Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope Review & Comparison

On Friday I got some of the packages my friend Mari sent me from US. I was waiting for them impatiently for the last weeks. Sometimes I think the worst thing about having the blog is not to be able to touch things before making thousands of picture. So I spent yesterday taking photos and trying some of them. One of the products I was most curious about was Le Métier de Beauté's Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope
At the beginning of this months, Summer Night's Dream was released exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman.  The colors appeared a bit cool for my complexion but I decided to take the risk. After all there is always a warmer color to tweak the over all look by using Couches de Couleur (layering of colors) technique.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope
The shades are given as follows by Le Métier de Beauté:

Midsummer: Silk ivory with opaque pink finish (Tier #1)
Fairyland: Chrome metal with silver flecked (Tier #2)
Athenians: Red-bronzed copper (Tier #3)
Love-in-idleness: Dark stormy blue (Tier #4)

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope, all tiers

After I swatched all the shades in person, these are my own descriptions:

Tier #1: Ivory with pink subtle shimmer, satin finish, very pigmented, complex and buttery
Tier #2: Silvery mauve leaning taupe with large silver glitters, metallic finish with glitters, gorgeous complex color, very pigmented, buttery
Tier #3: Mid-toned bronze brown, I don't find it very red and not very metallic to call copper, satin finish, pigmented and buttery but not that complex in shimmer compared to the first two shades.
Tier #4: Deep blue leaning slightly purple, more matte than satin, a bit dry and not that much pigmented, for the below swatch I had to swipe it several times.

Swatch under sun light: Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope

If you are wondering how it compares to recently released Kaleidoscopes, I took some photos comparing close shades to those of Summer Night's dream. The first shade, midsummer is almost the same as Oyster (tier #1) from Femme Fatale (previously reviewed here). Midsummer has slightly more pink hue, but once swatched they are almost identical.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #1 vs. Femme Fatale Tier #1

The second shade, Fairyland, is my favorite shade. I would never think that I would love a silver leaning shade, since most silvers doesn't work on my complexion but this one is leaning slightly mauve. The base color is very complex and once combined with silver flecks, it is gorgeous. The closest color I found from recent Kaleidoscopes is tier #2 of Bauhaus, which leans slightly more silver and doesn't have the silver flecks. 

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #2 vs. Bauhaus Tier #2

The third tier of Summer Night's Dream, called Atheniens, is a mid-toned bronze shade. Once compared to first tier of Bauhaus from Holiday 2012 collection, Athenians is lighter and leans slightly more pink as opposed to Bauhaus tier#2 leaning more orange.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #3 vs. Bauhaus Tier #1

The last tier of Summer Night's dream has a gorgeous name, Love-in-idleness. This is the color I am least enthusiastic about. It is a bit drier in texture compared to the other shades. Since it is the darkest color, I would love to apply it on the crease for definition but for that I really needed long time and many brush strokes before it even showed up. I think next time I have to try using this one wet and maybe starting with the crease first. On the other hand, this is the most unique color, different than the ones in Femme Fatale or Bauhaus. The closest is the matte shade at the last tier of Femme Fatale, which is significantly more purple.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #4 vs. Femme Fatale Tier #4

I swatched all the colors to give a better idea of how close they are, in case you already have Bauhaus and Femme Fatale and would like to recreate Summer Night's Dream look, you can use Femme Fatale Tier #1 & #4 and Bauhaus Tier #1 & #2.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream vs. Bauhaus vs. Femme Fatale Kaleidoscopes 

And lastly here is how they look like on my eyes once layered. I started with SND1 on the inner corner, used SND2 (my favorite shade) on whole lid, warming it up slightly with SND3 on the outer corner. I then defined the crease and outer most corner with SND4. I used SND2 &SND3 along the lower lash line. I completed the look with Chanel Stylo eye pencils in Black Shimmer along the upper lash line, Taupe along the lower lash line and Silver Light on the corner of the eye. I added Le Volume de Chanel mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope in action

Final thoughts:  Bergdorf Goodman exclusive Kaleidoscope of Le Métier de Beauté offers a nice smokey eye look for this summer, which is rather on the cooler side. My favorite is the second tier shade, Fairyland. It has some mauve undertone which helps medium complexions pull off this look and offers a gorgeous complex color which I can see myself using alone for a easy mono chrome dust of color. If you prefer warm colors, the third bronze shade might come in handy for layering. All in all I love summer Kaleidoscope, only i wished the darkest matte color would be a bit more pigmented. If you have Bauhaus and Femme Fatale, you may want to recreate Summer Night's Dream using similar colors. Summer Night's dream is 95$ and available only in Bergdorf Goodman, you have to call them since it is not available online.

Does these shades tempt you? Will you be checking Summer Night's Dream out?


Blog Post Series, Tom Ford Quads V: Naturals with a Twist: #02 Cognac Sable, #06 Burnished Amber

Today's post is about two gorgeous Tom Ford palettes as an addition to my ongoing effort in reviewing all Tom Ford Palettes. Check out here to learn more about this blog series and what is already reviewed.

Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable (right), #06 Burnished Amber (left)
If you are searching for naturals, go ahead and check Golden Mink and Cocoa Mirage but if you want something different, like a statement eye without being too colorful, Cognac Sable or Burnished Amber might be your palette. Burnished Amber was my first Tom Ford Quad ever and it is the one responsible of me purchasing all the others, which may give you an idea about how much I like it. It is one quad to which I reach for very often. Cognac Sambe is a cooler alternative to Burnished Amber, meaning the shades are very similar but rather on the cooler side of the spectrum once compared to Burnished Amber.

Burnished Amber has four satin shades and no glitter shade, it is composed of:
  • Warm golden beige with satin finish (top left)
  • Deep vivid pink leaning reddish brown (top right)
  • A warm burgundy leaning plum, satin finish (bottom left)
  • Golden bronze brown with complex shimmer, satin shimmery finish (bottom right)
Cognac Sable has three satin and one glitter eye shadows, shades are as follows:

  • Warm golden beige with satin finish (top left)
  • Pigmented copper glitter shade (top right)
  • A cool mid-toned brown with satin finish (bottom left)
  • A deep cool black brown leaning plum with satin finish (bottom right)

Close up: Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable (right), #06 Burnished Amber (left)

Top left shades are almost the same in both quads. Also the bronze shade (bottom right) of Burnished Amber comes close to the mid-brown shade of Cognac Sable (bottom left). The main difference is the darkest shades and the availability of the glitter shade in Cognac Sable. In my opinion, Cognac Sable is one of the palettes the woman with blue eyes should own. I can see the copper shade making blue eye pop. I find Burnished Amber working on my eye color pretty good, if the purpose of the application would be to make the eyes pop.

Swatches under sun: Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable vs. #06 Burnished Amber

Burnished Amber can be used from very light to very intense eye looks. I usually find the pink shade very hard to use on my coloring so I got used to applying the pink shade (top right) along the lower lash line and the beige (top left) to the inner corner, bronze (bottom right) to the lid and the darkest color (bottom left) to the crease and outer corner for definition.

In-action: Tom Ford Quad #06 Burnished Amber intense application

If I want to go for a more natural, less intense application (something like a summer look, such as this one), then i use the beige (top right) shade all over the lid and define it with bronze shade (bottom right). I then use the darkest (bottom left) shade as an eye liner and lightly along the lower lashes.

In-action: Tom Ford Quad #06 Burnished Amber softer application

I apply the lightest beige shade to the inner corner of the eyes (top left) and mid-toned brown (bottom left) to the upper lid for the below look with Cognac Sable. I define the crease with the darkest shade (bottom right). I pick up some glitter shade with my finger and gently pad it on the lid for an extra drama.

In-action: Tom Ford Quad in #02 Cognac Sable

Final thoughts: Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable and #06 Burnished Amber are for natural lovers who would like more some drama and a change. Cognac Sable has aone glitter shade as opposed to Burnished Amber having only satins. Both can be applied lighter for softer eye look. Burnished Amber is one of my favorite Tom Ford Quads, I encourage you all to check these two out.

Have you checked thos two out? What are your impressions?


Dior Vernis #658 Capeline from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

Going on with introducing the items I picked from Dior Summer Mix Collection, today it is a juicy water melon on your tips, Dior Vernis #658 Capeline. It is a red leaning pink, not quiet coral since it is more between red and pink, not between pink and orange if this makes sense.

Dior Vernis #658 Capeline from 2013 Summer Mix Collection 

Once on the nails, it reminds me of water melon, which I like very much and I loved it. Until I was like,  wait a minute, there was a water melon color at Dior's Cruise Collection (check out Pat's blog for swatches), #658 Pasteque. The same number!

Indoor swatch: Dior Vernis #658 Capeline from 2013 Summer Mix Collection 

Then it was clear that I had at least one dupe in my stash of the new (!) color I purchased. I found four more colors, each being very close. Fracas is much closer to Capeline than it is to Creoles (previously reviewed here). Lucky is slightly darker and redder than Capeline, but very close. Lancome Rose Macaron from their recent spring collection is an affordable alternative which is also very close in color, leaning just so slightly more pink.

Dior Vernis #658 Capeline and comparison to closer colors
Dior Vernis #658 Capeline and comparison to closer colors

All in all a nice summer shade but very dupable, if you have any of these shades in your stash you can easily skip it. I must admit as juicy as Capeline is, I still like Creoles and Sunnies more. In terms of formula, as I already pointed out Capeline is au pair with other shades of this collection, great consistency and coverage, self leveling, in other words a breeze to work with. 

Outdoor swatch: Dior Vernis #658 Capeline from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

Final thoughts: Dior Vernis #658 Capeline is a nice summer shade, great formula, true creme, opaque with two coats. It is the same color which was recently released by Dior for Cruise Collection, with the same number (#658) but different name (Pasteque). Other than this, it is also very close to other recent releases such as Chanel Fracas and Dior Lucky. If you don't have such a shade in your stash, be sure to check it out.

Do you like water melon? What about water melon on your fingers?

Illamasqua Paranormal Palette, Review & Swatches

Before closing all the paranthesis I previously opened, such as reviews of Dior Summer Mix and Tom Ford  Quads, I would like to introduce another product I recently tested, eye shadow palette from Illamaqua's Paranormal Collection for this summer.

Being an avid collector and admirer of Illamasqua nail polishes, I had to have all the three nail polishes released with summer collection. How cool is that that they glow under UV black light! I was waiting for the right moment to order them and heard about a one hour midnight sale of Illamasqua. It was 50% off everything! Although the servers were very slow and it took me almost an hour to get the things I would like in the basket, I was lucky enough to be able to order the three polishes and the eye shadow palette from the same collection. I was not planning to get the palette but after seeing everything would cost less than what it normally does for just three nail polishes, I was sold.

Paranormal Palette from Illamasqua Summer Collection 2013

Eye shadow palette has the same name as the collection, Paranormal. It consists of four creme eye shadows, which are defined to be "water-resistent" by Illamasqua. They are also announced to be very long lasting, so I couldn't wait to try them out. When I received the palette, I was a bit disappointed to see that purple eye shadow was out of the metal housing and was stuck on the pink one. The green one was also loose together with its housing. I pressed the purple one back into the pan and stuck the green one with a double sided tape. I didn't complain about the issue and I was so taken by the colors once I applied them on my arm for the following swatches. The shades in the palette are: A pinkish red, a mid-toned orange, a yellow based green and a mid-toned violet. They have a gorgeous glow under the sun. I would define this as a pearly sheen, which slightly changes color once moved. I couldn't wait to apply it on my eyes.

Swatch with full sun: Paranormal Palette from Illamasqua Summer Collection 2013

This kind of colors are not easy to use everyday but on a gorgeous sunny sunday, I took my Illamasqua Paranormal Palette out and applied each color with my fingers. I used the orange on the inner corner, green on the center lid and along the lower lashes, violet to the outer half of the lid. The colors were a bit more sheer than I would expect them to be, so I applied these by layers, building up the intensity. I was happy with the result, especially under the sun the sheen was very pretty.

In Action: Paranormal Palette from Illamasqua Summer Collection 2013, fresh after applied

I was very excited to write this review until... I looked in the miror two hours later. Starting from my crease there was almost nothing left! All these layers I applied were all gone! I took the following photo four hours later just because I was at home by then. One more thing I have to mention is that, this is the first eye shadow which ever creased on me! I don't have oily lids and I never thought I would be mentioning creasing/fading issue on my blog.

In Action: Paranormal Palette from Illamasqua Summer Collection 2013, four hours after applied

Final thoughts: I love Illamasqua, I am crazy about their motto, their creative products and collections. I am also an avid collector of their nail polishes and I love each and every one of them. I was not expecting to get so disappointed with one of their products. You can say that I was caught off-guard with that one! Despite the beautiful sheen, Illamasqua Paranormal palette doesn't meet the premises, it is neither water-resistent, nor long-wearing. It is not even normal-wearing. A definite miss for me, even if it was 50% off!

Have you checked out Illamasqua's Paranormal Collection? What are your picks? Have you tried any other Illamasqua creme eye shadow, how did it perform?


Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

After the quick swatches of recently released Dior Summer Mix nail polishes, I would like to go on with a proper comparison post for each of  the lovely vibrant summer shades.

Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies is a mid-toned orange coral, which is very wearable and lovely for the summer. It is perfectly opaque with two coats. The consistency is not too thick or thin and provides an easy self leveling application. Lovely formula.

Swatch with two coats: Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

I compared sunnies to similar shades from my stash. Dior Bikini is darker and leans more nude/beige. Dior Delice has a similar base color but has glitter particles, Chanel Lilis leans more red/coral and darker. Dior Riviera is similar but leans slightly more red. Lancome Peach Melody is similar, slightly darker. Chanel Distraction leans more pink. One can think of Sunnies as the orange twin sister of Riviera, they are very close but not the same.

Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies and comparison to similar colors
Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies and comparison to similar colors

One more swatch before I quit. All in all I like Sunnies because orange is one of my favorite colors, (of course after purple ;-)) but it is not easy to find an orange nail polish which is not very coral, not neon and wearable, therefore Sunnies is a hit for me.

Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies under direct sun light.

Do you like orange on your tips and toes for summer? What is your favorite orange nail polish?


Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2013 Complete Swatches, #448 Sunnies, #658 Capeline, #678 Creoles and #858 Tie&Dye

Remember the packet I was waiting for from Italy? It arrived today! This would be the good news, so I started playing with four new Dior Vernis from Summer Mix Collection. Before I start comparing them with similar colors, here comes first swatches. Hope you enjoy it. 

Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2013

Bad news? These won't be released in Germany (probably they will be exclusive to Kadewe Berlin). If you are in Germany and decide to purchase them, check out Sephora France. Currently they also have 20% off, so this may compensate 13,50 EUR shipping cost. 

Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2013 

I would like to start with my favorite #678 Creoles, which I swatches and compared already yesterday for you. Perfect formula and very glossy finish. It is a true creme like all the other Summer Mix shades. Below swatches are done with two coats. I made one indoors and one outdoors swatch to give you a better idea of the shade.

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles, outdoor
Dior Vernis #678 Creoles, indoor

Next one is what disappointed me slightly, after finding out that it is the same color with #658 Pasteque, thus the same number. Pasteque was released at the end of last year together with lovely and unique shades such as Lime and Mango. Dior Vernis #658 Capeline is a water melon shade as the name Pasteque suggests (means water melon in french). This one is a lovely reddish pink, also close to Dior Lucky from last year. Comparison post is coming up. Great formula again, perfectly opaque in two coats, self leveling and glossy in finish.

Dior Vernis #658 Capeline, outdoor
Dior Vernis #658 Capeline, indoor

Next comes a beautiful orange shade, #448 Sunnies. It is a great wearable orange which is not neon (e.g. Illamasqua Gamma) nor too pale (e.g. Chanel June).  This one is a bit brighter than last year's summer shade Bikini, which was was leaning more nude. Sunnies has great formula, again self leveling and opaque in two layers. Comparison swatches coming up soon. Below it is swatched indoor and outdoor to give a better feeling of its color.

Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies, outdoor
Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies, indoor

Last shade is #858 Tie&Dye. I can't understand the name, but the color is a superb poppy red leaning very slightly orange. This is almost identical to the base color of Diablotine, which I fell in love with. I also found another close color from Tom Ford, which I will be talking about shortly once I finish working on the comparison swatch photos. Until now enjoy the indoor and outdoor swatches. Again creme, glossy, opaque in two coats and self leveling. Last word: love!

Dior Vernis #858 Tie&Dye, outdoor
Dior Vernis #858 Tie&Dye, indoor

As the comparison post is being prepared, enjoy a sneak peek...

Sneak Peek of comparisons of Dior Summer Mix comparison
Edit: You can see the comparison posts here:

Final thoughts: Four new Vernis summer shades from Dior have consistent formula throughout the collection. It is a breeze to work with, opaque in two coats (almost in one coat), not too thick or thin and self-leveling. The nail polishes are all cremes and they dry to a glossy finish. All in all I am sure it will please Dior nail polish fans. Just one thing to note is that Capeline is the same color as previously released Pasteque, both having the number 658. Summer Mix nail polishes are released together with four creme blushes to match the nails. Bad news for Germany, this release is very exclusive and won't be coming to all the counters. If you want to get them, check out other countries in Europe. Sephora France already has these.

Checked out Dior's summer mix yet? What are your picks?

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

Dior's Summer Mix 2013 started to appear on the counters in some of the countries such as US, UK and Canada. They are still not here in Germany but with a bit of determination, it was possible to get my hands on them. Three of the four shades are on their way from Italy to me, the fourth shade entered Color Me Loud Headquarters yesterday night, Dior Vernis #678 in Créoles...

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

This one was definitely the right one to come first and make me get excited for the other three even more. I guess it is going to be my favorite of the bunch by just considering the promo photos, since this is the one with the most blue in it! I am a sucker for blue based hot pink shades, one of my all time favorite nail colors being African Violet from Tom Ford must say it all. Dior #678 Créoles is not violet but borderline to fuchsia. It just stops at the point a pink stops being pink anymore, if this makes sense. On the photos it look less blue based. In reality it is also a tad brighter and slightly darker.

Outdoor swatch with direct sun light: Dior Vernis #678 Creoles from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

Formula wise Créoles is nail polish junkie's dream. Opaque with almost one coat, Créoles is self leveling and has a good consistency, not too thick or thin. Shade wise some of you may be thinking it is very dupable. I brought it together with similar Dior and Chanel shades. I went through my stash and found the most similar colors. Some other colors which are not included in this review are not very similar, such as Chanel #339 Cassis (more blue based and darker), Chanel #441 Cherry (redder), Chanel Riviera #537 (less blue based pink, lighter), Guerlain #165 Champs-Elysée (less blue based, redder) and Chanel #561 Suspicious (more red and darker).

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles and similar shades

The most similar Dior shade to Créoles is Dior #579 Plaza, which is more pink, less blue based and lighter once applied. Chanel #547 Pulsion is pretty close in shade but matte in finish, not glossy like Créole. Chanel #217 Splendour is significantly darker and recently released Chanel #571 Fracas is almost a coral once compared to Créole (more yellow based).

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles and comparison to similar shades
The closest of the two Chanel shades color and texture wise are #519 Rose Exuberant, which is a tic more red and darker and an older discontinued shade #111 Boa, which is a tic lighter and appears more pink. I haven't found a direct dupe to Créoles in my stash but I believe if one searches in drugstore, there should be a few shades which are close enough. Nevertheless I enjoy the superb quality and "just right" color of this true hot pink while writing these lines with Créoles on my nails.

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles and comparison to similar shades

One more picture to enjoy... Getting inpatient for the rest of the colors...

Another outdoor swatch with direct sun light: Dior Vernis #678 Creoles

Final thoughts: Vernis #678 Créoles is one of the four new nail polishes from Dior, released together with their four new creme blushes for this summer. Perfect in quality and finish, it is also in one of the colors I can't resist. I think this shade can be used throughout the year since it is not very vibrant nor very dark or light and also exactly between pink and fuchsia or pink and violet, Créoles is just right. Love!

Have you checked Summer Mix of Dior? What about the creme blushes?


Blog Post Series, Tom Ford Quads IV: Naturals, #01 Golden Mink & #03 Cocoa Mirage

The blog post series go on with two of the mostly owned/spoken/reviewed/worn palettes of Tom Ford. I am taking about the holy grail matte palette #03 Cocoa Mirage and the most sparkly neutral I have ever seen, #01 Golden Mink.

Tom Ford Quads: #01 Golden Mink (right) & #03 Cocoa Mirage (left)

Although they look similar in the pan, they are very different once applied. Cocoa Mirage is composed of three matte and one satin shade. Golden Mink on the other hand has two glitter shades and two satins. Golden Mink was sent to me by Mari from US, and on the way the upper left golden sparkle shade was broken. I pressed it back with my fingers, this is why you see the texture looks a bit different but it is completely intact.

Tom Ford Quads: #01 Golden Mink & #03 Cocoa Mirage

The below swatch is taken by applying the shades by swiping once with my fingers. The photo is taken under direct sun light. Cocoa Mirage is composed of an off-white (top left) matte, a mid toned warm matte brown (tom right), a darker reddish satin brown (bottom left) and a dark chocolate brown (bottom right). Golden Mink offers two glitter shades, golden glitter on transparent base (top left) and peachy glitter (top right), a gorgeous satin taupe brown (bottom left) and a dark satin bronze brown (bottom right).

Swatch under full sun: Tom Ford Quads #01 Golden Mink & #03 Cocoa Mirage
Although can be used on a daily basis for a gorgeous natural day-time look, I find myself not reaching for Cocoa Mirage often. I find this one a bit boring but I can see that some may like it for the easy polished look it provides. If you want to go for a bold lip look, this may also come in handy. For the following eye make-up, I used the off-white (top left) at inner corner, mid toned brown (top right) on the lid and on the lower lash line, defined the look with two darker shades (bottom left and right) on the outer lid and crease. I also used the darkest shade as eye liner.

Tom Ford Quad #03 Cocoa Mirage in action

Two glitter shades? I never could understand why would you need a second one. I would opt rather for a highlighter shade instead of one of them if I could choose. Nevertheless I like the results once they are both padded on the lid. For the following look I used my favorite taupe shade (bottom left) all over the lid and defined it with the dark bronze brown (bottom left). Mixed them both and applied along the bottom lashes. I then padded the peachy glitter (top right) on the whole lid and golden glitter (top left) on the inner lid. Golden Mink is another quad I don't reach often for (more often than Cocoa Mirage though), nevertheless I like it once worn.

Tom Ford Quad #01 Golden Mink in action

Final thoughts: Although they look similar in the pan, Tom Ford Quads in #01 Golden Mink and #03 Cocoa Mirage are very different once applied. If you love matte eye shadows, simple effortless chic date time looks without much drama on eyes, Cocoa Mirage is your palette. If you want more sparkle, glitter but still choose to stay neutral, be sure to check out Golden Mink.

Which one is your favorite?

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