Chanel #62 Presage, Le Blush Creme de Chanel from Superstition Collection for Fall 2013

I was interrupted by Armani Fall madness but now I am back on track. Going on with my review of Chanel Fall 2013 collection Superstition, today I would like to introduce you to Presage. It is one of the six shades of Chanel's new creme blush line, four of which are announced to be permanent. Presage is listed as limited edition together with an interesting burgundy shade called Fantastic. The packaging resembles Chanel's eye shadows and blushes but it is square and almost as sleek as their single eye shadows.

Chanel #62 Presage, Le Blush Creme de Chanel from Superstition Collection for Fall 2013

Presage appears as an intense apricot coral in the pan. Once applied and sheered out, it transforms to a pretty wearable coral on the cheeks which should be flattering for a wide range of skin tones. It is possible to build the intensity up until you look like a clown (which is a positive thing!).

Some blogs report that it dries like a powder, I would say it is not tacky after applied but on me it is not powdery either. I tried different ways to apply it: 
  • With fingers by lightly padding, 
  • With duo fibre blush (like MAC's new limited edition blush from Tropical Taboo collection, No. 159)
  • With Tom Ford creme foundation brush.
I love applying cosmetics with fingers, I got to feel the texture and the product is not wasted. For Le Blush Creme de Chanel though, I had similar experience with Sabrina from Beauty Look Book, once applied with fingers, it almost didn't last for the next three hours. With Duo Fibre brush it was slightly better but lasting power still needed improvement. I do my make-up in the morning before going to work and rarely take makeup with me for touch ups. Since I have normal skin, products usually last on me long, that is from 9am to 6 pm. I was first a little disappointed with Chanel creme blush, until I applied it with a dense brush, Tom Ford creme foundation brush in my case, using circular motions and working it into the skin, it lasted around 8 hours on me. On a side note, I am spoiled by Armani Brush Fabrics, which is a gel formula and last up to 12 hours on me so let's say I am very demanding ;-)

Close-up: Chanel #62 Presage, Le Blush Creme de Chanel

For comparison, I pulled out two similar shades and textures from my stash.YSL Creme Blush #6 and recently released creme blush from Dior in shade Panama (previously reviewed here). Once I run my fingers on them they have similar cremy consistency, but when I swatched, it showed some difference formula wise...

Comparison of  Chanel #62 Presage, Le Blush Creme de Chanel to similar blushes

I think the following swatch shows the difference in textures quiet well. For all of the three I used my fingers and one swipe on my arm after picking up some product. You can see that the shades are pretty close but Chanel Presage is definitely more pigmented, is more matte, it slides like butter and covers the area homogenously. I think this photo speaks for itself too.

Comparison swatches of  creme blushes, Chanel #62 Presage, YSL #6, Dior #651 Panama

I was blown away after the swatch, but would this smooth pigments transfer the same way onto my cheek during application? Since the shades of Dior Panama and Chanel Presage are very close, I decided to carry on an experiment. I applied Dior on my right cheek, Chanel on the left. 

Day #1, Test Dior vs. Chanel, application with fingers
I padded both Chanel Presage and Dior Panama with my fingers. I have to admit I liked how easy was to blend Dior, probably since it was a little less pigmented it was easy to make it look more natural. Dior lasted a few hours more than Chanel, beating it on the first round. 

Day #2, Test Dior vs. Chanel, application with a dense brush
I applied them again one on each cheek, this time using Tom Ford creme foundation blush for both at about 9am. At noon Dior was mostly faded and Chanel was like as if freshly applied. Afternoon Dior faded to almost nothing, leaving a very slight hint of color. Chanel was significantly there. Chanel won the second round.

A few more things to compare, Dior has 7 g of product, Chanel is only 2,5 g (0.09 OZ) and the price point is close, Chanel being slightly less expensive so you get more for your money from Dior but Dior creme blushes are all limited editions and almost sold out everywhere here, which makes it an argument against it. If you ask how I feel about it, I am going with Chanel because it does last me longer, although some of the "anyway tiny amount" of product goes to waste between the fluffy hairs of my lovely Tom Ford creme foundation brush.

Before I conclude, here is how I use Chanel creme blush
  1. I apply my base (below it is Guerlain BB Creme in shade Light 01).
  2. I apply the creme blush heavily on the apples of the cheeks (a little heavier than I would feel comfortable wearing it).
  3. I go with my Chanel Les Beiges powder in B20 on top to fix the base and the creme blush. Since I applied the blush heavily, it fades a little under the powder, giving me a natural look.

Chanel Presage in action, right side without,  left side with

Final thoughts: I like the smooth matte texture of new creme blushes, Le Blush Creme de Chanel. I found out that for my skin, it is crucial to apply it with a dense brush (like Tom Ford creme foundation brush) for it to last all day, which is very important for me. If you like applying creme blushes with your fingers, I recommend you check out Dior creme blushes from their recent Summer Mix collection which gave better performance with fingers.

Do you use creme blushes? Which formula is your favorite? How do you like to apply them?



  1. I almost always use my fingers (and disppointed with the wear time). I'm going to try one of my Tom Ford brushes and see if I can improve how long the Chanels last on me.

    This is so funny you were walking around testing two different ones on your face. No one noticed, right? :D

    1. Yes you should try using your piece of goat with these ;-)

      I went to work with two different blushes, no one noticed. But these are really close in shade. I suspect the engineers in the office anyway wouldn't notice if I would wear one coral one pink blush at once! ;-)))

      This gives me a fun idea :-Pp

  2. Hey Sara, thanks for such a detailed review! I'm still waiting to see these, and I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for the dense brush tip. I hope it'll work for me too!

    I love cream blushes especially in summer! For some reason it's something I associate with summer, though I know they'd definitely work well all year round ;)

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Chanel Fall collection should be in Europe and Asia very soon, like in a few weeks. I would recommend everyone purchase one creme blush before going crazy with those, since mileage may vary for every one.

      I see advantages of creme blushes also during winter, when the skin is looking rather dull and doesn't need that much powdering to fix things in place ;-)

  3. Saraaaa you look soooo cute..even with that squiggly line going down the face :D :D I love how Presage looks on you..not so great on me :| What have you used on your eyes? The colors look very pretty :)

    1. LOL! I wanted to add some artsy fartsy feeling with lines running down my face LOL!

      It is interesting that this color didn't work on you, have you tried it together with the matching lippie from the same collection. Oh I am dying for that one, gotta grab it soon :-)

      On eyes I have Chanel Mystere Quad, the one I was complaining about ;-) Glad you liked it!

    2. it does look pretty on you after all :D :D :D

      I did try it with the lipstick - Mystique, right? I don't hate the overall look, but it definitely doesn't look anywhere as pretty as it does on you..or Bellyhead :D

    3. LOL, actually I like Affinite more than Presage. This one is also a bit too orange for me but I am hoping it will look better after getting tiny bit of tan during my holidays.

  4. I had to return the Dior creme blush (in Capri), because I could almost watch the color fade on my cheeks. Honestly, I don't think it lasted 2 hours on me. I also experimented, but I used Dior vs. Laura Mercier creme blush, and LM had a nice color, easy to apply with my fingers and actually lasted more than double the wear time of the Dior. However, the winner for me was the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush (!), which lasted all day, beating both the Dior AND the Laura Mercier. At about $6 a pop, I went back and bought 4 more! After having said all that, I am still longing for the Chanel blush in Revelation (sigh)

    1. Hi Sassa,

      thanks so much for your tips on creme blushes. I also like LM, I own one in Canyon, it is a perfect natural color. After reading your comment, I am definitely checking out Maybelline Blushes too! If you want a long lasting one, check out Armani blush fabric, they are the longest lasting I have ever came across, but the formula is not creme, it is gel.

      That said, I think Chanel did a nice job with the formula and the colors are very pretty. It is just that everyone has to experiment a little to find the most long lasting application technique. I think the dense brush should work for many, if you try it out please let me know. I also got Affinite, the hot pink and I am eyeing Fantastic and Revelation, LOL.

  5. I've never tried cream blushes and I'm more than excited for this collection:-)

    this shade looks beautiful on you:-)

    1. Thanks so much! I am excited for your review on this blush. :-*

  6. Hello! I've just been to the chanel counter and saw this blush in action... it's absolutely STUNNING. It looks amazing on you! I don't mean to be annoying, since i know a lot of people probably ask you this, but it would mean the world to me if you'd check out my blog and follow via bloglovin' or otherwise! I've just started and i'm having a tough time getting my blog going, and it's been quite frustrating lately. if you have any tips for gaining traffic and just in general, i'd really appreciate it! I'd love to follow back just let me know :)
    xx Kristina

    1. Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for your comment. I just checked your blog, it really is a nice read. I followed you on bloglovin, waiting for your posts :-) Glad to know you.

  7. How much costs the Chanel cream blush? In Greece of crisis costs 44 euros! I am angry - sad and i refuse to buy it ! Big hugs from Greece! Amalia


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