Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2013 Complete Swatches, #448 Sunnies, #658 Capeline, #678 Creoles and #858 Tie&Dye

Remember the packet I was waiting for from Italy? It arrived today! This would be the good news, so I started playing with four new Dior Vernis from Summer Mix Collection. Before I start comparing them with similar colors, here comes first swatches. Hope you enjoy it. 

Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2013

Bad news? These won't be released in Germany (probably they will be exclusive to Kadewe Berlin). If you are in Germany and decide to purchase them, check out Sephora France. Currently they also have 20% off, so this may compensate 13,50 EUR shipping cost. 

Dior Vernis Summer Mix 2013 

I would like to start with my favorite #678 Creoles, which I swatches and compared already yesterday for you. Perfect formula and very glossy finish. It is a true creme like all the other Summer Mix shades. Below swatches are done with two coats. I made one indoors and one outdoors swatch to give you a better idea of the shade.

Dior Vernis #678 Creoles, outdoor
Dior Vernis #678 Creoles, indoor

Next one is what disappointed me slightly, after finding out that it is the same color with #658 Pasteque, thus the same number. Pasteque was released at the end of last year together with lovely and unique shades such as Lime and Mango. Dior Vernis #658 Capeline is a water melon shade as the name Pasteque suggests (means water melon in french). This one is a lovely reddish pink, also close to Dior Lucky from last year. Comparison post is coming up. Great formula again, perfectly opaque in two coats, self leveling and glossy in finish.

Dior Vernis #658 Capeline, outdoor
Dior Vernis #658 Capeline, indoor

Next comes a beautiful orange shade, #448 Sunnies. It is a great wearable orange which is not neon (e.g. Illamasqua Gamma) nor too pale (e.g. Chanel June).  This one is a bit brighter than last year's summer shade Bikini, which was was leaning more nude. Sunnies has great formula, again self leveling and opaque in two layers. Comparison swatches coming up soon. Below it is swatched indoor and outdoor to give a better feeling of its color.

Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies, outdoor
Dior Vernis #448 Sunnies, indoor

Last shade is #858 Tie&Dye. I can't understand the name, but the color is a superb poppy red leaning very slightly orange. This is almost identical to the base color of Diablotine, which I fell in love with. I also found another close color from Tom Ford, which I will be talking about shortly once I finish working on the comparison swatch photos. Until now enjoy the indoor and outdoor swatches. Again creme, glossy, opaque in two coats and self leveling. Last word: love!

Dior Vernis #858 Tie&Dye, outdoor
Dior Vernis #858 Tie&Dye, indoor

As the comparison post is being prepared, enjoy a sneak peek...

Sneak Peek of comparisons of Dior Summer Mix comparison
Edit: You can see the comparison posts here:

Final thoughts: Four new Vernis summer shades from Dior have consistent formula throughout the collection. It is a breeze to work with, opaque in two coats (almost in one coat), not too thick or thin and self-leveling. The nail polishes are all cremes and they dry to a glossy finish. All in all I am sure it will please Dior nail polish fans. Just one thing to note is that Capeline is the same color as previously released Pasteque, both having the number 658. Summer Mix nail polishes are released together with four creme blushes to match the nails. Bad news for Germany, this release is very exclusive and won't be coming to all the counters. If you want to get them, check out other countries in Europe. Sephora France already has these.

Checked out Dior's summer mix yet? What are your picks?


  1. Dior seems to occasionally rename their nail polish which is not a good thing as it can lead to confusion for the consumers. I remember they renamed Nude Chic (#219) to Safari Beige (#219) last time.

    1. I know... Also Orchid and Black Plum (#981 both). I was not informed before so purchased them both too!


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