Chanel Le Vernis #591 Alchimie from Superstition Fall 2013 Collection

Chanel released three new nail polishes (previously swatched here) with their Fall collection, which started to arrive on the shelves in US. One of them is a golden olive shade with a metallic finish called Alchimie.

Chanel Le Vernis #591 Alchimie from Superstition Fall 2013 Collection

Two of the shades are announced to join the permanent line while #591 Alchimie is going to be limited. Too bad they are not keeping Alchimie because I found this one to be the most unique of the three. To show you how unique it is, I pulled out some similar colors from my stash. The first one which comes to mind is #531 Peridot which is a golden green duo chrome. Alchemie is not duo chrome and the green shade leans more khaki so these two are not even similar.  Shades such as Chanel #525 Quartz, #37 Morocco (discontinued) or Dior #611 Exquis (discontinued) are much more brown. Chanel #479 Kaleidoscope seems to be similar in the bottle but once swatched it is more silver and lighter. Chanel Diwali is more golden, Chanel #367 Trapeze (discontinued) is much lighter.

Chanel Le Vernis #591 Alchimie vs. other similar colors from my stash

The closest shade to Chanel's #591 Achimie is YSL's Bronze Pyrite from their Spring 2013 Collection. Bronze Pyrite is definitely daker and leans more olive than Chanel #479 Kaleidoscope but still no dupe to Alchimie. I think that they are different enough to own them both.

Nail wheel comparison of Chanel Le Vernis #591 Alchimie and other similar shades

The formula of Alchimie is great, it is opaque with two coats. It is very slightly streaky which I think that is normal with metallic shades. I would like to stress this once more that Alchimie is limited edition, so if you have your eyes on it, you better act quick. For me it is a nice to have shade for my collection but since I am no olive or khaki fan, I could as well live without it.

Do you like olive shades on your nails? Are you planing to get any of Chanel Fall nail polishes?



  1. Replies
    1. I knew that you would like this particular one!

  2. Im a little off track here but Kaleidoscope is so pretttty! Wish I had started collecting earlier.

    Btw, your nails are perfect!!


    1. Thanks :-**

      Kaleidoscope was released in Fall 2008 (with Gold Rush Collection) I believe. You can find it in eBay, there are quiet a few and if you check regularly you may get a good deal. It is one of my all time favorite Chanel nail polish shades :-)


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