so long Lancome...
    Chanel should get another Make-up Artist to do the videos. Their model looks like she never applied make-up on herself hahaha.

  16. I now started wondering on whom did this eye shadow show up hahah.
    I have a few mascaras from 2 years ago (summer collection) and although they are usable, they make some fall out due to dryness during the day. I am hoping this one has a more jelly consistency.

  17. Die sind wirklich sehr schön. Ich bin gespannt auf deinen Bericht :-)

  18. Yes hilarious is the word! hahaha
    It looks like the model never applied eye liner nor eye shadow on herself.

  19. Aww Bella, that is so sweet thanks :-**

  20. Hi Linda,
    I also very rarely use colored mascara but this one gives a magical effect on your regular mascara without being too obvious. Especially under sun light or store light, it is so gorgeous.

  21. I think I will somehow get the holiday collection from US at the time Fall collection reaches here. I would like to get the red Rouge Coco Shine from Fall Collection but my desire started to get cooled down since it will be winter here by the time the pieces arrive.
    I would love to write a few articles about music, I don"t think I will have lots of time to start another blog though. Do you think people would read an article about music here? I doubt lol.

  22. Ohhh why don"t you have the blush? Is it because Fall Collection didn't make it here yet or is the blush won't be arriving to France? I can get it for you if it is the case. We didn't receive the Fall collection yet either.
    Thanks for your wishes. I had a quiet and calming weekend. I feel better now :-)

  23. I haven't tried using it as an eye shadow yet but I will. It is just hard to get some product out to apply on the lid lol. I may try to get just a tiny bit on another eye shadow just to put some sheen as you described.
    Video is hilarious hahaha everyone should watch!

  24. Hi Katherine,
    thanks, I feel like it makes my eyes look yellow lol so I am not sure if I like the effect all that much.
    Sea foam! Yes! Exactly!!! I hope it doesn't get dry until summer lol.

  25. Purple version of that mascara and I die!!
    I will check Clinique ones, I haven't heard of them but the formula of this one is so unique (like a gel) and the sheen is so pretty.

  26. LOL, right, hilarious video. I have to admit I watched it a few more times just to laugh.
    I am writing the review about the Lip Volumizer. I need all kinds of Volumization effect on me but you don't, I think at least...

  27. Hi Sara, I missed all your news and need to read up :) I like Swing a lot, but wear it in a color scheme that dior/cle de peau/by terry suggested - add it over Dior Ambre Nuit, Chanel Charming or Tisse Rivoli with a sponge, as a thick stroke in outer corners. At the end of the day it makes a more contrasting look than just something brown-bronze. Swing applies as intense as in a pan. Combined with Dior Meteore and Guerlain Fauve monos also worked for a day, something like Suqqu ex-26 but more suitable for me. I also want to try it with light pink eyeshadows, Suqqu used to have such combination with dark blue in some of their LEs.
    As for the collections, it became my airport entertainment - going to the duty-free shops to check whether they have Blue Rhythm collection or the Fall one. Based on the 5 or 6 airports that I have been to this month, it is a random disyinchronized mess. Such a waste of advertising budget and our patience.I bought both collections, exc. mascaras (don't need) and Entrelacs (sold out!).

  28. That's interesting. Perhaps, people who read fashion bloggers buy less makeup and are more interesting to reach than those who already know it all from reading beauty blogs. Either way, Lancome has some really good mono eyeshadows, one favorite mascara, a couple of nice everyday lipstick colors and that's basically it. You haven't lost much :) Their big palettes come out so-so and quints have mediocre texture (does anyone in this world buy them?).

  29. ahaha, it did show up on me perfectly, despite my tan!!! I decided that I need to back it up immediately, but then found out that it's permanent and could exhale :)


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