Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope Review & Comparison

Mid-April was the time when Le Metier released their online exclusive new Kaleidoscope, called Femme Fatale. I couldn't find any reviews online back then and it was almost certain that there would be just a few days before it would eventually sell out. At the promotional e-mail next to the photo of Kaleidoscope, it was written "Take a risk" with capital letters. I checked out the international shipping option and found out it was as expensive as the Kaleidoscope itself to send it to Germany so it was out of question. I contacted my friend Mari, or maybe even she contacted me before knowing that I would love to get my hands on that piece. I replied her e-mail, saying "I don't know how this one performs, but I am willing to take the risk!". Only after I got the following response, I have understood that I sent the e-mail to LMdB customer service instead of to Mari and they replied back "I think you will be pleased, it is really gorgeous."

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope
My Kaleidoscope travelled some distances until here. Firstly it visited another state where my brother in law lives. He was kind enough to take it with him and travelled to some other cities in Germany with it before it eventually came here. In some of the photos below, you will see some small pieces cracked and second shade from top got loose of its housing and fell down, but as you see there is only some minor damage on its surface. I feel so lucky that it is still intact after all the miles! The package is the same as all other Kaleidoscopes, on top there is the gorgeous mirror. It is such a practical yet an elegant design and very travel friendly.

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope

Here are the list of the shades and how Le Metier de Beaute defines them (from top to bottom):

Oystersatin shimmery dust (#1 in the photo below)
Sapphiremidnight blue with jewel tones (#2 in the photo below)
Autumn Rustdeep and rustic topaz (#3 in the photo below)
Matte Plumbodacious, bright purple (#4 in the photo below)

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope, all layers shown together

Once swatched, the first tier (#1) is very close to my skin color, a bit cooler, therefore does not show up intensively. It is a satin color with very subtle shimmer, I found #1 to be very useful to tone down other colors as needed. #2 is a midnight blue with ruby sparkles which is what is meant as jewel tone by LMdB I suppose. It is a gorgeous complex color but is rather on the dry side, so for the color intensity a wet application can be needed. #3 is a bronze brown leaning olive green on me. #4 is a warm purple which is rather satin than matte and also rather a bit dry, similar to #2 in consistency. As LMdB recommends the colors to be layered, I also swatched them all together to show the resulting color once all are applied from top to bottom. The mix of colors is a gorgeous complex taupe leaning purple.

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope swatches
I really like LMdB's layering technique and partly used it for the eye look below. I applied #1 completely on my eye lid. Then padded #3 starting one third away from inner corner all the way to the outer corner. From two third of the lid from inner to the outer lid I applied #2 on top of the other two, and defined this look further by using #4 on the crease. 

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope in action, eyes open

I really like Oyster getting more and more complexby each added shade on top and reaching the layered taupe on the crease. The resulting look reminds me of Suqqu Ex-13 from their summer spring collection. Which makes me ask myself why I haven't published the review of Suqqu palettes although the post is ready since ages *deep sigh*. Temptalia also has a gorgeous eye makeup with Femme Fatale using the shades rather seperately, which you can find here

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope in action, eyes closed

Femme Fatale is released right after Melange de Colour Fashion Eye Palette which houses 18 true color eye shadows from Le Metier de Beaute. Below I tried to find similar shades from this release to put together Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope.

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope comparison to Melange de Colour Eye Palette

As you can also see from the swatches, there are no shades which come close to #1 and #4 of Femme Fatale. #2 is close to L5 but they are not dupes as L5 is lighter and doesn't have the complex shimmer of #2. #3 is also darker and leaning more olive than L1. 

Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale Kaleidoscope comparison to Melange de Colour Eye Palette
Final thoughts: I love the "warm bronze shades reaching purple leaning taupe" look I created with Femme Fatale. I need to play with the palette a little bit more to explore some of many other possibilities. It is a pity that this product is sold out but may be released again so make sure to sign up to LMdB's mailing list. If the consistency of #2 and #4 would be a bit creamier, I would be head over heals with this one. It will still be one of my favorites for spring and also for upcoming fall since I find that the colors are suitable for all year around. All in all, another gorgeous Kaleidoscope which makes fun to play with.

Have you ordered Femme Fatale? Do you like the color combination?


  1. Oh WOW!!! This looks so pretty with your eyes! Love it!

    1. Thanks so much Tracy, I like those colors too, everything leaning purple is a potential love for me ;-)

  2. Love the idea of the kaleidoscope... very efficient and a aesthetic! The colours are great for you - very smokey. Gorgeous!

    1. Vielen Dank She-Lynx, du kannst aber auch gerne auf Deutsch kommentieren. Ich freue mich wenn auf diesen Blog mehrere Sprache gesprochen wird :-) Ich finde die Idee von Kaleidoscope auch toll, sehr praktisch in die Reise mitzunehmen. Danke fuer deinen Kommentar an meine AMU. :-*

  3. Love the look you've created here! Femme Fatale is one of my favorite k-scopes. I especially love the complex gray, gold, and pink shimmer of Oyster (#1). I use it as a base, then apply #2 (Sapphire) as a top and bottom liner; finally, I apply #3 (Autumn Rust) in the crease and to blend the blue on the upper lid, leaving a solid blue at the lash line.

    I'd love to see a Suqqu review whenever you have time.

    1. Hi Ava, I am going to try your using Sapphire as liner too and to smudge it on the upper lid. Thanks for letting me know.

      Suqqu review is already written, I just love those palettes so much, I think I am a bit hesitant to click publish (as if I can't tell how gorgeous they are), but it will be up this week for sure.


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