647 Lilis, 657 Azure and 667 Bel-Argus, Swatches of L'été Papillon De Chanel Summer 2013 Collection Nail Polishes

I would probably take my time, start searching for similar colors in my stash and post comparisons while telling a story (as I did for Cinema and Paparazzi from Avant Premiere collection) but I was asked to show some quick swatches before I start with all those things. I know some of you are as excited as I am for gorgeous colors dressed in metallic duo-chrome finishes which carry double C on them, so I decided not to make you wait longer. Here are the three limited edition colors of Chanel summer 2013 collection L'été Papillon De Chanel.

L'été Papillon De Chanel Summer 2013 Collection Nail Polishes, 647 Lilis (left), 657 Azure (middle), 667 Bel-Argus (right)

I would like to start with the less spectacular nail polish color of the three, 647 Lilis, which is a true creme bright coral (no hidden shimmer). It is appropriate for summer and this particular color doesn't surprise me given that Chanel released close shades before with their summer collections. Those finding Le Vernis 617 Holiday from last year's summer collection too orange, will be pleased to have Lilis in their lives.

Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis in shadow

I took photos both under direct sun light and in shadow, hoping that this gives a better idea of different faces of the colors. Lilis appears much orange under sun light and more red in shadow. I am planning a comparison post of this gorgeous coral with other corals from Chanel and Dior to show you the exact undertones. For now I can only say it is not too orange, not too red and definitely very bright (more bright once compared to Chanel Distraction or Dior Bikini). I used two coats for the swatches, the formula was very good, not too thick or too watery and very much self layering.

Chanel Le Vernis 647 Lilis under direct sunlight

Next comes a beautiful metallic vibrant duo-chromish indigo blue called Bel-Argus. Although it would be appropriate to call it metalic, this is also an understatement because it has a truly unique finish. Under shadow it appears to have slightly duo-chrome properties by switching from darker blue to lighter blue. 

Chanel Le Vernis 667 Bel-Argus in shadow
Under the direct sun light it suddenly becomes like a sea with many silvery reflections playing upon its surface, if this makes any sense. As you see I am running out of words describing how beautiful it is. I tried to capture the color and the sparkles on a direct sun shot. You can see that my middle finger has another angle, therefore reflects light in a different way. Bel-Argus is really gorgeous. Also the formula was a breeze to work with. No streaking, nice consistency, good coverage. I used two coats for the swatches.

Chanel Le Vernis 667 Bel-Argus under direct sunlight

Finally comes the last nail polish of the collection. Although one would expect a blue nail polish by its name, Azure is a gorgeous aqua green/blue duo-chrome. This has a similar finish to Bel-Argus, so all of the light reflecting on the water description also applies to Azure. The only difference between the two is that Azure's duo-chrome property is much stronger. It can be seen more blue or green depending on the angle. In shadow you can watch your nails and appreciate the dual color play whereas under sun it starts sparkling which adds a whole new dimension.

Chanel Le Vernis 657 Azure in shadow

Azure is truly a stunner. It stands at the point where beauty blogger forgets all the words she knows,  stops and stares. I hope the photos can capture at least half of its beauty. Again the formula was excellent, right consistency, no streaking. Also forget about all your sheer duo-chromes and check Azure out. In the following swatch, there are a few imperfections of application. I am the one to blame for all of that. I think I was too excited...

Chanel Le Vernis 657 Azure under direct sunlight

Final thoughts: Out of three polishes which are going to be released with Chanel's summer 2013 collection L'été Papillon, Lilis will please the coral lovers. For those of you who are even more daring, Chanel offers two vibrant duo-chrome shades. Aside from their perfect formula, they also have a very unique metalic/sparkly finish, so be sure to check them out. Remember that all the three shades are limited editions. Release day is due to May.

Do you like tips and toes which get all the attention? Are you planning to get any of those?


  1. Azure! Be still my beating heart. That is completely stunning. In the sun, it is really beautiful...

    1. It is also my favorite, trying to figure out how many Azure I should buy as back-up

  2. All are very pretty, I think I'd better start saving ;)

    1. Yes you should! Also the eye shadow sticks are very pretty. I will try to post those tomorrow. This collection will be a big hit to my wallet ;-)

  3. Not to be cheeky, but Bel-Argus has been done before by OPI. However, the nail polish shade was part of a limited edition line. It is called "Into the Night"
    I am excited about Azure though. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and information. Two days ago I was at drugstore to check some dupes. There were close shades to Bel-Argus (like Essie Tropy Wife) but they are all a bit darker. After reading your comment, I just ordered "Into the night" of OPI and I am going to swatch them side by side so that you know how close they are :-) Azure also has a twin, it is a China Glaze nail polish called "deviantly daring". I found two cheap polishes from P2 which are also reasonably close, I will have a post on these soon.

    2. Sorry I am just getting back! I look forward to seeing your swatches and thank you for the info about Azure :D

    3. Ah, and I have Into the Night already, but I'm sure your swatch will be appreciated!

    4. Into the night is leans much more purple than Bel-Argus. I like purple nail polishes so I am happy to have it in my stash but they really are very different.


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