Blog Post Series, Tom Ford Quads V: Naturals with a Twist: #02 Cognac Sable, #06 Burnished Amber

Today's post is about two gorgeous Tom Ford palettes as an addition to my ongoing effort in reviewing all Tom Ford Palettes. Check out here to learn more about this blog series and what is already reviewed.

Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable (right), #06 Burnished Amber (left)
If you are searching for naturals, go ahead and check Golden Mink and Cocoa Mirage but if you want something different, like a statement eye without being too colorful, Cognac Sable or Burnished Amber might be your palette. Burnished Amber was my first Tom Ford Quad ever and it is the one responsible of me purchasing all the others, which may give you an idea about how much I like it. It is one quad to which I reach for very often. Cognac Sambe is a cooler alternative to Burnished Amber, meaning the shades are very similar but rather on the cooler side of the spectrum once compared to Burnished Amber.

Burnished Amber has four satin shades and no glitter shade, it is composed of:
  • Warm golden beige with satin finish (top left)
  • Deep vivid pink leaning reddish brown (top right)
  • A warm burgundy leaning plum, satin finish (bottom left)
  • Golden bronze brown with complex shimmer, satin shimmery finish (bottom right)
Cognac Sable has three satin and one glitter eye shadows, shades are as follows:

  • Warm golden beige with satin finish (top left)
  • Pigmented copper glitter shade (top right)
  • A cool mid-toned brown with satin finish (bottom left)
  • A deep cool black brown leaning plum with satin finish (bottom right)

Close up: Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable (right), #06 Burnished Amber (left)

Top left shades are almost the same in both quads. Also the bronze shade (bottom right) of Burnished Amber comes close to the mid-brown shade of Cognac Sable (bottom left). The main difference is the darkest shades and the availability of the glitter shade in Cognac Sable. In my opinion, Cognac Sable is one of the palettes the woman with blue eyes should own. I can see the copper shade making blue eye pop. I find Burnished Amber working on my eye color pretty good, if the purpose of the application would be to make the eyes pop.

Swatches under sun: Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable vs. #06 Burnished Amber

Burnished Amber can be used from very light to very intense eye looks. I usually find the pink shade very hard to use on my coloring so I got used to applying the pink shade (top right) along the lower lash line and the beige (top left) to the inner corner, bronze (bottom right) to the lid and the darkest color (bottom left) to the crease and outer corner for definition.

In-action: Tom Ford Quad #06 Burnished Amber intense application

If I want to go for a more natural, less intense application (something like a summer look, such as this one), then i use the beige (top right) shade all over the lid and define it with bronze shade (bottom right). I then use the darkest (bottom left) shade as an eye liner and lightly along the lower lashes.

In-action: Tom Ford Quad #06 Burnished Amber softer application

I apply the lightest beige shade to the inner corner of the eyes (top left) and mid-toned brown (bottom left) to the upper lid for the below look with Cognac Sable. I define the crease with the darkest shade (bottom right). I pick up some glitter shade with my finger and gently pad it on the lid for an extra drama.

In-action: Tom Ford Quad in #02 Cognac Sable

Final thoughts: Tom Ford Quads #02 Cognac Sable and #06 Burnished Amber are for natural lovers who would like more some drama and a change. Cognac Sable has aone glitter shade as opposed to Burnished Amber having only satins. Both can be applied lighter for softer eye look. Burnished Amber is one of my favorite Tom Ford Quads, I encourage you all to check these two out.

Have you checked thos two out? What are your impressions?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, yes they are a bit different so I like them too.

  2. I love Burnish Amber on you!! It's your color palette! I also love that none of the shades is glitter as I feel with such strong warm theme, the glitter would be over the top. I skip it (for now hehehe) because red/burgundy doesn't flatter me much. Might give in some day. And Cognac Sable is my fav eyeshadow quad from TF. Great post! I'm really enjoying reading this series.

    1. Oh but TF summer look was amazing on you, so I suppose these colors would also look good. Pink/Red one is really difficult to pull off so I wear it only on the lower lash line. You are definitely right about the glitter, it would be too much with Burnished Amber. I am sure Cognac Sable looks gorgeous on you!

  3. hi there! how would you compare burnished amber to guerlain's turnadot? which one do you prefer? thanks so much!!

    1. I am biased :-) I prefer Burnished Amber to anything but I like Turandot too which leans more purple, less red.


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