Sneak Peek: Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Kaleidoscope Collection, Swatches of six new Rouge D'Armani Shades

A quick sneak peek for Armani's Pre-fall collection, or some call it Fall 2013 Pre-release. First I got to see it here. Being an avid fan of their Eyes To Kill eye shadows and their Face&Eyes Palettes, I was very excited. Look at the promo picture below and see what I mean?

Sneak Peek: Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Make-up Collection Promo Photo (source)
The collection is composed of two new Face&Eye Palettes, six new Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows and six new lipsticks, here is the list:

Face & Eye Palette
#01 Blue-Violet Tones: Mystic Blue
#02 Brown-Green Tones: Venomous Green

Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow
30 Rose Popillia
31 June Beetle
32 Gold Hercule
33 Scarab Violetta
34 Blue Beetle
35 Silver Chafer

Rouge d’Armani

I was expecting the release in the beginning of August so yesterday when I have seen it on the Armani Counter, I literally went out of my mind.  Jumped in, made pictures, I was even too excited to properly swatch the products. I started playing around with them but also being in a hurry didn't help. So I purchased some(!) stuff quickly which is going to be the subject for the next post... 

Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Kaleidoscope Collection at Breuninger Giorgio Armani Counter, Stuttgart

... But as for the time being, here are the swatches of six new lipstick colors in formula Rouge D'Armani, #300, #409, #410, #610, #611, #612.  

Six new Rouge D'Armani Shades swatched

#300: This one is for orange lovers. 
#409: Close to 300 but more coral/red
#410: Red leaning pink.
#610: A warm plum
#611: A plummy brown
#612: A warm reddish brown

I haven't purchased any of the lipsticks but I am definitely going there again. Somehow I am not that adventurous with lipsticks so I don't buy before I try them on. I will let you know how they look on the lips after the tests so stay tuned.

  • Check out swatches of both of Face & Eye Palettes and see them in action, here
  • See the swatches and comparisons of five new Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows here.
  • See the new Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows in action here.

Is the collection also released in your country? Are you also so excited like me?



  1. Love love love! We are doomed this season.. :)))

    1. You are right, I was so excited to see those, I couldn't even swatch properly. Some of the lipstick shades were too close though. I have to see them on my lips before deciding.

  2. Hi
    Love ur swatches !!!
    Would u say the green in this new palette is similar to in the medusa pallette ?

    1. Hi Jo,

      thanks :-*

      I just swatched both of the greens in Medusa palette next to the middle shade from Venomous Green palette. This one is very different, real forest green, like green green with a tad of blue. The others are: khaki green with touch of gold, yellow green again with gold shimmer.

      I hope it helps. I took pictures too, I am going to add it to the post about palettes soon.

    2. Thank u for quick reply-I was sorta hoping u would say they were dupes then I would not HAVE to have this beauty!-Ill wait for your picks-it was your eye look that sold me on Medusa which I love-how did you get the green so strong on the eye-I find my medusa palette does not go as green as when as I just swatch them.still working on mastering them.

    3. For stronger color pay-off during application, these are a few tips:
      1. Using a primer: I use Nars Pro-prime regularly. This brings the color to life.
      2. Using a dense brush, my favorite is Hakuhodo G5507. Tapping motion instead of sweeping also helps building up the color.
      3. Build in layers, add more and more of the color by time. For example after defining the crease come back on the lid and add more color.
      4. If the eye shadow formula allows it, spray some water on the brush and apply the shadow slightly wet.

      I hope this helps.

    4. Thanks-I really need time perfecting this!


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