Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette, Review

I hope you are all having a great week. I thought I give a sign that I am alive *waves*. This week is going so fast, I didn't notice that hump day was over already. I cheated though because I didn't work properly on Monday (other than in the train) and visited two lovely bloggers in Dusseldorf, Anonymiss and Mel-et-fel. We had a great day and they managed to keep my shopping urge at bay. I managed not to go bankrupt at Tom Ford Counter, yay! After I was back, I started to come up with some sore throat which I am trying to get rid of since two days while working hard to get ready for the lectures. It is not fun so far. I am hoping that it goes away before the lectures start next week.

Today I have a new version of one of my most used perfumes of last winter/spring. I have previously declared my love for Burberry My Burberry here and ended up using one third of my 100 ml bottle. I have tens of bottles lying around but I kept reaching for it. Once the weather started to get warm, I went on using it but at some point I had the feeling that it was a bit too dense. Right on time Burberry released a new version in Eau de Toilette concentration. Here are my thoughts about it...

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette

The flacon of Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette comes very close to Eau de Perfume version with a tiny twist of gabardine ribbon being lighter in color. The perfume is also a lighter beige, almost transparent in the bottle. The notes of the fragrance are given as follows:

  1. Top Notes
  2. Heart Notes
  3. Base notes

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette

The opening of My Burberry EdT is fresher than the EdP version by the appearance of lemon blossom instead of bergamot. The sweat pea note which is one of the signature notes of the original is kept so it read close but more summery. The heart is lighter but still floral with a touch of good quality penny while managing to stay recognizable through freesia. The dry down is much lighter, more skin like. I love the base of the original but found it is bit too dominant for humid and warm days. EdT on the other hand is more easy going, light and fresher.

I am now truly enjoying My Burberry EdT during the transition from Summer to Fall although today it was rather cold so even EdP would work. There is something about this bottle and the fragrance which speaks to me, loving it in both versions.

Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette

Final thoughts: Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette manages to stay true to the original by its sweat pea opening and flower heart while being fresher and lighter. I love the addition of a lovely peony note in here and very skin like dry down. If you are a Burberry My Burberry fan like myself, now Burberry get you covered all year round.

Have you tried the original or the new EdT version? How do you like them?

Disclaimer: The product in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I've tried the EDP version. While I thought it was a very nicely refined scent I didn't fall in love with it. I have a feeling I might like this lighter version with peony notes better, though. I'd love to try it when I get a chance. :)

  2. Hi Lena,
    if you like your perfumes a little lighter and found the EdP a bit overpowering, you will probably like this one more. I also love Peony so much!

  3. It's so interesting that brands are just launching their EDTs now that it's Fall... but I loved the original EDP , and this one sounds lovely :)

  4. Hi Linda,
    actually this one came out in August but I couldn't review it back then since it was too big to take with me to holidays. I enjoy it as a transition fragrance from summer to fall though, perfect for the sunny but a little cooler temperatures we are having at the moment.


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