Clinique Smart Night Custom Repair Moisturizer, Treatment Oil & Custom Repair Eye Treatment, Review & Photos

I hope your week started great. I officially don't work on Mondays so mine starts a little later. That said I have to prepare all the time for the rest of the days so this is just a theoretical definition. Today I found out that my salary was messed up for a few months now is still not properly compensated as promised. Instead of getting angry, I chose to shop a few Boys from Tom Ford, hah, what a nice thing to do especially if you don't have money!

I have been testing Clinique's brand new Smart Series for over a month now for every day so I thought I will share my thoughts with you today on these. Clinique Germany was also very generous to offer a give-away for my readers which I will set as a separate post during this week. Separate give-away posts are great to hide after the offer is over. I have a bunch of give-aways in December, hoping that you will like them.

Clinique Smart Night Custom Repair Moisturizer, Treatment Oil & Custom Repair Eye Treatment

Caught In Action: Tom Ford Fall 2015 Mood Light, So Vain & Plum Ombre, Swatch, Review & FOTD

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I was silent because I got some sore throat this week on Wednesday and hardly made it through the week. Eventually my throat got better but my nose is killing me. As you can imagine around my nose is red, my eyes are half swollen and yesterday night we were at the ball. The one for which I purchased the nice dress last weekend. Agh, right on time! Do you have any tips for "makeup during common cold"? I applied lots of concealer around the nose and took it with me. The ball was really nice, I took some pills to get me going all night, now I am really so tired. All I want is zZzzZZZz.

Too bad that I am not so presentable for an FOTD right now, because I have many more Christmas products I can't wait to share with you. Until I can show you some of my new face shots, I am taking now a break for a day or two until my nose heals. Here is what I didn't have time to talk about before but I figured out it might be interesting since two of the products are permanent and one is still not sold out. Tom Ford's Fall Collection might be far away from receiving the love it always does but there are still a few gems in there. Here are my thoughts on Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo #01 in Moodlight, Lip Color #50 So Vain and Eye & Cheek Shadow #04 Plum Ombre.

Tom Ford Fall 2015 Mood Light, So Vain & Plum Ombre


Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum, Review & Photos

This week started with the bad news that one of the packages which was on its way to me for a holiday give-away is blocked by Royal Mail and sent back. I am finding UK regulations of dangerous goods very amusing as one can send nail polish in the country but not out of. Also I don't think they are checking everyone's luggages for nail polish as the passengers are getting on board with their suitcases in the same airplane. Oh no, did I say too much? Maybe tomorrow they pass a new regulation to scan that one too? I was thinking why don't they offer ground/sea shipping if there are products which are not supposed to fly? *sigh*

Enough rant, off to the review. Today I have the ultimate Xmas Perfume for you. Just check out the flacon and you will know what I mean. The stunning combination of green glass, black phython pattern and gold chain, with a black tassel on its end, it is designed after a cult handbag of the designer, who is in? Here are my thoughts on a very unusual perfume at Marc Jacobs line, Decadence...

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum


Smashbox BB Water, Art.Love.Color Brush Set & Bestsellers Kit, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Yesterday I went on a mission to purchase a dress for the ball we are attending next weekend. It was mission impossible considering how much weight I gained in the last two years. I have to start exercising as soon as possible but having a new job doesn't help. I try to remind myself to go one step at a time, like clear the job front, sign up for gym. I usually have the tendency to cop up with things all at once, I like "all or none" but I came to a point it might not work as expected. Long story short, I managed to get a dress, yay! 

This week is going to be super busy so I thought I'd share my thoughts about a few Smashbox products I have been testing recently sooner than later. Smashbox is a brand I was not very familiar to prior to blogging but recently some of their products truly won my heart, such as Bronze Lights and Fusion Soft Lights (reviewed here) and their Contour Kit (reviewed here). I am eyeing Full Exposure Palette too which is a great combination of matte and shimmer. From the products I have tried so far, I am more than impressed how easy to work the textures are and how flattering they look especially on FOTDs since they are designed to picture well. Today I am excited to share my thoughts about Smashbox BB Water SPF 30 Foundation which they is recently released. From their super fun holiday collection Art.Love.Color, I have the Brush Set and Bestseller Kit to show you as well. Right after the jump...

Smashbox BB Water, Art.Love.Color Brush Set & Bestsellers Kit


Chanel Vamp Attitude Collection for Holiday 2015, My Picks, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I never thought I would, but I miss blogging and chatting with you. This week has been crazy. There was nothing unusual going on but I was getting obsessed about planning of one of my lectures so I was focusing a little too much (read: day and night) on this issue and ended up not thinking about make-up very much. That said I have worn make-up almost every day and tried out some of the pieces I picked up from Chanel Vamp Attitude Collection last week. This just arrived to our shores recently so although it might be old news for some of you, I would still like to share my thoughts about the pieces I have picked up. 

I was originally planning an epic haul of this collection. Rouge Noir is one of the shades which calls my name. I love the shade of the Rouge Allure Lipstick and the cult nail polish bearing this name so a collection around the theme was almost a dream come true. That said when I arrived the counter, I was less than impressed with some of the pieces. On the other hand some were even better than I thought they would be. All in all this collection was a mixed bag for me. I ended up with Illusion d'Ombre #857 Rouge Noir, Le Crayon Khol in Rouge Noir, Le Volume #27 Rouge Noir,  (do you see a trend here?) to combine with the lipstick and nail polish of Rouge Noir which I already had. I was head over heels about Le Vernis #757 Rose Fusion so I decided backing it up. I also picked up the glitter Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir although I am not so much into Glitter Top Coats but I collection Chanel Le Vernis. The last item I picked was the palette, Chanel Signe Particular, for which I had high hopes but ended up not loving. Here is more about it...

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre #857 Rouge Noir, Le Crayon Khol Rouge Noir, Le Volume #27 Rouge Noir, Signe Particulier


Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Eye Palette for Holiday 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are having a wonderful week. The fear which terror feeds goes on in Europe. Today a football game was evacuated in Germany. I am sincerely hoping that the fear doesn't get the best of us. It would be such a pity to see Christmas Markets empty *frowns*.

Talking about Christmas, I am on the mission to review each and every pretty Christmas Palette out there for you. Today I have Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Eye Palette, the star of Sterling Nights Holiday Collection. Hard to believe but this is the first time I am reviewing a Bobbi Brown Palette for you. I was lusting over a few in the last months, including Greige so today I am excited to share my thoughts on this one.

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Eye Palette for Holiday 2015


Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette, Review, Swatch & FOTD

The weekend started with terrible news from Paris. I am hoping that it will get better. My condolences to the innocent people who lost their lives and their families and friends. I wished that terror wouldn't be one of the topics of 21st century but unfortunately we seem to be far away from getting rid of it. I wished there would be a formula to eliminate it from our equations forever.

On another note I have been to the hair dresser today. I am going to write about it at another post but I was so disappointed with how it was. The service I received was terrible and at the cashier they tried to get more money as it was written on their price list. I have no words for one of the shopping molls in Stuttgart who are known for their service and customer orientation (Breuninger Stuttgart) to host such a hairdresser i house. I am definitely going to complain about this to the customer service. Oh and my hair didn't turn out to be what I imagined it would be but I can live with that. The FOTDs in this post are all taken prior to the cut so I will show it to you later.

I am very excited for today's post. Because I am a 90s kid and I was grown up listening to "Don't Speak", "Hella Good" and "Hey Baby". Although I was never into pop music all that much, there was something alternative in No Doubt to speak to a larger audience. Gwen Stefani has always been one of stage personalities I loved watching, her unique style, her taste in make-up has been of great interest to me. When I have heard that Urban Decay was collaborating with her for a Eyeshadow Palette, I was very intrigued. I am glad to share my thoughts about the early sample I received. Here is a picture heavy post with some of the looks I came up with after wearing it one week straight. 

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette


Suqqu Murasaki Dahlia Complete for Holiday 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

It is Friyay! This week was relatively hard for me and I am so happy it is over. New week, new start. As for the weekend, if you are in search for a great haul tomorrow is the big day these pretties will be released exclusively at Selfridges, online and in store. 

Right now Kimono Set (reviewed here) is available at Selfridges Online. One of the sets to be released this weekend are Murasaki Dahlia Complete with Blend Color Eyeshadow Ex-27 Hanashion and Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist Ex-18 Momosuishou.  The second set is called Murasaki Dahlia Eyes and has the same eye shadow palette but combined with Eyeliner Creamy Ex-03. Today I would like to share my thoughts on Murasaki Dahlia Complete Holiday Set. 

Suqqu Murasaki Dahlia Complete, Blend Color Eyeshadow Ex-27, Creamy Glow Lipstick Ex-18


Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015, Swatch, Review, Comparison & FOTD

I hope your week started well. Mine is a little cra(m)ppy but doing fine until now. Tomorrow I will be doing home office which is great for these type of situations. I will also try to go and pick up the pieces I reserved from Chanel Holiday. I can't wait. During the next days I will be showing lots of wonderful palettes and some more Holiday Make-up. I have a bunch of give-aways coming up soon too so stay tuned for those.

It took me longer than expected to write about Guerlain Holiday although the products were released at some online stores as early as 3 weeks ago. I kept waiting for the information from Guerlain Germany  which I didn't receive until many of the pieces were sold out online and in stores. I am hoping the reviews are still helpful though for some who can still find these. I believe some international online stores still have these in stock. I would like to start with the palette I picked up, Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles. This is not the most popular piece of the collection and doesn't have the snow design anywhere in the package but after being very much impressed with last year's Petrouchka Palette (reviewed here) I thought I give it a try. Was it like I hoped it would be? Here are my thoughts about it...

Guerlain Palette Ors Et Merveilles for Holiday 2015


Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette for Holiday 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It is that time of the month again when I start dropping things. You know what I mean? I dropped down a few eye make-up and managed to break them. I cant wait until this is over. All I am doing is now getting miserable and curling on the sofa. Today we attended a brunch party of a good old friend, which was fun! Oh and I ate too much. Give me sweets and leave me alone.

Gorgeous X-mas palettes are all over now. I have a few(!) to show you in the upcoming weeks. I would like to start by Clarins' Holiday Collection The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette. Ten-pan palettes of Clarins' have almost been a tradition now. I fell in love with the one from 2013 but didn't pick it up last year since I thought they were similar. This year's is more smoky with a good balance of matte and shimmery shades.  Also this year Clarins came up with a wonderful idea of planting a tree in Brazil for each Palette. I am loving this idea. I wore the palette a couple of times during the last week. My thoughts about it is after the jump.

Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette for Holiday 2015


Alaïa Paris Extrait de Parfum Review, Olfactory Painting of Perfume Mastery, Now Available in High Resolution

It is almost weekend! Although I still need to get ready for tomorrow's lecture I am seeing the Friday evening approaching to me with open arms, can't wait. Is anyone planning to go to see a movie? I might check out James Bond. Or maybe another one on the couch depending on my mood. Alternatively we might go for a cocktail or two so that I can write another funny post.

Today I have one of the most luxurious treats you can think of for your holiday wish list. I have been literally obsessing over Alaïa Paris Eau de Parfum (reviewed here) during the last two months. I almost reached for no other fragrance but Alaïa everyday since weeks. I emptied around one third of my 100 ml flacon, which is almost unheard of considering the size of my perfume stash. 

The complexity of Alaïa's fragrance makes it a hard-to-find-gem among the designer perfumes, especially once it is combined with its office-friendly sillage and great longevity. And if you already loved the olfactory painting it offers, it is available in higher resolution version for Holiday season. It now comes in a luxurious 20 ml Extrait de Parfum flacon! *happy sigh*.

Alaïa Paris Extrait de Parfum


Suqqu Kimono Duo for Holiday 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you had a great start in the week. I don't work on mondays so mine is always starting great. Today I went to the city to pick up some pieces of MAC Magic Of The Night Collection which I missed during the online launch. I will post about these later on. In the evening I ended up having some hiccups due to terrible sample distribution from one of the brands. That on top of getting ready for tomorrow's lecture. I am ready for the weekend! LOL.

Today I have a real collector's item to show you. Suqqu is going to release Kimono Duo, a set consisting of Glow Nuance Face Color Ex-02 in lovely golden hues and Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist Ex-19 in Crimson Red. The inspiration behind the set is traditional Japanese craft techniques Kindami (金彩, gold leaf painting) and Benisome (紅染, dyeing with a special flower). I decided to put my red Kimono which I picked during one of my visits to Japan in good use and posed with it for this FOTD, intrigued?

Suqqu Kimono Duo for Holiday 2015 featuring Glow Nuance Face Color Ex-02 and Creamy Glow Lipstick Ex-19


Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015, Swatch, Review & FOTD

Another weekend flew away. Hope yours was more productive. Today I was watching outside, and suddenly it got dark around 16:00, partly because of the days getting shorter but partly because it was so foggy. I am all ready for Spring haha! 

Today I have one of the three Eye Tints from Giorgio Armani's Holiday Collection Luxe is More, #18 Silver Mirage. I checked the collection in person but they didn't have the eye tints so I had to order one sight unseen. I was thinking to pick up the palette but ended up skipping it due to the fact that it reminded me of Duty Free Palettes which look like they can do everything but end up doing nothing right. Luxe is More Collection is inspired by Hollywood make-up with light shimmery eye lids and red lips. There are a few very gorgeous lipsticks in the collection. If I can manage to give Silver Mirage back tomorrow, I will pick one of them. Yes you have heard right, I am not very happy with it, so here is why...

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #18 Silver Mirage for Holiday 2015

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