Dior Vernis #858 Tie & Dye from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

Opening too many parenthesis in a beauty blog is a bad thing. Without finishing the reviews of summer shades, moving on to Fall shades is unexceptable *tisk tisk*. With all the posts piled up, today I would like to show you the last nail polish from Dior's Summer Mix Collection, #858 Tie & Dye.

Dior Vernis #858 Tie & Dye from 2013 Summer Mix Collection
Dior #858 Tie & Dye is a perfect summer red. It is sort of vibrant, pulls just slightly orange which makes it look fresh but it is not too bright either. I would call this to be a gorgeous poppy red. As I already mentioned before, the application is a breeze throughout the collection, perfectly opaque with two coats, not too thick or thin and self leveling. Also the finish is glossy but I still prefer to use top coat to improve longevity.

Dior Vernis #858 Tie & Dye from 2013 Summer Mix Collection

The base color of Dior #648 Diablotine is almost the same as #858 Tie&Dye but Diablotine has glitter. Tom Ford Coral Blame is pretty close but just a tad darker and more red. Guerlain #143 Nahema is also a close shade but lighter and more orange. Chanel Coromandel was the closest Chanel shade I found for this comparison, which was significantly darker and more red once applied.

Dior Vernis #858 Tie & Dye vs. similar colors from my stash

You can see better how the colors compare in the close-up following photo. The closest shade is Tom Ford's Coral Blame, which I think has a misleading name because it is more of a red than coral. Sorry for the typo in the photos. You can see that I didn't get enough sleep last night. Yes it is

Tie & Dye
Tie & Die
Tye & Die

This name doesn't make any sense anyway. After YSL's Tie & Dye collection maybe Tie & Die would be a more proper name for this nail polish! 

Dior Vernis #858 Tie & Die and nail wheel comparison of similar colors

Before I finish, one more eye candy if you still haven't decided. I think Tie & Dye is one of the unique colors of the collection. I love the formula, I love the shade. I only have problem with the name.

Dior Vernis #858 Tie & Dye

Are you getting Tie & Dye? Do you know of any similar shades by other nail polish brands?



  1. Thanks for swatching it and for the useful comparison wheel. I agree on the resemblance to Diablotine, I love that shade and when I saw Tye & Dye (weird name, I agree) in a store I thought they were really close (sparkles excluded).

    1. You're welcome. I agree with you on Diablotine and Tie&Dye. My heart belongs to Diablotine though, because it is unique with its sparkles. :-)

  2. It was late and I was confused too...Just today I realized I wrote Tye istead of Tie :-P
    I love the microflakes in Diablotine (and other Dior Addict polishes) too!

    1. LOL, yes so you understand why I wrote Tie Die at all the pictures! ;-)
      I love those flakes too, I was just wearing princess yesterday but still my fav is Diablotine. I also checked your Diablotine swatches, gorgeous!


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