Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis & the Family of Corals

After the quick swatches of three new bold nail polishes from Chanel L'été Papillon Summer 2013 makeup collection, now it is time for a proper deep-dive into the ocean where gorgeous corals live. Here I go again with a story. For those who find the story part rather boring, please check out the photos, the captions and feel free to skip to final thoughts.

Lilis & the Coral Family

What a wonderful day in the ocean. Lilis opened her eyes and take a look around to see what was going on. The first lights of the day was just starting to touch the ground after traveling miles from the surface. The algea was now greener than ever. She looked at an angel fish which was just passing by her, its shining bluer than anything she had seen before. Lilis came to world just last night and this was the first morning of her life.

Mugshot: Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis from L'été Papillon de Chanel
Her parents looked at her with pride. Such sweet bright coral and it was theirs. As the sun now touched her surface, she was even prettier.

On nails, under the sun: Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis from L'été Papillon de Chanel

Her father smiled and looked at her mother. "She looks much like me!" he said, so bright and bold! Her mother shook her head and giggled. "Look at her under the sunlight will you? You are way too orange, she looks just like me!". Father shook her leaves in denial "Oh Fracas, you always see things yourself, you are so pink, she is much more like me!". The discussion would heat up but they all stopped and stared at a Mandarin Fish and its beautiful rings of orange and blue in awe.

Comparison of Le Vernis 647 Lilis to recent Chanel polishes, 571 Fracas (Spring 2013) and 617 Holiday (Summer 2012)
Being part of a large family of corals, now it was time for little Lilis to meet her sisters and brothers. They all surrounded their sister looking at her with their curious eyes.

Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis with other recent corals from Dior, Chanel and Lancome
Dior 537 Riviera was much like her sister Lilis, just a tad more brighter. Dior 545 Psychedelic Orange was also quiet close, just a tad pinker. Dior 231 Bikini, Chanel 549 Distraction and Chanel 307 Orange Fizz were all subtler and shy when compared to Lilis. They watched their sister waving her leaves with confidence and they giggled an her braveness. Dior 433 Delice was the one with gorgeous shimmer and the base color was almost like her sister Lilis but the overall effect was totally different once the sun hit her leaves.

Color wheel comparison with mug shot of Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis with other recent corals
Then Lancome Peach Melody arrived. She was the one which looked like no other in the family considering her shape. She had rather small leaves in which not many big fishes could hide but there she was and was almost the perfect match for the new born Lilis, maybe so slightly more orange but no one ever noticed.

Color wheel comparison of Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis with other recent corals from Dior, Chanel and Lancome
On such a sunny beautiful day, Lilis was born. She was a gorgeous coral, very pigmented and with a beautiful consistency. She was also blessed with a beautiful large family. Lilis felt herself very lucky and sighed in happiness as her leaves danced with the ocean waves.

On nails, in shadow: Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis from L'été Papillon de Chanel

Final thoughts: Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis from L'été Papillon collection for Summer 2013 is a gorgeous coral. This color perfectly stands between two recently released Chanel nail polishes Fracas (Spring 2013) and Holiday (Summer 2012). Being very bright, Lilis is much bolder than Distraction, Dior Bikini or Chanel Orange Fizz. Dior Riviera is close but a bit brighter, redder. Dior Psychedelic Orange has slightly more pink in it. The closest match is Lancome's Peach Melody from their Spring 2013 collection, so if you look for a more affordable option, you may want to check this out. 

What is your favorite coral nail polish? Would you consider Lilis for this summer?



  1. Coral nail polish, tanned skin, beach, sun summer! Yep I need to go to Med! :) XO

  2. Yes this color would benefit very much from tanned skin and such a beautiful contrast to the turquoise sea!

  3. Hi Sara, I enjoy reading your short stories as usual :D and your pictures too! Love Lilis on you, but I have a feeling it wouldnt be too flattering on me. I noticed you didnt pick up Starlet form the Avant Premiere collection, and it was the only colour I picked up- Paparazzi looks beautiful on you but so muddy on me :c

    Thank you for the comparisons :D


    1. Hi Xen,

      thanks for your lovely feedback. What is your skin color? I think a bright coral looks good on everyone, but looks better with a tanned skin ;-)

      I got Starlet too, just haven't reviewed it yet. Would you like me to? I have to think about another story for that one ;-)

    2. I have a cool tone, usually a NC15 or 20 and I dont wear corals/orange tones clothing very well. You are right about tanned skin- my sister looks beautiful in corals!

      Yes please do review Starlet when you have the time :D I didnt see her in your stash so I assumed you had forgone her! I shouldve known better haha :D

    3. Me passing on a Chanel nail polish? No way! ;-)
      I am typing this with Starlet on my fingers and comparison swatches are already done, photos shot, a new post has be expected tonight or tomorrow night depending on my inspiration levels for the story. Any suggestions on that? :-)

    4. YAY! New post coming uppp :D I would imagine Starlet to be a young up-coming-thing, but often snubbed by the more classic colours who are more prominent and sure of themselves. But in the end she shines too and has such potential and depth in the colour lol cant wait to read what you have drafted!!

    5. LOL, this truly fits to Starlet but I had something in mind, I have written yesterday... I hope you like it, although it is about a white ugly worm :-p

  4. I just found your blog, and I can't believe I didn't know about it before it's amazing! Love this review & great pictures :)

    1. Thanks so much Andree, I am happy to get to know your blog too!


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