Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush & Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Happy weekend! 

Today let's go out, leave behind the dust of all the Fall Collections and take a deep fresh breath. I want to go back to summer. It is still beautiful in Mediterranean. Too bad that I had to move my holidays to August this year because of the job situation but the time I enjoy the region most is September. I will live through the photos I have taken for a few more weeks and sigh about the ones mom is posting on her Instagram, not fair! 

Here comes two products to enjoy all year around on a summer setting; one of the more beautiful blushes ever made (does anyone object to that?), Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush and a beautiful nude lipstick which quickly became one of my go-tos with any smoky eye, Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude

Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush & Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude

Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush was released a few years ago and went straight into my wish list back then. It has a abstract design of an orchid on the surface which doesn't wear off over time. The compact is sturdy, I believe it is made of plastic but it is given a metallic look. Good thing about it is that, there is no space wasted for a brush and that it is not too heavy to carry around. I always never use the brushes in the compacts, they don't apply the products nicely. I am more fond of retractable brushes for this purpose. Hakuhodo and some other companies have great selection of those.

Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush

Once you pay for such a pretty design, you wouldn't like it to go away. I haven't hit the pan on that one or anything but I have been using it regularly and the design is kept. I believe this will be the case for a long time. Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush has a mix of three shades but I like swirling my brush all over for application. The beige parts with the dots are more shimmery than the deep and light pink so once all are mixed together, it provides shine and color. You can also tune the blush to be less shiny by concentrating on the corners when you pick up the powder. 

Sisley l'Orchidee Rose doesn't have any scent, which is big thumbs up for me. It has Lilium Candidum (white lily) Extract which is known for its healing and rejuvenating  effect on the skin. The blush has a generous amount of 15 g/0.52 Oz of product and it is made in Italy.

Close-up: Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush 

As it looks quite light in the pan, I was surprised to see how pigmented it is. When I run my finger on the surface, all the areas provide similar amount of pigment. You might wonder why I mention that. I know a few super pretty looking brushes which perform only partially (like this one here). The powder is very finely milled and very silky. I find the formula to be close to Tom Ford Cheek Colors. In fact the shade is also close to my all time favorite blush, Tom Ford Frantic Pink. I was swatching it for this post and I believe I am about to hit the pan on that one. Sisley l'Orchidee Rose is a little cooler and a tad deeper. I love them both and can't do without any of them. Dior Rosy Glow is less pigmented and cooler. During comparison swatches, I recalled how much I used to love Rosy Glow  when it was released several years ago but once compared with the others in terms of the powder quality, well, sorry Dior but there is a big difference to Sisley and Tom Ford. Chanel Rose Initiale is another great everyday Pink which is a little deeper and warmer.

Swatch comparison: Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush

I have been slowly falling down the rabbit hole of Sisley Phyto Lip Twists. I already love #5 Berry (reviewed here) and now I fell for #1 Nude. Especially after seeing Lisa Eldridge wearing it recently on her video, I knew I needed it. On her it looks much different than it does on me though, probably due to the liner or exposure of the camera she is using. Sisley Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude has the great balance of color and shimmer for a nude. There are glitter particles in it but it doesn't look garish. The finish is very complex without being frosty, which I like a lot. Once it wears off, you can see some of the shimmers on your lips, but they eventually go away.

Sisley Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude

Here is the look with Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush on the cheeks, Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude on the lips. It is very natural, you can see how pretty the blush glows on my cheeks. I am wearing Nars Velvet Shadow Stick in Oaxaca on my eyes which I am honestly not loving, it is a bit sticky and doesn't blend and apply nicely, review is coming up soon. Sisley l'Orchidee Rose lasts on me all day too <3

FOTD with Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush & Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude

You can see all the Sisley Phyto Lip Twists swatched at mel-et-fel.

Final thoughts: I have a new favorite blush, Sisley l'Orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush, which reached the hole grail status right after Tom Ford Frantic Pink. It has a lovely lit within glow and a very natural color for my complexion. I believe it is best on fair to medium skin tones. I am pretty much tonnes at the moment, close to NC30 I believe and it shows up nicely on me. It lasts long, has high quality botanic extracts and offers of 15g product. I think it is worth its price. Sisley Phyto Lip Twist #1 Nude is a great shimmery nude for casual chic day time wear or to combine with your favorite smoky eye. Can you tell I am loving both?

What is the most pretty blush you own? What is your holy grail blush that you keep on reaching for?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and mine.



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous on you. I love your turning the dial back to summer and going into the archives to show us this beauty. And it is now on it's way to me. Perfect color. Love Sisley. Thank you! I can only imagine how hard it is to blog while in a new job because I still have other projects as I begin mine and it is a lot. So appreciate the time you take and the quality you bring.

  2. Wow! That blush <3 wirklich ganz ganz toll! Hach <3

  3. Oh Sisley...such beautiful products, such high prices! Sigh. That blush is insanely gorgeous and I love the neutral face you posted here. I keep being tempted by the Sisley Dream Quad but I can only get it in the U.S., where it is already pretty expensive, and the weakness of the Canadian dollar at the moment pushes the price even higher for me. I plan to visit a counter again soon while I'm in California; we'll see if my willpower holds.:)

  4. Oh this is a pretty one indeed! Both pieces look great on you! I've been told countless times I need Frantic Pink, but maybe I should swatch this first because it's more easily available here.

  5. Great products! I like them on you! My favorite colors of the Lip Twists are Pinky, Berry and especially Candy :)

  6. Ohhhh! I could not decide for which of the two orchidee blushes i should purchase,peach or pink so ended up with both of them and are my favorites! How beautifully you captured the pattern! Really amazing products! I should give a try to the lip pencils though! Especially the berry one! Looking for your previous review on that one :)

  7. What a stunning, soft look!! Tom Ford Frantic Pink is my favourite pink powder blush too, and one of my all time fave blushes. I associate this Sisley blush with a Dutch blogger who has been doing her FOTD's with it forever LOL. (

  8. It's a gorgeous blush! I don't believe I have a HG blush though. I always try to rotate my blushes, and I don't have one in particular that I reach for ALL the time. I guess I'm not that loyal when it comes to makeup. I like my variety. I really want this, and I wish I could say I'll buy it (I would've bought it in a heartbeat a year ago) but I'm really trying to reduce.
    I still love seeing all these beautiful things though. Keep them coming, Sara! And you're looking beautiful!

  9. Awww.... everyone keep showing this blush off!! I don't have a HG blush... some days i even go without blush. I like to rotate my blushes, and depending on my mood or the makeup style that i'm favouring, i pick up something at random. I'm really into nude blushes lately though!!!

  10. I love orchids, and that design is beautiful! Your picture with the orchid and the lip pencil gave me the giggles, it looks kind of er, erotic. The blush gives a lovely glow on your cheeks, I can see why you love it.

  11. Hi Sara,

    A little late but I can't stop thinking about this blush :) I wanted to ask you if you have tried Hourglass - they also look amazing, and now I am drooling over that Ambient Lighting Edit palette ( which will probably (and thankfully) be extremely hard to get my hands onto from NL. I was in Italy last week and, while they didn't have the palettes, each individual blush and powder looked ... like a siren calling for my money. I hope you can tell me they are crap and not worth my money, haha :)
    Thanks for the amazing blog! I look forward to your entries every day. By the way, if you ever have a writer's block, it would be really fun to read a post about your all time favorite nail polishes.


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