YSL Palette City Drive Classy Wet & Dry Eyeshadows from Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

The second palette from City Drive Editions of Yves Saint Laurent's Wet & Dry Eyeshadow formula is a natural one called "Classy" as opposed to the other one in this collection being crazy, vibrant and sparkly (check out the review here). 

YSL Palette City Drive Classy Wet & Dry Eyeshadows from Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

YSL offers something for all. If you are after some special occasions makeup product then Palette "Arty" can be for you. If you are a natural lover or would like a day-time look product, YSL offers "Classy"for you. I usually like trying unusual combinations. You can say that I am rather brave when it comes to applying color on the eyes so I was expecting that my favorite of this collection would be "Arty" palette. 

YSL Palette City Drive Classy (right) Arty (left) Wet & Dry Eyeshadows from Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

After applying both of the palettes though, the unexpected happened. I fell in love with "Classy" Palette, so much that I tweeted a few day ago these lines " I am officially in love with YSL City Drive Classy Quad. I think it is THE natural palette of Fall 2013". Now let's see why I was so blown away... 

Close-up: YSL Palette City Drive Classy Wet & Dry Eyeshadow

YSL Classy Palette reads quiet warm with three shades out of four, which are all satin without many shimmer. They are even less shimmery than other similar colored YSL Pure Chromatics palettes from their permanent line. Then comes a rather metallic silver as the fourth shade, which makes you think what to do with this one, right? Before we come to the magic of the silver shade, let's check out these one by one:

  • A deep plummy brown with satin finish (upper left)
  • A light peachy champagne shade with satin finish (upper right)
  • A mid-toned warm bronze brown with satin finish (bottom left)
  • A cool silver with metallic finish (bottom right)

Swatch under sun: YSL Palette City Drive Classy
I started applying the peachy champagne (upper right) all over the lid, which makes a fabulous base color in my opinion. Its sheen is just right for the eye shadow not to be flat but it doesn't make it over the top. 

I defined my crease and the outer corner near the lash line in a C shape using the darkest color of the palette (upper left) using a fluffy blending brush like MAC 217. This shade is satin but with very subtle sheen, so does a perfect job in definition.

I added some more color from half of the lid towards the outer corner using the bronze shade (bottom left). I also applied this shade along the lower lash line.

At this point I had a nice warm brown smokey eye. I could just stop here but I think the unusual twist of the palette, the silver metallic shade, is what makes it special, so on to the next step...

I started padding the metallic silver shade (bottom right) onto the lid, concentrated on the inner corner, blending towards the outer corner. This gives some oomph and the little touch of coolness. You can adjust the coolness by padding more and less, making it appropriate for your skin tone or to the occasion (night vs. day). 

I also applied one coat of mascara for the following eye look. I think the photos don't give silver shade the justice. I was really checking it out all day, loving how it looked. It also stayed put all day long without smudging and fading even on a hot summer day.

In action: YSL Palette City Drive Classy

The closest Pure Chromatics eye shadow in my stash was #9, so here they are side by side, in case you already own it and would like to decide if new YSL Palette "Classy" is still worth the splurge.

Comparison of YSL Palette City Drive Classy vs. Pure Chromatics #9

As you can see from the swatches below, the shades are indeed close. YSL Pure Chromatics #9 leans all in all more rosa and less warm but again it doesn't have the silver shade of Classy Palette to cool things down as needed. I still find YSL City Drive Palette in Classy a good buy, even if you have #9 and find it to be different enough to own both.

Comparison swatches of YSL Palette City Drive Classy vs. Pure Chromatics #9

Final thoughts: I was expecting a lot from "Arty" Palette which was a bit too sparkly all over for my taste, lacking different textures and the formula didn't impress me as much as I wished. In return I was not expecting to love "Classy" Palette but I am blown away with the quality, the shades and the clever silver twist to the natural theme. Nothing but love! It is limited edition though, so be sure not to miss that one out.

Do you know another palette with warm naturals and silver metallic shade combined? Do you also find this combo irresistible or would you rather not go for it? 



  1. Once again, so pretty on you! What eye makeup removers do you use/recommend?

    1. Hi Xen, thanks for your comment!
      I don't like using oily removers unless my eye makeup is very heavy (like heavy liner on upper and lower water line etc.). I really love Bioderma Crealine.

  2. Great review, I just got this today and think it looks lovely. Can't wait to have a play!

    Expatmake-upaddict.blogspot.com xx

    1. You got it? Yay! Let me know how you like it!

  3. Great swatches - I wish i had better luck with YSL chromatics!! For some reason they turned a bit dry and powdery on me (Maybe I used them dry).

    1. Hi Jenni,
      you really need to go for wet application with these. You can get a mini spray bottle from drug store and spray just a little water before you dip your brush or applicator in the eye shadow. I promise you, you will be impressed ;-))

  4. This looks amazing on your eyes!! I have hazel green eyes, and you've just convinced me that this is a "must have" for me!! Amazing look you created with the classy palette:)

    1. Hi Ann-Marie,
      After playing with many, this one is one of my favorites among Fall 2013 releases. I am sure you will enjoy it. Thanks for your comment


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