Blog Post Series Tom Ford Quads III: Lavender Lust (Asia Exclusive)

Recently I excepted the challenge of covering all available Tom Ford Quads. As I just got my hands on the Asia Exclusive Palettes, I shall spend no time in sharing my enthusiasm. If you remember my last post, I was raving about Seduction Rose and how much I love it. Today it is about time to introduce the second one, Lavender Lust.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust

I would call Lavender Lust the subtler version of Violet Dusk, reviewed here. The above photo doesn't depict the colors well, the below photos come closer to how it looks in person. Lavende Lust consists of the following shades:
  • Top left: Light pink and silver, glitter finish
  • Top right: Mid-toned lavender which leans grey, complex satin finish
  • Bottom left: Cool light pink with grey undertones, satin finish
  • Bottom right: Dark plum with micro lavender shimmer, satin finish

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust

Once swatched, it can be seen that the shades are from the same color family, going from lighter to darker. It is good for a gradual smokey eye of grey leaning lavender/pink. In this manner the quad delivers versatility only on the intensity of the eye look (day time or night time looks or fair skin to darker skin applications) but doesn't offer different color combinations. Depending on what you are trying to achive, this might be something desirable or not. Here are the swatch photo taken under full sun light.

Full sun swatch of Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust

The finish and the shades of Lavender Lust reminds me of Violet Dusk thus the comparison below. Although at first glance three shades out of four appear to be similar, once swatched none of them turned out to be dupes.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust vs. #09 in Violet Dusk
Close-up: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust vs. #09 in Violet Dusk

The pink glitter shade in Lavender Lust (top left) has a pink base but the glitter shade of Violet Dusk (top left) has a transparent base. Top right shades are also different, Lavender Lust has a darker lavender shade leaning grey and Violet Dusk's similar shade is lighter and leans more pink. Bottom left shades of both palettes are very different, Violet Dusk has a vibrant purple whereas Lavender Lust has a very light shade, useful for subtle eye looks or as a highlight. The darkest shades (bottom left) of both palettes appear similar, Lavender Lust has a cooler plum and the lavender/purple micro shimmer makes it more complex compared to this particular shade of Violet Dusk. 

Full sun swatch comparison of  Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust and #09 in Violet Dusk

For the below look I applied the lighter shade (bottom left) on the inner corner and lavender shade (top right) on the lid and along the bottom lashes. After defining the crease and the outer third of the lid with the darkest shade (bottom right), I picked up some glitter with my fingers (top left shade) and padded it gently on the center of the lid. I also used the darkest shade as and eye liner to lightly define along the lashes. I finished the following look with lots of mascara (Chanel Le Volume) on top and bottom lashes.

In action: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #11 in Lavender Lust

Final thoughts: Lavender Lust is a nice alternative to a purple smokey eye if you don't want something very vibrant like Tom Ford Violet Dusk or Guerlain Attrape-Coeur. I wished there would be a bit more versatility on the colors though, like Suqqu's recent Summer palette Ex-14 Ruridama. That said, I still like this palette and how the glitter works in harmony with the shades, giving a wearable but chic shining eyes effect. Being exclusive to Asia, Lavender Lust is rather hard to get. Be sure to check the post on Seductive Rose and instruction on how to get your hands on it. 

Do you like lavender quads? Do you have or would you consider having Lavender Lust?



  1. just so u know because of you I will be picking up the TF amethyst crussh quad . I hate purple shadows but woman you totally changed my mind !

    1. LOL!!! I feel so proud of myself to start the purple eye shadows world domination. Everywoman should wear only purples *evil laughter* ;-))

    2. bahahahah woman you need LMDB fig ! LIKE NOW !

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I think those colors would also look gorgeous on your blue eyes xox

  3. Hi!
    I want to get one of the asia exclusives- which one do you love more- Lavender Lust or Seductive Rose?

    1. Hi!
      My personal choice would be Seductive Rose because Lavender Lust is very close to other purple palettes of the line.


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