YSL La Laque Couture #36 Vert D'Orient from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection

There will be a few posts with greens and blues involved, and the first one is about the second item I picked from Saharienne Heat Collection of YSL. I introduced the first item last month, which I ordered from France Sephora, the eye shadow quad Pure Chromatics #13. Since then I was waiting patiently for the collection to hit the shelves in Germany. It felt like forever but eventually I spotted the second item I was planning to purchase yesterday at a department store (the collection is still not available online in Germany). Here comes the deep teal nail polish from YSL, Vert D'Orient.

YSL La Laque Couture #36 Vert D'Orient from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection

This is one of the two nail polished released with Saharienne Heat collection. The other one is #37 Taupe Mauresque, a deep brownish taupe which I already got in March during a special event. I found it to be too dark and not that special for my taste and I was looking forward to the "green one"...

YSL La Laque Couture #36 Vert D'Orient from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection, indirect light
Yesterday, After I got my hands on Vert D'Orient, I couldn't wait until I got home and put it on. The application was a breeze, I can't emphasize enough how much I like the brush and the formula of YSL nail polishes. I should definitely get more of those from their permanent collection. Up to now I almost only purchased the limited edition ones.

YSL La Laque Couture #36 Vert D'Orient, indirect light
Vert D'Orient is a teal, changing color under different light, pulling more green or blue. Some may find it to be more green than other available teals. It is a green teal, not a blue teal if this makes sense. It was opaque almost with one coat but for these swatches I used two coats. Vert D'Orient is also shiny on its own but I used a top coat (here I used Seche Vite) so that it lasts longer.

Although I am almost obsessed with aqua greens, usually I don't own many deep greens or teals. I tried to find some similar colors in my stash.

YSL La Laque Couture #36 Vert D'Orient, comparison to similar colors

First I was almost sure that Butter London's Slapper would come close. It turned out having more blue and lighter in color. I then reached for Illamasque's Muse since it is "the" teal that I was counting on. Although it is as deep and rich as it gets, was much more blue once it was side by side with Vert D'Orient. A-England's Galahad, which is one of my favorite teals, was also bluer and lighter in color. The closest shade I could find was O.P.I Jade Is The New Black, which I hardly use as I am no fan of true green colors. Nevertheless I appreciate that Vert D'Orient has a bit more blue inside, which makes it more useable for me and also makes the nail polish different from the green Christmas nail polishes.

YSL La Laque Couture #36 Vert D'Orient, close-up comparison to similar color

Final thoughts: The formula is perfect, I love the brush, Vert D'Orient gives great coverage, almost a one-coater. As for the shade, I think this is way too dark for something I would imagine I wear in summer. Probably I am going to be reaching for it more during upcoming Fall, the same goes for Taupe Mauresque from the same collection, which is even darker.

Have you checked Vert D'Orient? Would you wear this shade for summer? 


  1. You found it finally! And looks exquisite on your nails. All you need a big diamond/ emerald cocktail ring. Beautiful. :)))

    1. LOL, you are right. Now I should order this big emerald cocktail right! ;-) Yesterday I was so happy to find it, I could almost scream, but then I found the color to be a bit too dark for my summer taste, still gorgeous though.


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