Caught in Action: Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection. Pink Haze, Escapade, Bronzed Amber, Fire Lust and Vapor

Finally they are all here! 

How much trouble would you go through for make-up? Listen to this...

It took almost a month for me to collect the pieces of Tom Ford Summer Collection since in Germany the access to this brand is very limited. Although it is easier to find the lipsticks and nail polishes, currently Berlin is the only place where you can find an extended counter with full product range. I am blessed to have one of my besties living in Berlin but each time I called the counter, they would say they didn't receive the collection so I started getting inpatient. Seeing the items selling out very quickly in US, I decided to wait no more. My friend Mari ordered some pieces she could still find for me from US and send it to my ex-flatmate who was about to fly to Germany for a visit. Before she flew, my friend purchased the item which was most difficult to find, Fire Lust Illuminator and I suddenly owned two of those! My bad, I couldn't inform her on time. She had to go and change it for Bronzed Amber, a blush stick, which I couldn't find in US anymore. So here they are, side by side!

Pieces I picked up from Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection

#1 - Nail Lacquer in Vapor
I was not very sure about this one. I have read that it was streaky, then I have read that it was very similar to Chanel Attraction, which I almost never reach for. But in the end, the curiosity got the worst of me.

#2 - Cream Color for Eyes in Pink Haze & #3 - Cream Color for Eyes in Escapade
These two were must haves for me. I missed the ones from last year and I regretted it. I was also hearing that those would be the stars of this collection. Swatching at once, I was not sure how they would apply, but on the eyes I am convinced. They give such a lovely natural look. Check Make-up Magpie's post for color comparisons.

#4 - Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust
This one was the product which was most talked about with so many different application possibilities listed by Beauty Look Book. I had to have it! I ended up having two of it at some point when I was making sure not to miss it! Was it worth the effort?... Let me come to this later...

#5 - Illuminating Cheek Color in Bronzed Amber
 Two colors of creme blush are released by this collection. After finding out that they were both pretty share, I decided to go for only the darkest one, Bronzed Amber.

#6 - Bronzer in Gold Dust
One of my favorite bronzers. This one is in permanent range so I purchased it some months ago before summer collection madness started.

Below is a swatch of all my picks. Just looking at it from a distance, you can see that Tom Ford is trying to achieve an almost mono chromatic look with peachy colors and multi dimentional shimmer. With this he tries to achieve to give your face a beachy feeling of being natually sun kissed. It is hard to capture and explain how gorgeous the shimmer of these look like in person. If you would like to see comparisons for the bronzer, Gold Dust, check out this post.

Swatches of the pieces I picked up from Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection

Before we come to how they apply, let me introduce you first to Vapor, the pearly white nail polish of this collection. It is one of the colors, which would look divine with tanned skin. This one is quiet close to Chanel's Attraction of which I am no fan but after reading that this one was less likely to crash against warmer skin tones, I decided to give it a try. Vapor is described as "semi-sheer" by the brand, so I was not expecting a full coverage by the second coat. Although it was not a full coverage, I would say it was wearable. Below photos are taking after using two coats.

Two coats of Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Vapor, photographed indoor and outdoor

Then I decided to test it also for three coats. Having already applied top coat for the photos with two coats, I applied the third coat on the top coat and I found out that the polish was evened out. I don't know if it was the top coat in between or simply the third coat but I was happy with the result. heck out yourself, the following photos are taken with: 2 coats Vapor + 1 coat Seche Vite + 1 Coat Vapor + 1 coat Seche Vite in this order.

Three coats of Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Vapor, photographed indoor and outdoor

I found the brush strokes to be less visible in Vapor compared to Attraction, also the color is softer (agree on Sabrina on that one). It turned out I expected the worst which made me not hate Viper in the end. Actually I even liked it (typing these lines while wearing it).

Let's check how the rest of the collection applies. The following look is composed of:

Eyes: Escapade on inner lid, Pink Haze on outer lid and lots of mascara (Chanel Le Volume) on top and bottom.
Cheeks: Bronzed Amber under the cheek bones and Fire Lust above as highlighter. Gold Dust on the edges of the face, lightly dusted.
Nails: Vapor

I am also wearing Dior Nude BB Cream in 002 and Chanel Glossimer in Amour.

All products from Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection are in action

First I was not very convinced of neither the cream eye shadows nor the highlighter. I liked the "hard to make it wrong" application of Bronzed Amber though, gave me a wearable contour in no time. Tried to make photos of this look, not being able to capture the dewy side of it, I gave up and went out with my hubby for lunch. We were just starting to walk to the park when he looked at me and said "wow, this must have been the best make-up you have ever worn". I was not expecting it because he usually compliments for stronger eye looks, I asked to him what he liked about it. He said "these colors matches your eyes". I understood it was the eye shadows. They had indeed given me a "your eyes but much better" look in a very elegant way. When we were on the way back, the sun hit on my face and he said again "oh how gorgeous your cheeks light up". He was so happy and was watching it. This one was surely for Fire Lust. But sometimes I am so evil and I had to ruin this precious moment by telling him "it must have been the awfully expensive highlighter I just accidentally purchased twice!". 

Why am I so honest/evil sometimes? ;-)

All products from Tom Ford Summer 2013 Collection are in action
Special thanks to: Mari from US & my bestie from Berlin for purchases, my ex-flatmate to carry it all the way to Germany and my hubby for the compliments.

Did you get any products from this collection? Do you like using them? What are your impressions?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :-) It is rather a quick review since almost all the items must have been sold out by now.

  2. your makeup looks amazing!:)
    I like this TF counter in KaDeWe:)

    1. Yes the one in KaDeWe! There will be another one in Oberpollinger in Muenchen, probably in the beginning of July. They keep delaying the date, so let's see...

  3. Beautiful eye look!!

  4. The eyeshadows look so pretty on you :) wish they worked better on me. I really love the look of Fire lust, I had to skip that due to the ingredients though,grr

    1. Oh really? I am wondering which ingredient is it? I am going to check them also once I am home :-)

    2. I'm pretty sure it contained salt which is a problem for me.

  5. Gorgeous swatches - love the eye look on you. What did you use for application?

  6. Stunning! You look perfectly sun-kissed in the most elegant way. Bravo your hubby for the compliments!


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