Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof #57 True Blue from L’été Papillon Summer 2013 Collection

Chanel's butterfly themed Summer 2013 Collection reached Germany in the beginning of last week so I could get my missing pieces. I also got a back-up of Stylo Fresh Effect Eye Shadow in Moon River as well as back-up bottles of nail polishes, Bel-Argus and Azure, the latter I consider to be a very smart move, since just three days after their release they were already sold out online and at most of the counters. Additionally I got one of the Coco Rouge Shines in Pygmalion, and Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in True Blue, which I would like to review now.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof #57 True Blue

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof  #57 True Blue is a cool mid-toned baby blue. The packaging is the same as previous ones, it can be turned to take the product out and there is a sharpener under the back cap. I always find that the sharpener is rather wasting product and the tip is thin enough for a precise application. Since the eye liner is water proof, it can also be used on the waterline. 

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof #57 True Blue, close-up

To give you an idea about the color, I picked up some similar colored eye liners from my stash. These are Dior's Aqua Green and Turquoise, reviewed here, Lancome's Jade Crush, P2's Turquoise, and Urban Decay's two closest liners that I own, Electric and Deep End. I also included Chanel's Stylo Fresh Effect Eye Shadow in Blue Bay, reviewed here, from the same collection to show how they play together. 

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof #57 True Blue, comparison with similar eye liners

Dior Aqua Green is the greenest of the bunch but also turquoise eye liners, such as Lancome Jade Crush, Dior Turquoise are leaning more green. P2's Turquoise seems to be rather close, maybe just a tad more green than True Blue, but not significantly, which makes it a great choice if you are on budget (it costs around 2 EUR if I am not mistaken).  The closest shade of the bunch is Urban Decay's Electric, which is slightly more vibrant and a tad more blue but once applied, it is difficult to spot the difference. Urban Decay's Deep End is darker, almost like a bluer version of Lancome's Jade crush. Chanel Blue Bay is more cool and silvery.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof #57 True Blue, comparison swatches under direct sun light

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof was spotted at Chanel Cruise Show 2013-14 held in Singapore last week. Peter Phillips used this shade on the lower lash line and water line to create a heavy cat eye. For more information, check out La Chanelphile. The liner on model's eyes look more a tad cooler and more blue compared to my swatches, probably due to her skin color being cooler than my neutral, warm leaning undertones.

Chanel #57 True Blue on lower lash line as seen in Chanel Cruise Show 2013-14 Singapore (source)

Final thoughts: Chanel's new water proof eye liner Stylo Yeux #57 in True Blue is a vibrant baby blue to complete your trendy blue eye make-up this summer. The formula is consistent with their previous ones, rather on the drier side but stays put for a long time, even on the water line. If you like smoother pencils, check out Urban Decay's Electric as it is a very close shade. 



  1. I LOVED the color of True Blue--but I hated the formula. It just seemingly wouldn't go on for me. It was so hard. Thank so much for your comparison to UD Electric--I'll have to pick that up.

    1. Hi Jenny, if you like this shade and the formula didn't work on you then you should definitely check UD Electric. Do you own any other UD pencils? They are very creamy and soft. Chanel stays put for a longer time though.

  2. Beautiful teal color!!! So on trend!!The chanel one looks AMAZING!

    1. You are definitely right about the color :-) I love it!


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