Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope Review & Comparison

On Friday I got some of the packages my friend Mari sent me from US. I was waiting for them impatiently for the last weeks. Sometimes I think the worst thing about having the blog is not to be able to touch things before making thousands of picture. So I spent yesterday taking photos and trying some of them. One of the products I was most curious about was Le Métier de Beauté's Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope
At the beginning of this months, Summer Night's Dream was released exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman.  The colors appeared a bit cool for my complexion but I decided to take the risk. After all there is always a warmer color to tweak the over all look by using Couches de Couleur (layering of colors) technique.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope
The shades are given as follows by Le Métier de Beauté:

Midsummer: Silk ivory with opaque pink finish (Tier #1)
Fairyland: Chrome metal with silver flecked (Tier #2)
Athenians: Red-bronzed copper (Tier #3)
Love-in-idleness: Dark stormy blue (Tier #4)

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope, all tiers

After I swatched all the shades in person, these are my own descriptions:

Tier #1: Ivory with pink subtle shimmer, satin finish, very pigmented, complex and buttery
Tier #2: Silvery mauve leaning taupe with large silver glitters, metallic finish with glitters, gorgeous complex color, very pigmented, buttery
Tier #3: Mid-toned bronze brown, I don't find it very red and not very metallic to call copper, satin finish, pigmented and buttery but not that complex in shimmer compared to the first two shades.
Tier #4: Deep blue leaning slightly purple, more matte than satin, a bit dry and not that much pigmented, for the below swatch I had to swipe it several times.

Swatch under sun light: Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope

If you are wondering how it compares to recently released Kaleidoscopes, I took some photos comparing close shades to those of Summer Night's dream. The first shade, midsummer is almost the same as Oyster (tier #1) from Femme Fatale (previously reviewed here). Midsummer has slightly more pink hue, but once swatched they are almost identical.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #1 vs. Femme Fatale Tier #1

The second shade, Fairyland, is my favorite shade. I would never think that I would love a silver leaning shade, since most silvers doesn't work on my complexion but this one is leaning slightly mauve. The base color is very complex and once combined with silver flecks, it is gorgeous. The closest color I found from recent Kaleidoscopes is tier #2 of Bauhaus, which leans slightly more silver and doesn't have the silver flecks. 

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #2 vs. Bauhaus Tier #2

The third tier of Summer Night's Dream, called Atheniens, is a mid-toned bronze shade. Once compared to first tier of Bauhaus from Holiday 2012 collection, Athenians is lighter and leans slightly more pink as opposed to Bauhaus tier#2 leaning more orange.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #3 vs. Bauhaus Tier #1

The last tier of Summer Night's dream has a gorgeous name, Love-in-idleness. This is the color I am least enthusiastic about. It is a bit drier in texture compared to the other shades. Since it is the darkest color, I would love to apply it on the crease for definition but for that I really needed long time and many brush strokes before it even showed up. I think next time I have to try using this one wet and maybe starting with the crease first. On the other hand, this is the most unique color, different than the ones in Femme Fatale or Bauhaus. The closest is the matte shade at the last tier of Femme Fatale, which is significantly more purple.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Tier #4 vs. Femme Fatale Tier #4

I swatched all the colors to give a better idea of how close they are, in case you already have Bauhaus and Femme Fatale and would like to recreate Summer Night's Dream look, you can use Femme Fatale Tier #1 & #4 and Bauhaus Tier #1 & #2.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream vs. Bauhaus vs. Femme Fatale Kaleidoscopes 

And lastly here is how they look like on my eyes once layered. I started with SND1 on the inner corner, used SND2 (my favorite shade) on whole lid, warming it up slightly with SND3 on the outer corner. I then defined the crease and outer most corner with SND4. I used SND2 &SND3 along the lower lash line. I completed the look with Chanel Stylo eye pencils in Black Shimmer along the upper lash line, Taupe along the lower lash line and Silver Light on the corner of the eye. I added Le Volume de Chanel mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Le Métier de Beauté Summer Night's Dream Kaleidoscope in action

Final thoughts:  Bergdorf Goodman exclusive Kaleidoscope of Le Métier de Beauté offers a nice smokey eye look for this summer, which is rather on the cooler side. My favorite is the second tier shade, Fairyland. It has some mauve undertone which helps medium complexions pull off this look and offers a gorgeous complex color which I can see myself using alone for a easy mono chrome dust of color. If you prefer warm colors, the third bronze shade might come in handy for layering. All in all I love summer Kaleidoscope, only i wished the darkest matte color would be a bit more pigmented. If you have Bauhaus and Femme Fatale, you may want to recreate Summer Night's Dream using similar colors. Summer Night's dream is 95$ and available only in Bergdorf Goodman, you have to call them since it is not available online.

Does these shades tempt you? Will you be checking Summer Night's Dream out?



  1. I'd've never thought of putting those shades together in one palette. It feels like well summer night. Love it! After swatching LMdB at the counter, I decided to wait a little bit to be amazed. At the moment, I prefer their lip products but still am slightly underwhelmed to test out the line. Your blog is eye candy hehehe, satisfying my crave before I actually dwell into the brand.

    1. LOL, thanks for your kind words. I really like eye products of LMdB and I am not that lucky to have a counter around so I have to buy them sight unseen. With this one I didn't know if it would work since it is really cool toned but it stops exactly where it doesn't work for me anymore if this makes sense LOL.

  2. Wow--absolutely speechless. This looks so good on you. I'm gonna have to cave and see if they have it.

    1. Thanks so much Jenny. Check it out, I think you may like it too.


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