Chanel 581 Cinema & Fifty Shades of Red

Avant Premiere de Chanel Collection is around the corner. It is expected to be released around the globe on the 15th of April, which is almost in a week. I have reviewed five of the new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks here and all of the six new shades of Rouge Coco lipsticks here. I was lucky to find two of the three new nail polishes from this collection too but I was not brave enough to review them. Today I accept the biggest challenge by reviewing Le Vernis 581 Cinema. You know why? Because it is the new red polish from Chanel!

Chanel Le Vernis 581 Cinema from Avant Premiere de Chanel Collection

Chanel is known with their many shades of red. Just check out an online shop, check Dior to see their 2 shades of red and then check Chanel and you will understand what I mean. They have released so many red nail polishes throughout their history that it would be appropriate to call this post "Fifty Shades of Red".

To get ready for the battle of reds, I have started by going through my stash. Some of the darker shades were not even qualified for the competition, among them is Rouge Noir, Vamp, Forbidden, Malice and many more. I also politely turned down pinkish reds such as Image Rose and April. There was a huge amount of applicants but I managed to restrict the list to just twelve(!) nail polishes.

Selected red shades for the battle of reds

Round #1

Firstly four brave shades introduced themselves to 581 Cinema. It was 441 Cherry first, who was unfortunately too light. Then 207 Barcelona Red stood up, who had way too many gold shimmers. Rouge Carat could have qualified if it didn't have the fine fuchsia shimmer and Lotus Rouge was found to be too dark.
Four of the red shades vs. Cinema
Here are the warriors side by side. Thanking them for their participation and I kindly sent them back to the shoe box they belong (yes unfortunately I am still searching for a solution to that many polishes problem)

From left to right: Cherry, Barcelona Red, Cinema, Rouge Carat, Lotus Rouge
Round #2

The battle went on with two other brave reds from Chanel collection. Those were so excited, they couldn't stay still as I wanted to take a photo, so excuse me for their shakiness. They couldn't wait for the challenge ahead!

Two other reds vs. Cinema
Coromandel stood against Cinema with a big courage. In the end it was the newly rereleased shade and was very sure of itself. But unfortunately Coromandel had way too much orange to its color. Pirate later on wanted to get its friends revenge but the jelly character and darker red properties couldn't keep it in the competition. Sadly they were both disqualified.

From left to right: Coromandel, Cinema, Pirate

Last Round

There were only six of them left. For the last round, they took out their brushes and fought like heros. Here is what they all did to show themselves on the color wheel...
Six Chanel reds vs. Cinema
For the last round, the jury had to decide. Therefore they took the color wheel into a detailed inspection. This had to be done under the day light.

Six closest red shades from Chanel vs. Cinema
The jury has a hard time... It was Irresistable which they omitted first because it was too dark. Rouge Fatal was not an easy decision as it had almost the same undertones as Cinema but was like a darker sister. Shanghai Red had some secret shimmer, which made it appear more blue based than it truly was. Fire was a hot candidate, yet again it lacked the density of Cinema. Dragon lost the battle because of a slight blue quality it had to its gorgeous red shade.

Now it was just Dazzling and Cinema. Jury had a hard time deciding... Were they dupes? They called all the other candidates to participate and vote.

Cinema compared to other twelve red shades
 It was a big battle, a legendary confrontation... Dazzling was almost too close... Dazzling and Cinema were almost dupes, only with a slight difference, Dazzling was a tad lighter, a tad more orange. 

Twelve red shades compared to Cinema
Dazzling won! Cinema congratulated it. All other shades went on celebrating. It had to be the biggest red nail polish festival of all times, they called it "The fifty shades of Red".

Final notes: As you see I was almost loosing my mind while trying to compare a new red polish with other Chanel reds. I sincerely hope I will never have to do this again. But yes... You are right... Cinema is pretty... very pretty... Oh and if you have Dazzling, and if you are not aiming to own thousand nail polishes like I do, you can easily skip this release.

Let me know what you think about slightly different style of this post and Cinema. I would love to hear your comments.


  1. Aieeee! This post was so fun to read. Thanks for these epic gorgeous red swatches! You have a truly enviable collection of Chanel red nail polishes. SWOON!

    1. I am so blessed to have some fun gals around who have some sense of humor ;-) Thanks for your comment Belly.

  2. Your commentary made reading this post that more interesting :D Please show more of your polish collection! And thank you for the swatches


    1. With pleasure! Coming up next is a comparison post of new Chanel nail polish Paparazzi, just took the pictures last night, should be up in a few days. I will show the rest of the monster collection one by one so stay tuned! :-)

  3. This was very helpful. Thank you!

    1. No problem, glad that it helped.

    2. I think Rouge Carat seems quite similar to Cinema. Between the two which one would be your choice? Thank you again :-)

    3. The base color may be similar but Rouge Carat have some fuchsia shimmer, which makes it lean towards pink, whereas Cinema is more red and creme. Cinema is a wearable red, Rouge Carat is a stunner so depends what you like. Rouge Carat is my fav red in Chanel collection so your question is not fair ;-)

  4. Thank you very much! Fun and helpful at the same time. :-)

  5. Woah, look at all those Chanel reds!! I didn't even think there could be that many! Funny story and I love the first shot of just Cinema, it is a lovely shade

  6. I love this post so much, thank you!

  7. I had a big smile on my face as I read this post - thank you so much fun! Not to mention I was salivating over your Chanel reds!!! Red is my favourite colour and I wear red polish on my hands and toes constantly (different shades) and red liptick is always a must. Thank you again for this fantastic and well thought out post. I will be running to the store to pick up that stunning Cinema!


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