Complete Review of Rouge Cocos from upcoming Avant Première de Chanel Collection

Six new Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colors from Chanel are about to be released this month.

Six new shades of Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colors from Avant Première collection are soon going to hit the Chanel counters around the globe. The collection is inspired by classic cinematic beauty and French cinema. 

New Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colors
Two of those shades were reviewed by Beautezine, post contains beautiful photos, so please do check that out too. Today I would like to show you all the six shades.

Bullet shot of six new Rouge Cocos
I managed to catch the shy German sun for a few minutes on the weekend to show you a full arm swatch. The result turned out to show more shine for Rouge Cocos than the previously reviewed Rouge Coco Shines which I could only swatch at shadow. As soon as the sun is here again, I am going to update the previous post too.

Arm swatch of six new Chanel Rouge Coco shades under direct sun light.
As for the formula, Coco Rouges are hydrating like Coco Shines but not that shiny. They last longer on my lips than Coco Shines do and the colors are a bit less striking, in other words more appropriate for every day. Some of you may find them boring but I like the balance between color, staying power and hydrating quality. Before I start with the lip swatches here are my bare lips with no lipstick on as a reference.

No Lipstick

So let's start... 48 Sentiment is defined to be a natural beige. As the arm swatch captures, it has a beautiful gold sheen to it and is one of my favorites of the collection. Do you see how close it is to my lip color? This is almost a perfect nude for me and in fact I was wearing it today together with a smokey eye using Cosmic Bliss Quad of Edward Bess (check my face of the day at Twitter to see the look).

Chanel Rouge Coco 48 Sentiment
The next shade is Liaison and it is a soft pink alternative to Sentiment. It is another shade which mimics my bare lips and it brings a bit more life to my face by the freshness of the pink. Being the perfect spring nude, I wear this one together with pastels on the eyes. Another loved one by me.

Chanel Rouge Coco 49 Liaison
Here comes 51 Ce Soir, taking its name probably from one of a recent French movie, or maybe it is just thought to be a night shade (Ce Soir meaning this night in french). It is a soft mauve toned rose. As I like all the plummy lipsticks and very happy about last seasons plum lipstick trend, this one was an instant love for me. 

Chanel Rouge Coco 51 Ce Soir

Here comes the next shade of the collection for those who love coppery nudes on the lips. Another low key shade, promising to add enough color but making sure not to make a statement. It also has enough rose inside for a fresh everyday look.

Chanel Rouge Coco 52 Grace
Last two shades of the collection are slightly more interesting than the others for those of you who like to go for more lip intensive looks. 53 Amant is an understated red with orange undertones. I can imagine this flattering warmer complexions more but the orange tones can also be help to make eyes of some of you blue eyed girls pop. 

Chanel Rouge Coco 53 Amant
The last shade of the collection, 54 Le Baiser, is a sparkling pink, perfect for spring and summer. This one, as the name suggests, give you the perfect kiss kiss pink lip. If you are not confident with the latest bright pink shades, such as Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Eclatante, or you loved it so much but looking for an everyday alternative to it, this spring, you may want to give Le Baiser a try.

Chanel Rouge Coco 54 Le Baiser
Final thoughts on new Chanel Rouge Coco Releases... All the six shades are work/office friendly and can be used for day looks or to keep the lips rather simple with a smokey eye. If you are looking for a statement lip, I doubt that you will find it within these new Rouge Coco releases. Although Chanel released recently a few edgier Rouge Coco shades such as 42 Culte,  this range of Chanel rather promises to deliver a range of wearable shades with full-coverage finishes. To me these are all understated beauties coming in one of my favorite lip stick formulas.

Let me know if you like these or find them to be boring? Are you have any of those in your wish list?


  1. Ich bin ganz erstaunt wie "beerig" die Lippenstifte auf Deinen LIppen werden, denn eigentlich kamen sie mir eher fast durchgehend eher warm vor. Sentiment wäre mein Favorit - aber ich liebe Nudes auch . Ich habe leider nur einen Lippenstift von Chanel - ist aber ein sehr schöner auch. - Danke Dir für's Vorstellen und schön, dass man Dich jetzt auch ausgiebiger lesen kann! Freu mich auf mehr.

    1. Fast alles sieht "beerig" an mich. Die taupe farbige Lidschatten werden am meistens alle direkt Richtung lila neigen. Sehr erstaunlich. Gute Sache dass ich lila mag ;-)

      Vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar! Ich werde dich noch ein paar Sache fragen und nach deine Erfahrungen fragen.

  2. They all look so wearable and lovely!

    1. Sentiment and Liaison became my go-to everyday lipsticks. I love them.


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