Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora & 02 Bronze Ora from Terra Ora Collection

Guerlain's Terra Ora collection hit the shelves in Germany earlier last week. I picked up two of the eye shadows in Cuivre Ora and Bronze Ora as well as the gorgeous bronzer/highlighter compact in Terra Ora. Today I would like to start by introducing the metal effect eye shadows.

Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora & 02 Bronze Ora, loose powder

These are loose powders in cylindrical glass container which can be opened by twisting the black cap. There is a spring inside the cap so that after twisting it easily gets loose. On the other hand as the spring expands some of the powder gets out of glass. I suggest to open it carefully since with the first try I got some of it on my shirt. Once the cap is taken out, there is a sponge applicator which comes out with significant amount of loose powder on it. The sponge applicator is quiet big. If you want a precise application, it is better to use a brush and take some of the loose powder from the applicator onto the brush and gently pad it on the lid.

Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora & 02 Bronze Ora, close-up of sponge tipped applicator

Since the sponge tipped applicator picks up significant amount of powder, the swatches below are very pigmented and dense. Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora is an orange leaning copper. 02 Bronze Ora is a taupe-bronze. Both of them have multi-colored shimmer which gives a gorgeous multi-dimensional metallic finish, especially under the sun. 

Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora & 02 Bronze Ora swatches under sun light

Cuivre Ora reminds me of recently released illuminating eye color from Laura Mercier in Fire Glow, reviewed here, thus the swatches for a comparison. I applied both of the eye shadows dry and Cuivre Ora appears to be much more dense. One has to keep in mind that Fire Glow can also be applied wet to get a similar effect. The shades are very similar with Fire Glow leaning a bit more red as Cuivre Ora leaning more orange, as the difference is very subtle. Once applied on he lids, I prefer Fire Glow as it gives a denser look and it is easier to apply.

Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora & 02 Bronze Ora comparison with Laura Mercier illuminating eye color

For the following eye makeup, I used Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora all over the lid, blending it on the edges. I then used Laura Mercier's creme eye liner in canard (a dense green) along the upper lash line. Under the eye after applying Cuivre Ora I lined my water line with 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Junkie from Urban Decay. 

Eye makeup with Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora

For the following eye look I used Guerlain Fard Metal 02 in Bronze Ora all over the lid and just a touch of 02 Cuivre Ora on the crease for a smooth translation. I then lined my upper and lower lash line as well as my lower water line with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Mushroom for a soft definition.

Eye make-up with Guerlain Fard Metal 02 Bronze Ora

To sum things up about my experience with Guerlain's Fard Metal loose powders for eyes: 


  • Gorgeous dimension provided the multi-colored shimmer, which is not over the top.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Small sized package, good for traveling and for touch-ups on the go.
  • No fading over 8 hours.
  • Wearable shades.


  • Waste of product by opening and closing.
  • Not easy to apply precisely due to very large sponge applicator.
  • Hard to layer or combine.
  • Only 0.7 g/0.02 OZ for 30 EUR/35$.

Final thoughts: Guerlain Fard Metal 01 Cuivre Ora and 02 Bronze Ora loose powders are gorgeous shades with multi-colored shimmer which gives it a metallic multi-dimensional finish. I love those other than the fact that they are very hard to apply with the provided sponge tipped applicator, therefore one has to use it with a brush. I also found it hard not to waste product during application. Cuivre Ora is very close to recently released Laura Mercier illuminating eye color in Fire Glow so if you own this one you may want to check Bronze Ora instead.

Have you checked Metal Fard? Any ideas of application without wasting product? DO you like those colors?


  1. Oooog, I was waiting for these! I'm mostly interested in Bronze Ora, the other one is so orange, although I do like it on you! I Think it might be better for cooler toned complexions? I 'm definitely going to swatch it, too bad about the waste of product, hmmm.

    1. Hi Teri,
      someone had to try these I thought, blog space was rather quiet about these ones.
      If you hold the cap while twisting and don't let it spring itself, then I think you avoid loosing the product. I love Bronze Ora, a subtle beauty like a unspoken hero, gives a gorgeous effortless summer smokey eye. Make sure to check it out.

  2. Bronze Ora looks WOW! Look at the multi-coloured shimmer! Love the look you did too-it's very pretty on you!
    I kind of forgot about these and will have to take a look!

    1. Thanks so much Tracy. Yes right between all the gorgeous Bronzer releases this one got forgotten ;-)

  3. I'm not a fan of loose shadows, I too find it had not to loose product during application. Will keep an eye on this post to see if anyone has a suggestion on how to minimize that problem :D

    Btw, you might like to check out the HydraQuench serum or the latest Double Serum from Clarins- I found the HydraQuench one to hydrate better than the Chanel Beauty Serum. Let me know if you do check it out (:

    1. I found this particular packaging even more difficult but I don't own many loose powders so maybe it is just me...

      I will definitely get my hands in a tester of Clarins' HydraQuench. Can you wear it also under make-up?

    2. Hey Sara, yes the serum absorbs very well you can definitely use it under makeup without any issues (:

  4. These are kinda way messy--and you can lose quite a bit of product if you pull the applicator out too fast. But I found using a brush works much efficiently to apply them. Sometimes I don't even pull them all the way out--just a little bit and swipe my brush on the plastic. You don't seem to need very much and they layer fairly well. Using Cuivre Ora and Bronze Ora this way should help them last longer--because they are so stunning.

    1. Thanks so much for this Jenny, I am going to make sure to try it out like this. Sponge tipped applicator is certainly not the best tool to apply these. Could you use the two shades together? I found it hard for Bronze Ora to show itself after applying Cuivre Ora.

  5. I love metallic browns. So pretty! I would feel guilty using something this expensive as my daily look though!

    1. You are definitely right, and there is so little product in there so it is better to keep it for special occasions. Metallic colors are again very trending this summer, I love them too. Especially after some tan!

  6. These pigments are incredible and dramatic, especially on your eyes!

  7. Your eyebrows! Please do something with them. They are awful.

    1. LOL, thanks for your comment. You are right, they have to be tamed right here and right now! Do you have any suggestions?


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