Chanel Le Vernis #601 Mysterious from Superstition Fall 2013 Collection

The mystery about Chanel Le Vernis #601 Mysterious is to find out which shade it is. Were you expecting a dark olive? Does it appear much more black? Todays post is all about finding the answer to these questions. For swatches of all three nail polishes from Chanel Superstition Fall 2013 collection, check here.

Chanel Le Vernis #601 Mysterious

Chanel #601 Mysterious definitely has an olive hue, but it is not your ordinary dark olive nail polish. If you check out the color in the bottle against Dior #605 Amazonia from last year's fall collection, they seem to appear very close. Chanel Khaki Vert is much lighter, Chanel #68 Vert Sacrilege leans more blue, is lighter and has a metallic finish. Chanel Western Light seems to be darker and definitely redder. Chanel Vertigo leans more plum.

Chanel Le Vernis #601 Mysterious against similar colors from my stash

Once swatched, Dior Amazonia is much lighter and greener, which shows Chanel #601 Mysterious is not that green after all. I added Chanel #219 Black Satin to see how Mysterious compares to a true black. Mysterious is lighter and although it is as cool as a black, it looks more like a dark gray than black. Dior Ebony is more brown, Chanel #327 Or de Russie is more gold. From the nail wheel swatches the closest color is Chanel #563 Vertigo, my favorite color from Chanel Fall 2012 collection, which tells me I will be enjoying Mysterious this year. It is just too early for this shade so I just need to wait a couple of months.

Nail wheel comparison of Chanel Le Vernis #601 Mysterious and similar colors

Are you also a vampy polish lover? Do you like Mysterious?


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