Chanel 579 Paparazzi from Avant-Première de Chanel

The release day of Chanel's new collection Avant Premiere de Chanel is now official. It is due to 15. April. Since only just a few days left, I would like to introduce you to the last piece I have for now, a china-rose shade with secret copper shimmer, Paparazzi, and here is her story...

Chanel Le Vernis 579 Paparazzi mug shot

Paparazzi woke up that morning with excitement. It was an important day and she couldn't effort running late. She started searching her wardrobe for the best brownish rose dress she could find. After all it was the dress code for this very important event and she had to look flawless. After putting her dress on, she looked at herself on the mirror. It was daylight shining through the window and she could see the tiny sparkles of her dress playing with the sun light.

Chanel Le Vernis 579 Paparazzi under day light
She was not quiet convinced. How would she look like under all the flashes of the photographers. To test this, she took her camera and turned the flash on. She took her own photo and checked it out. Now she could also see the hidden shimmer of her dress. She liked it, it was looking gorgeous. Smiling she put the camera aside, went on fixing her make-up.

Chanel Le Vernis 579 Paparazzi with flash

After she was done with getting ready, took a cab to the location. Oh how excited she was. After getting ready for days now, would she be the prettiest one? Could she get her pictures on the newspapers? Or would she just be ignored? Were the others prettier? Deep in thought, she finally arrived the location, and what she had seen was a large queue trying to get in.

Chanel Le Vernis 579 Paparazzi with other similar Chanel, Dior and D&G shades I found in my stash
Once she was inside, she had seen how packed it was. Many nudy rose shades, some more brown some more pink, some were cremes some were metallic but everyone of them were posing to get their photos taken. It was not easy to get anybody's attention. She took off her hat and looked around trying to figure out what to do next.

Chanel Le Vernis 579 Paparazzi and similar shades from my stash
Then the music started, was loud but it was fun. All the colors were dancing and having fun. Paparazzi looked at Delicatesse and Infidele who were dancing together. They were the colors from last Fashion Night Out (FNO) event held in September 2012. Those were very limited editions and were looking so sure of themselves. Paparazzi thought, they were lacking the secret shimmer one needs to be pretty. And Khaki Rose just dancing next to those three, who was from FNO 2011? She thought she was ugly because was way too brown. Looking at herself again, she was once more convinced to have the best dress up to now. She then started dancing next to Magnetique and Rose Confidentiel. Magnetique was old but had gorgeous metal shine to her, Rose Confidentiel was way too pinky. Good old Sirocco joined them. She was also more metallic and much lighter. Maybe it was the years which wore her off?

Chanel Le Vernis 579 Paparazzi comparisons to other similar colors on nail wheel

Paparazzi noticed two others waving their brushes, dancing as if nothing matters. Those were Orient and Calypso. She found both of her dresses to be too red and therefore lacking the modernity she herself has. Just next to them there was a shorter and an extremely tall one. Shorter one, Dior Apparat, had gorgeous gold shine to her dress. Paparazzi couldn't take her eyes off her but then convinced herself that this golden hue was not appropriate for this time of the year thus it was looking too Christmassy. And the tall one, wasn't her dress shining so beautiful. Hers was not a secret shimmer, she had a real one. Paparazzi sighed, was almost about to give up. D&G Soft had everything, slim, tall, shimmery... But wait a minute, she was way too dark once applied *nodded in agreement* yes she was, and it was not pretty!

Paparazzi had a fun night. She left the club thinking that she had the prettiest dress of them all, not too brown, not too pink, not an old-rose or too red and out of fashion. She had just the right amount of shimmer to show up only on special light and this made her mysterious and pretty. She was happy, she was so convinced of herself that she was not just another nude brown-pink out there. As she left for home the record was playing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn".

~The End~

Final Thoughts: For me Paparazzi is kind of an improved version to lately released FNO nail polishes Infidele and Delicatesse (which were true cremes). It has a bit more shimmer, which makes it more interesting. As it is not very brown or pink it should flatter many skin tones. I can see myself wearing this polish more during upcoming fall rather than spring or summer. If you own D&G Soft then be sure to check that out before buying because they are very similar. From Chanel nail polishes the closest match is Delicatesse in terms of shade but the finish is different. As for the formula, it applies beautifully, used two coats for the swatches above.

What are your thoughts about this new permanent color of Chanel. Do you like it? Are you thinking to get it? Would you wear this in spring or summer?



  1. Any dupes for this one? Love the color, but Chanel formula chips really fast on my nails... =/

  2. Love Paparazzi 579's story! Sounds perfect for Fall. The only shade I own out of your collection above is FNO's Infidele. Perfect creamy rose shade for work.

    This rosy-brown shade with shimmer you can only see in certain light sounds perfect.


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