Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel, #552 Resplendissant, Review, Swatch & Comparison

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I have been told that the nail polish posts were missed on Color Me Loud so I thought I'd reviews the lovely two shades Chanel released, Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel and #552 Resplendissant for Énergies et Prutés Collection. This collection is what formerly was an Asia Exclusive but was usually released in the States with a little delay. This year I am very excited to see that it is available at in Germany. I love the fact that it reduces the tremendous black market earns of some people on evilB but I have mixed feelings about the delivery company they chose to work with. I will write about my less than stellar experience on my next post because I reserved this one for pure nail talk.

But before we start, I would like to ask you, have you noticed the new design of the blog? I'd love to hear what you think of that if you find a little time to browse on home page. New Features are those such as you can select one of the categories, i.e. fragrance, skin care, foundation, eye shadow etc. or you can check out the lasts post of a particular brand. Last time when I changed the design, there had been problems in terms of visibility of my site on search engines and it was a lovely reader who contact me to report about it. If you have any problems of the functions you were previously using, please let me know. I will fix it as soon as I can.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts and some comparison swatches.

Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel, #552 Resplendissant

I would like to start with the cream baby blue shade everyone is so excited about. It is rare that Chanel releases such shades and when they do, we collectors are so thrilled. I was already loosing sleep over not being able to get hold of it but I am blessed with lovely friends across the oceans, one particularly is the best of them all *waves*. I was positively surprised to see that these later on became available at new online shop of Chanel Germany and it is still available there in case you are interested.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel (two coats)

The first layer of Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel goes a little streaky, nothing too bad but I wouldn't wear it as one-coater. With the second coat everything is evened out nicely and for such a shade with white base, it has one of the best formulas I tried so far. Sometimes pastels need a third coat but this one doesn't. I was thinking how much improvement did the white base shades got by reformulation in the last years. Four five years ago, it was almost impossible to get a light pastel that didn't need a super steady hand and minimum three coats to look decent.

As for the shade, instant love because I love baby blues on my tips and toes. I can see myself rocking this during summer after getting a little bit tanned, then it looks even better but it is a wonderful shade for Spring as well. Just to let you know though, this is a straight cream, so nothing like the famous shades of Chanel such as Riva or Nouvelle Vague but still it has a beautiful formula and a great balance between white base and its light blue undertones. It is not too green, not too blue, beautiful.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel (two coats)

I pulled out some former releases to check the similarities from Chanel and Dior lines. Dior had two very similar releases in the recent years. Here is a group photo for those who would like something calming to look at. *wink wink*

Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel and similar Chanel and Dior nail polishes

I so love these blues, every one of them and it makes me giddy to see them all together. I hope some people can relate. You can see that the closer shades are Chanel Riva and Dior Porcelaine

Chanel Riva has less coverage but a lovely shimmer that Bleu Pastel is unfortunately missing, Bleu Pastel is more blue, less green in comparison.

Dior Porcelaine is the closest shade I have. It is a tad deeper and a tad more green but these differences are very subtle and hard to see. It is safe to say, if you have Porcelaine, you don't necessarily need Bleu Pastel.

Dior Bluette is definitely more green but the formula is similar. 

Comparison Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis #584 Bleu Pastel

There is a second nail polish in the collection which seems to be forgotten since everyone is talking about Bleu Pastel but I found Chanel Le Vernis #552 Resplendissant to be a wonderful shade for Spring and Summer, one I will definitely enjoy. Resplendissant means radiant in French, so fitting but at the same time it is not one of the borderline neon shades usually Dior comes up with. To me it is very lively and wearable at the same time and that makes it a love for me. 

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis #552 Resplendissant (two coats)

Chanel #552 Resplendissant is a red coral shade that doesn't lean too orange nor too red, a perfect balance in brightness as well as the shade. It is a straight cream like Bleu Pastel but it is more opaque., so much that it is a one-coater for me but I usually apply two coats for the durability and getting rid of the structure my ring finger nail has but if you like a fast drying one coat to apply and go, you can do that with Resplendissant.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis #552 Resplendissant (two coats)

I can hear some of you saying that you have similar shades in your stash and that doesn't surprise me. Here are some shades from my stash that are very similar although I didn't find a perfect dupe for it, it is probably my sensitivity as a blogger that makes me write that. *giggle*. From the recent releases of Chanel, #534 Turban (reviewed here) is very close in shade but it is a tad lighter, more coral than red. Chanel #617 Lilis (reviewed here) is a little more orange and a tad lighter. Chanel #534 Espadrilles is redder. Tutti Fruitti and all the other shades to the right of the nail wheel below are more pink. Gitane is redder. It is safe to say that if you have Turban, you probably don't need Resplendissant. 

Comparison swatch: Chanel Le Vernis #552 Resplendissant

Hope this was helpful. Check out swatches of the whole collection here and here. I will be reviewing the highlighter and some other items I picked up from Chanel Spring in a few days.

Final thoughts: I am in love with both of these shades, much more so than the polishes Chanel released with their main Spring Collection this year. Great formula and lovely colors I can see myself wearing from Spring to the end of Summer months.

Are you eyeing any of these? What is your favorite Spring nail polish at the moment?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me. I am not paid for this review. 
All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I'm one who wears polish and then has interludes where I give my nails a break, but the times of year when I always wear polish are early Spring and early fall. This means that out of my collection, apart from those rarer shades that I may have collected, the nail (as opposed to toe) colors I am guaranteed to wear the most are pretty much Sugar Dune, Porcelaine, Lady for Spring and Pied de Poule for fall. So I am wondering whether this should be a back up for one of my most favorite nail shades. The Dior brush is so fabulous and I have not yet taken the plunge on the Chanel reformulation. So this is tempting. I also have Chanel Skyline but rarely wear it.

  2. I encourage you to try the new Chanel formulation. This one lasts on me definitely longer than Dior does. I thought about you when I first saw Bleu Pastel because I know you love Porcelaine. This one is a little lighter in shade, not in opaqueness though, just more white and a tad more blue but the difference is really subtle.

  3. Thank you for this! It's a very helpful post. Looks like Bleu Pastel is worth me checking out as I really liked Bleuette by Dior. It being a bit greener makes it interesting. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Hi Elena,
    thanks for stopping by. to to leave room to any confusion, it is Bluette which is greener. Blue Pastel is more blue than green.
    Thanks I am having a lovely weekend!

  5. Thanks Sara - yes, that was me mixing the names up now. Still worth checking out :)

  6. I love these comparisons. Nouvelle Vague is my favourite.

  7. I was scratching my head cos I too, missed out on Resplendissement. Hahahaa!! I wished Bleu Pastel had those hidden shimmers too, and i'm currently loving the Dior offering. Will get them out to you tomorrow, spent the whole weekend cleaning and catching up on sleep. Biz travels is exhausting!!

  8. Bleu Pastel is beautiful. It's a pity it's not available here at counters as I'd like to try it before buying.

    I really like the new search functions on your blog. It's so easy now to find the reviews one wants.

  9. Well, it's not available here nor do the counters know when it's coming. They are so poorly informed. I EBed it for a decent price. I also went by the counter to test drive the new dirty blue shade which is very pretty and I have close dupes as that is a very wearable color for me, so we will see how the new Chanel formulation lasts on my nails which undo most polishes within a day or so. If it lasts it could be worth buying; otherwise will stick with my near dupes.

  10. Love the new blog set up!! Beautiful.... The blues are my favorite but Blue Pastel is a little light for me. Great post :)

  11. Yes mine too! I have to admit having 4 bottles of that one.

  12. I just got the mail, love the Dior nail polishes so much, they are much more than just another pastel in the seas of pastels. Yay! Thanks so much for keeping up with my addiction in between your travels, big hugs.

  13. Thanks so much for your feedback. I also like the new layout a lot and it was such little hassle to change, I am glad I did it, the other one kept causing troubles and steal from the precious time I could be blogging instead.

    It is also not available at the counters here, only exclusive.

  14. Thanks so much Ebru *big hugs* miss you.

    Yes Blue Pastel is very light but not like white. It can look cool when I get tanned, can't wait for summer to feel the sun on my skin, aaah.


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