Blog Post Series: A Comprehensive Guide to Tom Ford Eye Color Quads

I have been planning to start with this blog post series for a long time. After it all calmed down with summer collection releases, I took them all out and tried to figure out what would be the best way to do this. I am talking about my unreasonable obsession with Tom Ford quads and an effort to review them all. 

Some Tom Ford Quads from my stash
Since Tom Ford released his beauty line some years ago, there has been 15 eye shadow palettes released, that I know of. If you know of any other, please leave a comment below. Here is my list:

Permanent Line
#01 Golden Mink: Naturals with two glitter shades of copper and gold
#02 Cognac Sable: Warm natural colors and one glitter shade of orangey copper
#03 Cocoa Mirage: Matte natural colors
#04 Crushed Amethyst(to be discontinued): Plum palette with no glitter shades
#05 Silvered Topaz: Taupe and brown with one glitter shade in champagne
#06 Burnished Amber(to be discontinued): Sunset colors, pink orange and plum, no glitter shade
#07 Cobalt Rush(to be discontinued): Blues, the only palette I don't own
#08 Sahara Haze: Grey/taupe, ivory and deep brown with one emerald green glitter shade 
#09 Violet Dusk(to be discontinued): Purple palette with one glitter shade in pink
#10 Titanium Smoke: Black and gray for ultimate smokey eye with two glitter shades ivory and black
#11 Lavender Lust (asia exclusive): Lavender and purple with one pale pink glitter shade
#12 Seductive Rose (asia exclusive): Pink and plum with two glitter shades in taupe and pink
#13 Orchid Haze: Shimmery taupe, mauve and blackened plum, no glitter shade.
#14 Ice Queen: Shimmery white, satin grey and deep grey with one semi-opaque glitter shade.

Limited Edition:
#01 Enchanted: Plum taupe, wet and dry eye shadow, no glitter
#02 Emerald Lust: Green and blue, wet and dry eye shadow, no glitter

Some Tom Ford Quads from my stash

All permanent quads have .35 OZ/10 g of product and retail for $78/65 EUR. They are more expensive than other brands, such as Dior and Chanel but have up to 60% more product which soft of justifies their high price. Once I started collecting them, I was not sure which ones to get. Since I don't have a beauty counter near by where I leave, I had to order some of them sight unseen. In this blog post series I would like to compare quads which are in the same color family to make it easier for those of you  who would like to order but can't decide. Next post is going to be about the purples, Violet Dusk and Crushed Amethyst. As I post along, I am going to update this post and link all the posts here.

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I) Purples: #04 Crushed Amethyst vs. #09 Violet Dusk
II) Seductive Rose and comparison with LE Enchanted
III) Lavender Lust and comparison to Violet Dusk
IV) Naturals: #01 Golden Mink and #03 Cocoa Mirage
V) Naturals with a twist: #02 Cognac Sable and #06 Burnished Amber
VI) Grey & Taupe: #05 Silvered Topaz, #10 Titanium Smoke
VII) The New Natural: #13 Orchid Haze
VIII) The Green: #08 Sahara Haze
IX) The Coolest: #14 Ice Queen

Do you own any Tom Ford palettes? What are your impressions about them?

Oh and... who can spot the missing quad in the pictures above? ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. LOL,
      i know all seems like an unhealthy obsession but i love my toys ;-)

    2. Don't think that hun. Everyone collects something--we just happen to collect really expensive makeup. LOL.

  2. I just fainted *THUD* And I thought I had a few Tom Fords. :O

    1. LOL, Belly, I think in total you own more TF (I don't own that much brush and blush), I just happened to collect the eye shadows and nail polishes. Oh and I should start swatching the nail polishes as another blog post series too.

  3. Your collection is amazing! We can't get Tom Ford eyeshadows here in Canada, but as soon as I am taking a trip to NYC, I will definitely pick up some of them :) Which ones would you recommend if I can only get 2 or 3? xxx

    1. Hi Andree,

      Of course the decision is very personal but my favorites are Silvered Topaz, Burnished Amber and Seductive Rose in this order. Since you can't get Seductive Rosé in NYC, I would check Cognac Sable or Golden Mink instead.

  4. Amazing , you have them all! Ok I am coming for coffee with first flight ;)

    1. You are always welcome. I would also treat you with good skin care and a complete make-up ;-)

  5. The missing quad is Ice Queen!! I am so happy to find this post, THANK YOU!! I also don't have a TF counter within hours and I truly can't get enough of his quads. I have collected makeup for awhile and I have a TON of palettes - what a total waste of money. The TF quads are unlike ANYTHING else. I hope to have a collection just like yours by the end of 2015.... I am also going to take the plung on his brushes this year too. I would to see more posts and swatches!! Feed my need lol!!

  6. I know this post is a little old, but I guess you missing Nude Dip first released as LE quad and recently added to the permanent range. I don't own any of the unfortunately, but some are on my eternal wishlist, nude dip sure is. Thanks for this post. :)


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