Sneak Peek: Avant-Première de Chanel

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According to Vogue UK, the new collection of Chanel, called Avant-Première de Chanel, must be released already this week . The collection is inspired by French Cinema and focuses on lips and nails. There will be six new Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour as well as eight new shades of Rouge Coco Shine, described as Hyrating Creme Lip Shine by Chanel. As for the nails, the collection has four shades, three of which is going to be permanent. One of those three nail shades, Provocation is familiar to some of you from Fashion Night Out 2012 lipstick and nail polish twin sets. Here is a full list of the collection (for more pretty promo pictures also be sure to check out chicprofile) .

Coco Shine Rouge Lipstick – New

  • # 77 Ingenue – gold beige
  • # 78 Interlude – coral peach
  • # 79 Saga – a cool pink (Limited Edition)
  • # 80 Suspense – pearl fuchsia
  • # 81 Fiction – pomegranate red
  • # 82 Synopsis – brown rose
  • # 83 Scenario – reddish brown
  • # 84 Dialogue – deep red
Rouge Coco Lipstick
  • # 48 Sentiment – natural beige (New)
  • # 49 Liaison – soft pink (New)
  • # 51 On Ce Soir – plum-brown (New)
  • # 52 Grace – copper redwood (New)
  • # 53 Amant – orange red / orange red (New)
  • # 54 Le Baiser – sparkling pink (New)
Le Vernis
  • # 575 Starlet – peachy pink (Limited Edition)
  • #579 Paparazzi – plum-brown
  • #581 Cinema – orange red
  • #599 Provocation – plum purple
 I have been hunting for those pieces for sometime now and I am happy to announce that my effort had paid off. I managed to get two of the nail polishes, five of the eight Rouge Coco Shines and all the six Rouge Cocos!

Now here is a quick Sneek Peak of what I have before I go on with the swatches and review. Hope you enjoy it.


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