Blog Post Series, Tom Ford Quads VI: Grey & Taupe: #05 Silvered Topaz, #10 Titanium Smoke

I started with a blog series a month ago to review all the quads from my Tom Ford Cosmetics collection. I have reviewed eight of these quads until now and today I would like to present you two more, #05 Silvered Topaz and #10 Titanium Smoke.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quads, #05 Silvered Topaz (left) and #10 Titanium Smoke (right)
Since grey eye shadows rarely work on me, I was very cautious with Silvered Topaz. When you are buying things sight unseen, without being able to play with them, just the name may turn you off. The word "silvered" was an indication for me that this should be left out of my collection. Then by chance, I have seen someone selling her lightly used quad for a reasonable price, so i decided to take this opportunity to try it out. I received it shortly before Christmas holidays and decided to take it with me to our travel to give it a try. I was without words after the first application, I felt like head over heels in love with this. So much that I ended up wearing it to the family lunch on second day of Christmas and each time I went to the bathroom to refresh my lipstick, I was staring at it in the window, admiring the look.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quads, #05 Silvered Topaz (left) and #10 Titanium Smoke (right)

#05 Silvered Topaz has the following shades:
  • Champagne glitter with transparent base (top left)
  • Mid-toned taupe gray with satin finish, looks almost metallic hence the name "silver" (top right)
  • Mauve taupe with satin finish (bottom left)
  • Plum brown with matte finish (bottom right)
I purchased Titanium Smoke after I started to come to the conclusion that I was collecting the quads and I needed to own each and every one of them. I was not very enthusiastic about the shades, since it was even more gray and therefore cooler than Silvered Topaz. It turned out to have a few really very pigmented shades with amazing formula though. Who has last seen such a deep dark black matte without any fallout? What about a true black packed with silver glitter which lasts and lasts? 

Here are the shades of #10 Titanium Smoke listed properly for reference:
  • Ivory glitter with transparent base. (top left)
  • Mid-toned cool gray with satin finish (top right)
  • A deep true black with matte finish (bottom left)
  • A black base with silver glitter, finish is borderline between metallic and glittery, meaning these glitters are a little smaller. (bottom right)

Swatched, photos taken under sun: Tom Ford Eye Color Quads, #05 Silvered Topaz vs. #10 Titanium Smoke

Althought #05 Silvered Topaz is said to be rather cool, it leans warm on my complexion. I prefer to use the taupe gray (top right) shade all over the lid as well as along the lower lashline, intensifying it starting from halfway to the outer lid with mauve taupe shade (bottom left). I then define the crease and the upper lashline with the matte brown (bottom right). I then pad champagne glitter all over the lid with my fingers and add a bit more glitter to the inner corner. This is one of my favorite quads of all time to which I find myself reaching over and over again!

In action: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #05 Silvered Topaz

For the following look with #10 Titanium Smoke, I used the gray (top right) shade all over the lid and along the lower lashes, defined the crease and outer corner with matte black (bottom left). At this point it looks like classical smokey eye. To give it the oomph effect, I  padded some ivory glitter (top left) to the inner corner as well as the silver glitter with black base (bottom right) on the lid, mixing both glitters for more drama. I then lined my eyes with black eye pencil and smudged it for a softer line. While smudging I used the black shade to also set the eye liner for longevity. 

I was in Douglas and SA in MAC counter was very much impressed by how funky the glitter was shining under the shop light and asked me which eye shadow I used. But the funny event was yet to come. After I wanted to pay for the lipstick I picked up from MAC Counter, the lady at the cashier asked me if she should also charge me for the night makeup! I didn't know if I should take it as a compliment (after all I have done it myself) or as a criticism (since it was day time!). Anyway, we can safely say that Titanium Smoke gives you the glittery smokey eye make up full of drama, which most of us would prefer for a night out or a special occasion.

In action: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #10 Titanium Smoke

Final thoughts: Looking for a dramatic glittery smokey eye palette? Check out Tom Ford #10 Titanium Smoke. Looking for the palette of your life? Buy Silvered Topaz now! Throughout the reviews some of you asked me which one is my favorite and I tell you know, it is surely Silvered Topaz. That being said I have read some reviews of Silvered Topaz turning too cool on some complexions, so once more for reference, I am NC20-25 (Chanel B20) with natural undertones and it is definitely pulling warm on me.

Which one is your favorite eye look? And what about your favorite TF Quad?



  1. Silvered Topaz looks stunning!!! I have yet to but a a TF eyeshadow quad & this looks like a great one to start with. I tend to turn most colors warm, & I'm guessing this would be no different but I don't mind bc this one looks so gorgeous on you!!

    1. Thanks Gummy, I think this looks flattering across skin tones because it is not too cool, not too warm, very natural looking but still slightly mauve, which I adore! If I would get only one Tf Quad, this would probably be it.

  2. Wow. Just wow. Titanium Smoke looks just stunning on you. One of the best looks I've ever seen on you. You look just gorgeous.

    1. It is very... Dramatic, LOL! Thanks so much for your kind words, I also liked the look with Titanium Smoke until the woman on the cashier asked me if I would like to pay for the evening make-up! ;-))

  3. WOW GORGEOUS! Both are stunning on you. That woman at the cashier was just jealous :-0!!!
    I want to get Silvered Topaz now, right now....

    1. Hi Silvita,

      LOL, thanks for your encouragement. I think everyone needs Silvered Topaz. I found the main color of that palette to be very close to cult eye shadow from Rouge Bunny Rouge called Delicate Hummungbird, which reminds me that I should edit this post and also add a comparison photo of these two.

    2. I don't have Delicate Hummingbird but I've seen other blogs totally loving it. Any taupe/shimmer/warm to cool fawn color and I just hand over my credit card and tell them, don't tell me the price--HAHAHAHA!!!
      I just bought Le Metier de Beaute's "Corinthian" eyeshadow--it's been available for a few years--but it is soooo gorgeous, a rich complex taupe.

    3. Oh I also want Corinthian for so long now, but it is all sold out here in Europe. I have once seen it briefly for 10 minutes then was sold out again :-( Have to check it more frequently!

  4. Replies
    1. LOL, yes yes yees you need Silvere Topaz Belly! ;-)

  5. Thank you so much for your review! I love how you wear Silvered Topaz! And I think you've sold me on Titanium Smoke!

    1. Thanks, boch are gorgeous, hope you enjoy TS too.

  6. Wow, Silvered Topaz looks like just the kind of pallette I need. I might even get that instead of Burnished Amber, which is sold out in the UK (oh dear!) and I can't find it ANYWHERE. Which brings me towards my question - If you have it Burnished Amber, may I ask you to suggest any dupes (like Inglot/MAC/etc.)? I know it wouldn't t the same as the real thing but it's absolutely gorgeous and no one sells it anymore :(

  7. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful on you! I need to test out these eyeshadow quads stat. Thanks for the review!



  8. I am so undecisive which quad to choose. I also have green eyes (with hint of yellow in them) and I have had my eye on Orchid haze, Silvered topaz and Cognac sable. I have swatched Orchid haze and Silvered topaz at Heathrow since I can't get this in my country. I have blond hair and fair skin and I'm NW20 or B22 Rose Beige in Chanel. I know I'm asking a difficult question but which do you think I should get? For reference I own Tisse Rivoli (which I love) and Bare Minerals the Truth palette. I know Tom Ford quality is out of this world but also very expensive so for my first quad I want to make a "right" decision. I could probably do with sparkle but I'm not sure if the Silvered topaz is a bit too cool or greyish otherwise...

  9. Hi Annie,
    I actually find Orchid Haze a little muddy on my skin tone. Others have reported it too, seems to be going better with warmer undertones. My favorite quad up to date is Silvered Topaz, so I am biased, I would get that one to any other Tom Ford Quad any day. If you have similar eye color to mine, I think you should go for it :-) It is not too cool, taupe it is, rather natural :-))

  10. Thank you so much for your recommendation! Yes I believe my eyes are the same colour as yours, at least it seems so ...:) Only I have blonde hair and probably more pink toned skin since NC colourings are usually showing up too yellow on me.

    Recently I have been obsessed with TM stuff. I travel a lot on business and every time I'm at Heathrow I hover around at TM counter. So far I have two lipsticks from him only (which I love by the way) but I am so looking forward to Friday since I'm going to splurge, another visit to Heathrow! I have my eye on Nude Vanilla lipstick, the quad (think it will be Silvered topaz) and maybe the Eye defining pen in deeper. Oh, his stuff is so lovely and gorgeous! Sigh :)

    Finally thank you so much for your great blog! Since already over a year now I have been finding really useful reviews from your blog. In fact think my final decision for getting Chanel Tisse Rivoli was based on your review. ;)

    Have a lovely spring!



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