Complete Swatches of Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows and Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras from L’été Papillon de Chanel

Today I was determined to publish a post about Le Vernis Starlet from Avant Premiere de Chanel collection, one of the few pieces I haven't reviewed yet and it was requested by some fellow bloggers. But when I opened my post box, there was something waiting for me inside which changed my plans. Oh those lovely candies...

 Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows and Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras from L’été Papillon de Chanel
On the weekend I finally tracked them all down, so today I would like to proudly present all of them to you, Stylo Fresh Effect Eye Shadows, all the six shades and Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras, all the four colorful shades (fifth one is a black mascara, which we all know how it looks like). Previously I reviewed the blue shades of this collection, with a demonstration on how it looked on the eyes, which you can find here. So let's start with the six gorgeous shadow sticks, shall we?

 Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows from L’été Papillon de Chanel
Once I arrived home, carrying the envelope in my hand with those candies packed in, I was so happy to see that it was wonderfully sunny outside. I rushed out to be able to take sunlight photos which show the gorgeous shimmer.

 Sunlight swatches of Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows from L’été Papillon de Chanel

To see the undertones, I also made an indirect light photo (see below). 07 Moon River is a warm taupe, which is my favorite of the bunch. 17 Cool Gold is a gold with strong yellow hues. Some bloggers were confused with the name as it is a very warm gold color. I think the indication of cold comes from the cooling effect of those eye shadows which I mentioned before, not from the tone. The third shade is 27 Pink Lagoon which is a peachy pink. 37 Jade shore is an aqua green leaning turquoise. I reviewed 47 Blue Bay before, it is a cool mid-toned blue with silver shimmer. 57 Black Stream is an intense black, which has subtle silver shimmer in it. Below are swatches photographed with indirect day light.

 Shadow swatches of Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows from L’été Papillon de Chanel
I would like to compare them to Illusion D'ombres, which are sheerer in general. They also have more shimmer. I used them usually to add a wash of color to the lid or as a base color for powder eye shadows. Stylo Fresh Effect Eye Shadows are meant to be rather stand alone as they are much more pigmented. Of course they can also be used as base (black one would make a good base for color technique). Below are the comparison swatches with Illusion D'ombres. 88 Abstraction is close in color but it is much more sheer compared to 27 Pink Lagoon. 85 Mirifique is also sheerer and very shimmery once swatched side by side to Black Stream.

Comparison sunlight swatches of Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows from L’été Papillon de Chanel with Illusion D'Ombres

The gap on top of Jade Shore could be filled with last year's asia exclusive shade Illusion D'ombre 87 Riviere but it was not released in Germany and I found it too sheer to justify the hunt so I don't own it. Later on I thought maybe 84 Epatant, which is a taupe green shade could be close to Jade Shore so did some more swatches which you can see below. In the end it turned out Epatant is closer to Moon River than Illusoire. Moon River is still a uniquely gorgeous taupe on its own.

Comparison sunlight swatches of Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadows from L’été Papillon de Chanel with Illusion D'Ombres

I also wanted to compare the golds from Illusion D'ombre and Cool Gold. As it turned out, they are also all very different, closest one being Apparence from Holiday 2012 look.

Comparison sunlight swatches of Cool Gold Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow with gold Illusion D'Ombres

Now it is time to move on to the Mascaras. Yellow mascara? Who would think about it right? If someone would, this wouldn't be Chanel. But Chanel keeps on surprising us, so here are the four vibrant Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras.

 Vibrant Colored Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras from L’été Papillon de Chanel
I am planning to show those in action once I have some more time to play with them but for the time being, here are some more photos to enjoy.

Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras from L’été Papillon de Chanel
Zest is an egg yellow, Lime light is a turquoise. Aqua Blue is just what the name suggests, this one is also a bit shimmery compared to the others. I have already shown you Blue Note in action, if you want to check that out, it is here. I use those vibrant colors on black mascara for top lashes and directly for the bottom lashes to add some pop of color. I think there may really be very fun combinations with Stylo Eye Shadows.

 Sunlight swatches of Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras from L’été Papillon de Chanel
Final Thoughts: Very unexpected and pleasure to play around with those. I may need some time to figure out what kind of combinations will work for me but I am eager to try. As I already previously mentioned, I love the formula of Stylo Eye Shadows. Wish a few shades (like Moon River) would be permanent. By the way today "let's make-up" video of Lisa Eldridge is released and here is if you would like to check out how she used these:

Have you checked those out yet? Are you planning to get any of the vibrant mascaras? Which eye shadow colors are you eager to try out?


  1. Wow, great swatches and reviews!!! Beautiful collection, although it's not my type of bolds and brights. Lisa Eldridge makes everything wearable, and effortlessly sexy.

    1. Totally agree you about Lisa Eldridge :-) If you don't like bold colors on eyes, you may give moon river a try, it is a gorgeous taupe.

  2. Thanks for showing us these, really helpful seeing them all together, I will have to get Moon River when the collection comes out here :) x

    1. Moon River is also my favorite of the bunch. Today I wore it together with Pink Lagoon (inner lid) and Jade Shore (lower lash line). I would really recommend Jade shore if you like a pop of color on your lower lash line. :-)

    2. Thanks for the rec, will add Jade Shore to my list :)

  3. Comparison with illusion d’ombre is very useful!
    But what about products’ performance? I bought your favorite stylo because color is very very nice, but even with a very good primer it doesn’t last on the eye (while illusion d’ombre does)!!!

    1. Hi,
      you might be right, I have heard diverse reports on that, some say it lasts some say it doesn't. I can't comment on this part since I don't have oily lids and almost everything lasts on me forever with or w/o primer :-)

      What I like about the sticks is that they can be build up much better than Illusion D'ombres, so if you like just a wash of color, Illusion D'Ombre is great but if you like the color show up, these sticks are better. I hope this is helpful.


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